Top 25 Signs a Capricorn Is Jealous With You (What You Need to Know)

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you concerned that a Capricorn is jealous with you? 

Perhaps you’re looking for useful tips on how to deal with this?

If so, you’re in the right place!

You can consider this your ultimate guide to dealing with a jealous Capricorn. It includes all the clearest signs that he is suffering from jealousy and some useful ideas on how to fix the situation. 

It can be exhausting dealing with jealousy. If you’re someone who has suffered from jealousy in the past, you’ll know that it can take over your mind. In extreme cases, it stops you from functioning properly during the day. 

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What Is A Capricorn Like In A Relationship?

A Capricorn man is very responsible, reliable, independent, traditional, and serious. This man wants to settle down with a wife and kids, but the question is, “Are you the girl for him?” Capricorns tend to be cold, distant, stubborn, and set in their ways when it comes to argument or discord. A Capricorn can be a strong leader, but he’ll also let you make decisions!

If you are with a Capricorn man, you may have noticed that he has quite a negative outlook on life, which isn’t the best quality to have in a partner. However, when life does throw obstacles or problems your way, your Capricorn man will be the first to try to solve or resolve them. If he’s the one who made a mistake, he’ll learn from it so that it doesn’t happen again!

Capricorns are complicated men! They tend to be very controlled and calm during a crisis, but when something bad happens, they don’t easily forgive their partners. If you want to make a Capricorn man jealous, you should think about these qualities that he possesses and try to be careful about the ways you make him jealous because he doesn’t forgive easily!

What Does Jealousy Look Like?

Like many Zodiac signs, Capricorn men don’t like to be toyed with. If they think you are giving your attention to other guys or have another lover, they will back off and probably never come back. This Zodiac sign can be a little stubborn like that, unfortunately. That’s why it’s a smart idea to consider whether your desire to make certain decisions is the right way to go.

Are you purposefully trying to make your Capricorn man jealous? Is this a cry for attention? Are you facing problems in your relationship that you should talk to your man about? A Capricorn man is a problem-solver, so he’d probably like it if you’d share with him. Watch the personality traits of this Zodiac sign, though. He doesn’t forgive easily, so watch the games!

Jealousy with this and many other Zodiac signs include a lack of trust, controlling behavior, suspiciousness, passive-aggressive behavior, and unhealthy boundaries. If you notice those signs with your man, he may be suffering from the feeling of jealousy. If he becomes jealous AND possessive, he may become dangerous, especially if he begins being abusive.

Get help immediately if you feel like this Zodiac sign is becoming abusive or violent. This includes abuse in relation to your emotions, words, or physical being. If you let one thing go, the result could be disastrous. Stay away from any guy who doesn’t treat you right in a relationship. Relationships shouldn’t involve violence. If so, call the authorities right away and get out!

Top 25 Signs A Capricorn Is Jealous With You

Capricorn men are very responsible and reliable; they are good men to have around in the event of an emergency. Before you try to make a Capricorn man jealous, make sure you think about what you are doing. 

Why do you want to make men jealous? What is your motive? Do you think this will make a Capricorn man like you more? Don’t play games!

If you just want to toy with the hearts of Capricorn men, you should really reconsider because these guys are sweet and polite. Those qualities are hard to find in today’s society! 

However, if you have a good reason to make Capricorn men jealous, we’ll cover that topic in full today! Let’s get started so that you can make your Capricorn man jealous the way you wish!

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1. He accuses you of cheating

he accuses you of cheating

If your Capricorn man is jealous, he may very well accuse you of having sex with another male. If that’s not even close to being true, he’s probably upset about something. The best thing you can do is let him know that you are not interested in any male except the one you have - him! That should boost his male ego!

2. He checks your voicemail for you

This is crossing a line. If your Capricorn man thinks you are receiving calls from another male, he’s clearly jealous. He thinks you might be getting calls from another man, someone other than him, and it’s driving him nuts! If his jealousy is out of control, you may have to explain you are not a woman who cheats. Set some good ground rules!

3. He shows up in locations where you are (unexpectedly)

If your Capricorn man shows up wherever you are, you may have a jealous man on your hands. Is he spying on you, or is this really just a coincidence? Most guys don’t just show up where their girlfriends are, so he probably knew where you’d be somehow. If you are at a loss as to how he could figure that out, here are a few ideas.

There are several apps you can install on your phone to track someone. Also, if you check in on social media, he’s likely to know your location based on that information. If you’ve told your friends or family members where you’d be, he may have coaxed that information from them, perhaps without them even realizing it!

4. He is suspicious when you mention someone else

You may be thinking, “OMG! He’s just a co-worker! What’s the big deal?” I would have to agree with you there. I mean, sometimes, my man calls my work colleague “my work husband,” even though that is far from anything I would ever desire in a man. I’m the type of woman who has a specific taste that I want in a man. 

If you are like me, explain that to your Capricorn man. Let him know that you only have eyes for him, that there will never be anyone else, and that you are happy with just having one man in your life. Reassure him that there is no one else on your mind, but you would like to be able to talk about your day without being accused of something.

If your Capricorn man wants to make it work with you, he will respect your decisions and not make it all about his insecurities. Explain to him how ugly jealous looks and that you are a woman of integrity and expect more from him. Maybe he will understand if you communicate clearly like this. Tell him the reasons you think he is jealous.

