Things You Need to Know About Dating Portuguese Man (The Sexiest Boyfriend)

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When you are dating someone, you must be curious with his origin. The way somebody behave in a relationship is affected a lot by the culture and country he grew up in. Knowing about it is a big help for you since it may resolve misunderstanding between both of you.

That is the reason of all the things you need to know about dating a Portuguese man which we are going to talk about. When you hear of the word Portugal or Portuguese, Cristiano Ronaldo would the the first person in your mind. But no, it's not about him. It's about the dating style of a Portuguese man in general.

Know as the Latin Europe, Portugal is different in many things. Their language tends to be Latin-ish as well as their look. What about their dating style? Surely it's different in many aspects. Here are all the things you need to know about dating a Portuguese man:


1. He Is A Good Cooker

he is a good cooker

You can't really decide whether him being a good cooker is a bad or a good thing. It's very romantic, but it can be really offending for some woman. And he really loves to cook. He seduce you not by a rose bouquet, but by his own homemade meal. You'll see how sexy he is playing in the kitchen with onions, tomatoes, and garlic.

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2. He Is Not A Romantic Boyfriend

For a Portuguese man, being romantic or doing romantic stuffs give him a heavy headache. But he will never admit for being unromantic. Yet he's still showers you with affection and will never miss a day without knowing how do you do. You will never feel neglected or alone while dating him.

3. He Has A Broad Knowledge

Seems like there is nothing he doesn't know about. He probably is smarter than a politician. It very thrilling at first, but after some time you'd wish he know a little bit less of everything. It's just suck when you're going to tell him about something you've just found out but he already knew it ages ago. 

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4. He Opens Up From The Beginning

This could be the best things you need to know about dating a Portuguese man. He doesn't mind to talk up close and personal, open up his secrets from the beginning. There won't be any awkward moment between you two. He always something to talk about.

5. Get Ready To Meet His Mother

In your dictionary, meeting the parents might the in the bottom list when you are dating. But not if the one you date is a Portuguese. His mum will be there since day one, watching every your move and interaction to judge whether you are good enough for her son or not. 

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6. He Showers You With Hundreds Of Text

This is why you will never feel left out when dating a Portuguese man. Once he knows your number, he will texts you endlessly until you get tired of it. Either you reply his text or not, he'll keep sending you many. Soon, your inbox is full of his texts that you mistake others' as his.

7. He's Going To Take You On An Adventure

he's going to take you on adventure

A Portuguese man maybe not romantic, but he is actually romantic in his own way. He may not shower you with luxury gifts but he will take you to many amazing places. He likes to collect memories not things. He will show up suddenly on your doorstep, kidnapping you to a beautiful landscape you have never seen before. 

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8. Green Is The Romantic Color, Not Red

As he is not a romantic, it's only normal for him not to prepare candles to make the moment more intense while you enjoy his homemade meal. So instead of red candles, you will get the green one or any other color but red. It's not a tradition but green is a synonym for hope in Portugal. Cute, isn't it?

9. He "Dies" A Lot Of Time

Of course he won't be literally die. But he will use the word "die" almost the whole time to show his affection to you. When you Google it, the word "die" will appear in the translation. The trendy word recently for dating couples are "morre por beijar-te" (dies to kiss you), "morre por ver-te" (dies to see you) and even adding "que eu morra aqui se isto não é verdade" (I would die here if it's not true). 

Don't worry, he won't literally die because he "vive para te amar" (lives to love you).

10. He's Very Good In PDA

Maybe he is not romantic, he is a bit reserved about sweet things, and very shy but he is not like that while it comes to his attitude. He doesn't hold back in showing his affection to you. In short, he is the master of PDA. He will kiss you, hug you, and hold your hand everywhere. He doesn't even care who is around.

11. He Knows How To Sort The Priorities

he knows how to sort the priorities

He left every little things in the last minute. It drives you crazy the whole time but you'll be surprised at how well he manages his priorities. He will be the first one to respond to his friend who asks for a help and even picking you up from work way too early. 

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12. He Speaks Many Languages

Another perks of having a Portuguese man. Beside having a good brain, he also number of languages. Portuguese man usually master French, Italian, and German. In fact, he is a fast learner which make him understand many languages.

After reading all the things you need to know about dating a Portuguese man, do they change your man? Besides all those, every man is born differently and their personality might not be in line with the culture. It's just a big picture for you so that you won't be surprised about how the Portuguese man dates.

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