17 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Capricorn

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you have your romantic eye on a Capricorn?

Perhaps you feel a connection, but something also feels a bit ‘off’?

Maybe you’re hesitating but you don’t know why?

If so, perhaps this guide will help you straighten your mind out and get to the bottom of why you’re not completely sold on this person. 

It features the most common reasons why it’s bad to date a Capricorn. Maybe these bullet points will help to confirm whether you’re seeing red flags in your partner, or it’s all in your mind. 

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With that said, now let’s take a look at the red flags most likely to crop up when you’re dating a Capricorn.


Zodiac Traits A Capricorn Might Have That's Not Good For Dating

We’ve all heard that there are a few reasons why you should never date a Capricorn. This zodiac seems to fall short in a few areas. They are known for being hard to date. Some instantly say that they are bad at relationships. You can’t help but ask what the deal is with Capricorn. 

Even if a zodiac sign is known for doing something, it’s important to note that there is always an exception to every rule. Your Capricorn love interest might not have all of these characteristics. They could only have a few traits. However, if you start to notice any of these, you need to take a step back and decide if you want to take the risk of dating this guy. 

1. Frugal living

A Capricorn man will want to dress to impress. He’ll also keep his house and car nice. However, he’s always attempting to save money. He might not like to waste things, or insist on buying certain things on sale. You may also notice that he doesn’t want to spend a large amount of money on dinner, even if he clearly has it to spend. He’s a hard worker and takes spending money seriously. Don’t expect this boyfriend to be frivolous. 

2. An extreme work ethic

Capricorn men take hard work to the next level. These men are known for working hard. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a home improvement project or they are working to climb the corporate ladder, expect them to give it their all

This may seem like a great thing, but it can cause problems in relationships. For example, you may find that you’re not spending time together as often as you would like to. When you see them working hard, it can be hard to justify their frugal living styles too. 

3. Trust issues go hand in hand with this zodiac sign

Capricorn men and women are both known for having trust issues. You might not see this if you just started dating, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not there. They will get worse the harder they fall for you. 

Things that may seem minor to other people, such as a tiny white lie, are a big deal to a Capricorn man. Something this small is all it takes to break their trust and give them a reason to doubt you for the remainder of the relationship. 

4. They get jealous

Given their trust issues, you shouldn’t be surprised that they can get a bit jealous. This even applies if you’re always honest and they have no reason to distrust you. Jealousy seems to go hand in hand with Capricorns. 

5. Capricorns are a bit too realistic

This boyfriend is known for being practical. If you want to invest in starting your own business, they’re there to make sure that you know all of the bad things that can happen. Forget those conversations about hypothetical vacations. It’s impossible to have dreams when talking to this sign. They pick at them to dissect every detail because they are so realistic

On the one hand, this is the definition of annoying. However, Capricorns mean well with their approach. They want to help you realize both the good and bad about everything so that you can achieve your goal with less trouble. They don’t mean to break your spirit. When the two of you talk about the future, you can trust that they mean what they are saying. Capricorns don’t have hypothetical conversations about things, including their future with you. 

6. This man has a stubborn nature

this man has a stubborn nature

They always think that they are right. If you plan on proving a Capricorn man wrong, you need to come into the conversation with evidence and science-backed facts. You’ll have to prove that you are undoubtedly right beyond a reasonable doubt as though you are in court. 

However, it might not be worth it. After you prove him wrong, he’s going to sulk. Then, he’ll probably find something else to be right about because you hurt his ego. Be prepared for this if you’re diving into a relationship. Consider whether the mistake is worth pointing out so you don’t break his heart.

7. Narcissistic

This is another thing that this zodiac sign is known for. They don’t care for others to point out their mistakes. Capricorn literally thinks the world revolves around them. If there is one sign that thinks they are perfect, it’s this one. Their way is always the right way, even more so than nitpicky Virgo. 

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8. He can be brutally honest

Relationships with Capricorns are not for the sensitive. They think they are perfect, yet notice every tiny flaw in everyone else. Because of this, you’re going to hear about yourself. However, they don’t mean to break you down so much. Sometimes, they can tone things down so they don’t come off as harsh, but don’t count on that happening. Capricorns can also be quick to point out other people’s mistakes. 

9. These zodiac signs can lack empathy

If you don’t have the same feelings that your Capricorn man does, it can result in him not understanding you. These signs are known for being a bit self-centered, so don’t expect this to change much throughout the relationship. 

Because they don’t show a lot of sympathy, empathy, or emotions it can lead to problems in the relationship. Most of the time, you’ll find yourself feeling like they just don’t get it. It’s because they don’t. 

10. They prefer independent people

When you take a minute to consider the traits of a Capricorn man, it makes sense why they would prefer a relationship with someone busy doing their own thing. They don’t have time for clingy people. In fact, this anti-social sign barely has time for any people. The lack of empathy means you’re going to need your own support system, too. 

