13 Mind-Boggling Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Capricorn

by Michelle Devani

Do you have your romantic eye on a Capricorn?

Perhaps you feel a connection, but something also feels a bit ‘off’?

Maybe you’re hesitating but you don’t know why?

If so, perhaps this guide will help you straighten your mind out and get to the bottom of why you’re not completely sold on this person. 

It features the most common reasons why it’s bad to date a Capricorn. Maybe these bullet points will help to confirm whether you’re seeing red flags in your partner, or it’s all in your mind. 

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With that said, now let’s take a look at the red flags most likely to crop up when you’re dating a Capricorn.

13 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Capricorn

1. They Have A Severe Trust Issues

And it gets real the more you get close to them. Caps hardly trust people. In fact, they tend to be suspicious in almost everything. They don’t tolerate any single lie. So when you broke the trust, they will never believe you again forever.

2. They’re All About Work

they're all about work

It’s understandable that someone works hard to make a living. But a Capricorn is more than just workaholic. They work everywhere. Don’t be surprised if they don’t mind taking calls during the date. Oh, you might want to peek under the table. They probably typing on their laptop!

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3. They Are A Good Listener, But…

After a hard day at work or when you feel so down, you whine on your loved one to find some strength. Of course Capricorn is one good listener, but… once you stop talking they’ll begin their lecture.

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They comment on every single statement you made earlier and instead of giving you pat on the back, they offer a solution you don’t really need at the moment.

4. They Live The Life Way Too Logically

Capricorn use their logic in living their life. But it’s just too much. Don’t ever try to mention something like “Imagine we have a date under the Eiffel Tower…” or something before sleep since they are not buying it.

We know you are just imagining but they’re going to tell you how bad the economy currently is that you won’t afford the luxury.

5. Their Routine Is Not Something To Mess Up With

Capricorn is such a good planner you can never match to their level. They make sure every hour is worth spent as they write down the whole routine for the day. And if you can’t find your name in it? Seems like no chance for you to see them. You can’t get in the way of their perfect routine no matter what.

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6. They Are An Extremely Possessive Lover

Capricorns have so many insecurity and they are very low in self esteem. Those two traits resulted in a possessive manner in a relationship. They make sure everyone knows you are their beau and it’s very hard to go anywhere without them or their permission.

7. They Are Annoyingly Meticulous

they are annoyingly meticulous

So you are dating a Capricorn. At the start of your relationship they will break down everything to the littlest detail. How would the relationship going? If you are agreed of having sex they would want to know how many times in a week you will got engaged. At what day would you go on a date and what would you do.

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Yes, they are so meticulous to the point it’s extremely annoying. It’s what you have to keep up if you are dating a Capricorn.

8. They Are Always Right

Another reason why you should never date a Capricorn is because they are always right. You will always find the “I told you” look along with a smirk on their face, knowing that they are right.

What’s make it more unbearable is that they let you to make mistake only for them to show you are wrong. After all those failure, they began to give you and endless, something that sounds like a humble advice while it’s actually full of sarcasm.

9. Even Their Mistakes Make You Uncomfortable

It’s impossible that the always right Capricorn never make mistakes. They did. In fact, they are the type who recognize their mistakes and apologize right away. After that, they start to write down things they should mend and it’s even worse than ever. You’d rather they are always right in the end.

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10. What Is Spontaneity?

Really, what is it? Spontaneity is a complete stranger for a Cap since they plan every single activity for the day. Don’t ever wish you’re going to have a sudden short getaway on the weekend. If they didn’t plan for it, they will not going anywhere even though they don’t have anything else to do. They have so many insecurities and spontaneity is one of them.

11. Their Strong Will Is Scary

You decide for yourself whether this is a benefit or disadvantage. Caps know what they want and they will do everything necessary to make it true. They are the fighter type in a relationship that hardly let you go. Breaking up with them may be a complicated, long story full of drama. But at least you know they will never abandon you.

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12. They Get Jealous Too Easily

they get jealous too easily

What comes along with possessiveness? None other than jealousy. You have to deal with this everyday if you date them. They will question the guy from the office that stood next to you on a company dinner photos. They don’t believe you female best friend will never snatch you away if they let their guard down.

13. Their Mood Swings Is The Worst

As if things are not enough, Caps are also have a bad mood swings. Their emotions change very suddenly sometimes that you ask yourself where did things goes wrong? Well, nothing is. They just have an issue.


So those are all the reasons why you should never date a Capricorn. But then again, love is not something you can plan or arrange. You can encounter a Capricorn and fall in love to something way better than what’s written above. If it’s the case, make sure they are worth fighting for.

Michelle Devani
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