Serious Things To Consider Before Sleeping With A Virgin Girl

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Having sex is somehow unavoidable when you are dating in Western. After some time (or in some relationship they have it on the first week), you come into discussion to sleep together or things simply going on their own. Having sex means that your relationship has been taken to next level and no wonder it gets you excited.


Things To Consider Before Sleeping With A Virgin Girl

Before having sex, you must be wondering should you ask your girlfriend is she's a virgin or not. You don't really have to worry about this because a virgin will tell you that no man has ever swept her from her feet yet. Which means you're going to be the first person ever to enter her. Well, you could say that it could be more complicated since she's never slept with any guys before and you don't know what she's going to expect next. Which brings you down to all the things to consider before sleeping with a virgin girl.

1. What Her Virginity Means To Her

There are bunch of reasons why you should date a virgin and making love with a virgin should not be taken lightly. There must be some good reasons why she choose to keep herself virgin this whole time. Ask her about what does her virginity means. Because if she thinks you are the right person for her, she has a big expectation ahead.

2. The First Sexual Intercourse Is Important For Her

the first sexual intercourse is important for her

For every virgin, regardless of what reasons she has behind it, the first sexual intercourse is more important than anything. They take the person who's going to do it first with her is someone special, which make the reasons why you should keep your virginity. So that if things is not going well after that, you might hurt her so bad.

3. Ask Her About How She Feels

Once again, losing virginity is a big deal for her. Make sure you know how she feels about this and you have to go through every little detail for her. Even though when she doesn't take this matter seriously, you shouldn't go rough since it's still her first time. Dealing with someone who doesn't really mind is easier.

4. Mind The Age Gap

Virginity may have little thing to do with age, but things are different if you're going to sleep with someone in her 20s while you are already in your 40s. There are girls who prefer to date older guy (old enough to be her father) since he is more mature and understanding. However, there are also many girls who regrets losing their virginity to an old man later.

5. Thing She Expects After Sex

What come next after the sex is all about expectation. Your current status is important, like, are you currently date or it's just casual meeting end up in bed? You have to discuss what's next after this. Will the sex change your relationship or not. If it turns out that both of you have different expectation, you better not proceed.

6. Doing It Rightly And Safely

Be cautious about having sex with a virgin. Everything has to be safe and done right. Make sure you are using protection to prevent the STIs and pregnancy. Mind about the risks and how they will affect her.

7. Be Slow And Gentle

Losing virginity is an important event for her so you have to be gentle towards her. Don't rush anything and take time so that she can savor every moment. No need to try any unusual sex position since she is still new at this. Going with traditional things would be better.

8. Ask Her Opinion About Sex without Marriage

Remember that you are going to sleep with a virgin girl, so this kind of simple question is heavily needed. After you find out about her virginity, you no longer consider should you ask your girlfriend how many guys she has slept with but instead you should ask her how she thinks about sex without marriage. It could be the reason why she stays virgin, because she doesn't want to have sex if it's not her husband.

9. It Could Get Her Pregnant

it could get her pregnant

Who said that it's impossible for a girl to get pregnant in her first ever sexual intercourse? You must not be so careless just because it's her first. A woman could always get pregnant in her first. Play safe and use a protection. You don't want to risk it after all.

10. She Could Be Not Ready

You never know what makes her want to have sex with you for the first time in her life. It doesn't always have to be that she loves you or think that you truly love her. She could be doing it out of curiosity since she's the one among her peers who's still virgin. It means she's not completely ready for what's lie ahead after the sex.

11. She Could Be In Pain

The first sexual intercourse may cause pain to a virgin girl. You might don't want to make love with her again after seeing how painful it was to her (if it's the first time you sleep with a virgin) and she ends up wondering what does it mean when your boyfriend doesn't want to sleep with you anymore. You may have to prepare her for this.

After you know all the things to consider before sleeping with a virgin girl, now everything is up to you. If you have no vision of being serious with her (not that you don't truly love her), you must tell her that she shouldn't expect anything too big. It's a green light when she understands and she still want to do it.

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