You need to carefully consider whether this sign is for you. The more support and attention you need from your partner, the more miserable you will be in this relationship. You’ll also need a break from the lack of emotions at home. 

11. He’s moody

One minute he’s bubbly and in the best mood in the world. The next, he’s brooding quietly and you have no idea why. This is extremely common for this sign. It doesn’t mean that there’s a problem in the relationship, but he won’t always tell you that. He prefers to not talk about his emotions or mood swings, so keep in mind it’s just a part of dating a Capricorn. 

12. Your partner will expect a lot from you

your partner will expect a lot from you

Because he is such a high achiever, he’ll want to date high achievers. If that’s not you, he’ll expect you to rise to the occasion. This is because he spends so much time perfecting himself, deep down he wants you to be the best that you can be. It’s why he expects so much. It’s also why he points out all of your flaws, and then expects you to fix them. This can cause quite a few problems if you’re dating a Capricorn

13. Spontaneous doesn’t exist in their world

Before doing anything, Capricorn needs to carefully weigh the pros and cons. You’ll quickly discover this applies to everything once you date them. That means that there will be no random romance. You won’t come home to a surprise getaway or present. In addition to that, they won’t want to make random plans with you, either. 

If you’re one that loves random things, from a surprise picnic to randomly going to the movies, this relationship is not for you. You won’t be able to make him break his routine. You’ll find yourself feeling frustrated or bored. 

14. Caution is part of their character

These men are cautious when in a relationship. Most people would expect them to lower their walls once the two of them are in a committed relationship. That’s not the case with this complicated sign, though. 

Just because you date a Capricorn doesn’t mean that they trust you. In fact, you can date them for months before really beginning to see the whole picture. Instead of letting those walls down at once, they’ll let them down one tiny brick at a time. 

15. They can be passive aggressive

Because Capricorn doesn’t want to acknowledge or doesn’t understand their emotions, it can be hard for them to discuss anything that is wrong. That leads to them avoiding the inevitable conversation. Instead, they’ll sulk or become depressed. They will quickly become passive-aggressive when things bother them instead of communicating, even if they know how. 

16. Sarcasm is their language

While Capricorn might try to be nice, it is very difficult for them to hold their sharp tongue. This is why they don’t do so well in relationships with sensitive people. Sometimes, their sarcastic natureqwe4 can be funny. Often, it’s simply hurtful and rude. 

You’ll find that Capricorn does this for a variety of reasons. It can be to express that they don’t like something while out on a date. Sarcasm may be their way of criticizing you. You have to learn to deal with it or just walk away if it’s not for you. This stubborn sign has a hard time changing, so don’t expect them to suddenly stop being sarcastic in nature. 

17. They are crybabies

This is one of the hardest things to deal with when you choose to date a Capricorn. They don’t empathize with your emotions. Most of the time, they refuse to even attempt to acknowledge their own. When it comes to criticism, they are the kings of making other people cry. When you date a Capricorn, you just can’t be super sensitive. 

On the other hand, they make a huge display of their emotions when you hurt their feelings. The tears will flow. You will be expected to be empathetic and baby them. One way or another, you have to make them feel better. When you date a Capricorn, you will also notice that you never know when this is going to happen thanks to their many mood swings. It’s like being on a roller coaster that you simply can’t get off of. 


Why dating a Capricorn is hard?

They don’t understand or empathize with you, and won’t try to. Simultaneously, they will point out your faults and expect you to be perfect just like they are. You’ll instantly be second-best to their career, which they will spend countless hours perfecting. Sarcastic comments are common. So is blunt, hurtful honesty. 

Are Capricorns bad at relationships?

It can be challenging to date a Capricorn. They are exceptional providers and protectors. However, when it comes to emotions, they shut down. There are trust issues. They tend to be jealous and possessive of their partners. A Capricorn is also very stubborn by nature. They don’t like to admit they are wrong. 

What should you never do to a Capricorn?

Don’t push them to move too fast. Avoid expecting them to do certain things on a date. They are set in their ways. This zodiac also won’t want to change their schedule to accommodate you or talk about their feelings. You have to leave that up to them. More than anything, don’t be harsh when pointing out flaws. 

Why are Capricorns so dangerous?

Although most of the time it’s safe to date a Capricorn, there are quite a few serial killers with this as their zodiac. Because they are passive-aggressive and hold in their emotions, they’re more likely to explode when too many things are bottled up. They also rarely find fault in their own actions. 

Do Capricorns easily fall in love?

No, they do not. They are the real-life story of slow and steady winning the race. Naturally reserved Capricorn takes their time getting to know someone. They won’t instantly open up, and take so long to trust people that some give up on them entirely. Once they do fall in love, they are in love for life. 

In Conclusion

When it comes to the zodiac, Capricorn men are more challenging to date due to their reserved and unempathetic nature. Have you ever dated a Capricorn? What would you add to the list?

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