How Do You Know If A Scorpio Woman Likes You And How Does She Flirt?

by Michelle Devani

Are you confused about where you stand romantically with a Scorpio woman?

Is it difficult to read her body language or any other signs that she likes you? But maybe you get an inkling that she does?

This is more common than you may think! Scorpios are often regarded as the most complicated signs to understand, as far as their emotions and their behavior. They’re far from simple beings. 

Thankfully, there are some behaviors to look out for when evaluating whether they have a crush on you or not. These are listed in the guide below.

Before we get into these though, let me give you an important tip that will give you the best chance of winning this woman over.

Maintain a bit of mystery. 

Spoiling, supplicating and simping won’t get you anywhere with a Scorpio - or with many women at all!

This behavior pedestalizes women - but they want a man who is above them. They want to be the one doing the chasing, because you’re such a high-value guy!

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Of course, this Scorpio might already be daydreaming of going on a date with you. Let’s take a look at some of the telltale signs that this is what she wants.

How Do You Know If A Scorpio Woman Likes You

Though seemingly complicated, a Scorpio woman actually have simple and straightforward ways of showing Hidden Signs She is Into Me:

1. Teasing And Flirting With You Often

Scorpio woman shows their love in a straightforward manner, without all the games and confusion. A lot of teasing and flirting is to be expected when she really likes you.

2. Smiles And Enjoy Herself When She Is With You

For a Scorpio woman, it is especially hard not to show their real emotion. So if you see them having a good time with you, that’s the truth.

3. Always Want To Take Care Of You

Although they can be a tough cookie, a Scorpio actually loves taking care of the people she cares about. This is her Signs She Loves You Without Saying It Directly but She Meant It.

4. Takes You Out On Amazing Dates

A Ways to Make Him Feel Loved Without Even Saying It from her is by taking you out on mind blowing, fun, and playful date. This water sign is adventurous so be prepared for some out of the world fun.

5. Openly Shows That She Is Jealous

openly shows that she is jealous

Not hiding her emotions means that she will show you when she is jealous and this is not a  pleasant thing to see. So avoid making her threatened by replacement.

6. Often Angry But Always Comes Back To You After

She is a bit short tempered but if she truly loves you, she will always comes back to you.

7. Open And Vulnerable Towards You

This point may come later in the relationship, because usually a Scorpio woman finds it hard to trust someone. But when she does show this sign, there is no doubt that she is showing Most Common Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You.

8. Checks Up On You Often

A simple text asking about how you are is a way to let you know that you are always in her mind and in her heart.

9. Giving You Special Things To Show Their Love

If you are confused on How Do You Know If a Girl Loves You or Not, gifts are usually a sure sign that they love you. A Scorpio will give you sentimental and high valued gifts to show you they care.

10. Says That They Trust You

Trust doesn’t come easily for her. So when she openly says she trust you, you need to keep that.

11. Loves To Talk To You Non Stop

Talkative is what a Scorpio is known for. There is nothing better than spending quality time with someone they love by chatting and hanging out together for a long time.

12. Always Tries To Understand You

Known to be emotional, it is hard for a Scorpio woman to look past what their emotion is saying about the reality. That is why if a Scorpio woman goes the extra mile to understand you, it means a lot.

13. Forgives You Quickly

Not one to forgive, a forgiveness from a Scorpio is actually their love language.

14. Honest With You About How She Feels

honest with you about how she feels

Honesty is important for a Scorpio woman so she will be honest to someone she is serious about. Even if that means letting you know the secret to all that she has been feeling.

How Does A Scorpio Woman Flirt?

Now that you know the subtle signs that a Scorpio woman likes you, it is time to know how exactly is she flirting to get your heart.

1. Not Afraid To Make The First Move

Bold is the perfect way to describe a Scorpio. A first move is the Watch These Physical Signs A Woman Likes You.

2. Flirting With Her Eyes

Still not sure if she is showing love? All you need to do is to see is her eyes. If she fixes her gaze towards you and smile at you seductively, it is a signal from her to move closer.

3. Touches You A Lot

Physical affection is a Scorpio’s most well known signs of love. Touching you on the shoulder or the hands when talking to you means that they don’t want to let you go.

4. Likes To Send You Affectionate Texts

There is a lot to be analyzed from a text. A Scorpio that loves you will send you cute texts filled with love.

5. Likes To Send You Flirty And Hot Text

likes to send you flirty and hot text

To do this, a Scorpio woman uses the How to Tell a Guy You Want to Hook Up in a Text and How to Tell a Guy You Want to Kiss Him Over Text.

6. Asking You Out On Dates Often

Planning great, romantic dates is a Scorpio’s forte.

7. Showing Public Display Of Affection

PDA doesn’t scare a Scorpio. In fact, they will openly show it as a way to flirt.

8. Soft And Tender When With You

A Scorpio woman can seem hard to get. But to show you that you are invited to her heart, she will melt that exterior and show you her tender side.

9. Playful Whenever You Are Around

Being playful is a Ways to Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You in No Time.

10. Laughs A Lot At Your Jokes

This is common to every girl that is flirting, but for a Scorpio that shows physical affection, this can be spotted quite easily.


Once you truly understand who a Scorpio is, all the misunderstanding will be swept away. What you will find instead is this soft, tender hearted girl under the seemingly tough exterior. Be patient with her and in turn you will get the most adventurous and romantic lover.

Michelle Devani
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