5. He always wants to know where you are

This behavior goes hand-in-hand with controlling actions, but it can be a sign of jealousy. He’s jealous because you are a beautiful woman doing something that doesn’t involve him, and he’s insecure about the idea of what you “could” be doing. It’s kind of sad, really. Your Capricorn man should be more secure about himself!

6. He reads your emails

This is a complete invasion of your privacy. Later, we will discuss establishing boundaries with a Capricorn man, so be sure to read that section so that you know what to say to your Capricorn about this kind of ridiculous behavior.

7. He asks who you got phone notifications from

he asks who you got phone notifications from

This sign of jealousy isn’t all that bad. He may just be curious about who you are talking to, but if you get the feeling that your Capricorn is crossing a line, talk to him about it.

8. He always wants to know what you are doing

This can get annoying fast. Make sure you let your Capricorn man that you only have eyes for him. Maybe then he will feel more secure and know that you aren’t up to no good (or whatever he thinks).

9. He gets upset if your plans don’t include him

While it’s true that he may just be lonely, he probably just feels jealous that you are doing something with someone other than him.

10. He calls to check on you all of the time

This can be sweet, but it can be pretty annoying if you think your Capricorn man is really just checking up on you, not because of your well-being but because he’s jealous!

11. He questions the status of your other relationships

Behavior like this is crossing a line. Read up on boundaries so that you will know how to combat jealous behavior like this.

12. He prefers one-on-one time with you over group activities

It’s cool that he wants you all to himself, but he should feel secure enough to be around other people as well. Jealousy like this can cause a woman to end a relationship if the man isn’t careful. Friends and family are important; remember who else out there cares about you.

13. He uses a GPS app to check your location

The all too familiar “Find My Friends” app seems to be on everyone’s phone. If your Capricorn man has done something like this to your phone, make sure you are okay with it because he will know where you are at all times. Also, be sure you get the same treatment with him; you should know where he is at all times, too.

I would caution against following this app too closely because it can really ruin the surprise of your Capricorn man surprising you with a dozen roses one day if you catch him sneaking off to the flower shop. Perhaps only check it if you are genuinely worried about his health or something like that.

14. He wants to spend every second with you

Does your Capricorn man even want to talk to you when you are in the bathroom? Things like that show that jealousy can be quite unhealthy. You need healthy boundaries in your relationship.

15. He turns everything you talk about into an argument

Your Capricorn man may suffer from jealousy if he acts like this. Maybe he picks fights because he thinks you are cheating on him or something like that. Whatever the reason for the jealousy is, it’s not great for a healthy relationship to have constant fighting in it.

16. He can’t talk about your previous lovers

The jealous head rears its head once again if your Capricorn man acts like this! I mean, it’s never a great idea to talk about your exes all the time, but he shouldn’t flip out about it. There is nothing to be jealous about anymore, right? Tell him that!

17. He wants to plan every second of your day

This type of controlling behavior shows jealousy in a very negative light. You don’t want to have someone planning your whole day for you, do you? That doesn’t sound like a healthy boundary. 

18. He always thinks you are flirting with other guys

Jealousy can surely show itself if your Capricorn man thinks you are a flirt. You may have to watch your actions if he gets jealous all the time. There’s no reason to purposefully make him jealous by flirting with other guys. You can just change the way you act around others. If he’s completely wrong, you should talk about this with him.

19. He doesn’t give you the space you need

This is one of those boundaries we will discuss further. You should be allowed time and space to do what you need by yourself. If he is jealous of your alone time, he may have a mental or emotional issue that needs to be dealt with through counseling.

20. He overreacts to many situations

he overreacts to many situations

Overreactions can be evident when a man is jealous of something or someone. How often do the two of you fight because of his jealousy? Does he overreact to everything? If you constantly have drama because of his jealousy, you may need to think about ending the relationship.

21. He must know every detail of your plans if they don’t include him

Guys do this all the time, and it is ridiculous behavior. He is just jealous because he wasn’t there with you. He wanted to spend that time with you. Also, he may be jealous of the other people you were around. Either way, you should talk to him about this kind of reaction.

22. He hates it when you hang out with your friends

Being jealous of your friends is not fair (unless you really spend the majority of your free time with them). Your Capricorn man should be able to understand when you need to be with other people. Explain what you need when it comes to your friends and see if the two of you can’t come to a compromise that will work better.

23. He is very jealous of your exes

If you still have to see your ex, his jealousy is understandable. Just reassure him that you do not feel anything for your ex. You might even let him meet your ex, so he sees that there is nothing to compete with.

24. He does things out of revenge

If he tries to make YOU jealous, he may be trying to tell you something in a passive-aggressive way. Perhaps, he feels neglected or mistreated. If you think he is acting out, ask him if something is bothering him.

25. He stalks your social media accounts

Does your Capricorn man follow your every post and like on social media? Does he need to know what you are doing there at all times? This is a definite sign of jealousy. Set healthy boundaries so that the two of you can show respect for one another, not fear or insecurity.

How to Deal with a Jealous Capricorn Man

Try to keep your Capricorn man happy! However, if he is very clingy, controlling, jealous, and possessive, you may need to get out of the relationship or establish clear, healthy boundaries. You can do this by making sure your basic needs and comfort level are met. For example, you need time to rest, eat, drink, and be merry, right? You also should feel comfortable around him!

Next, you’ll want to make sure your emotions are respected. This means that you are treated well like a woman should be treated - with complete respect! If he is exhausting you - energy-wise, you may not have healthy boundaries. Also, you should be free to express yourself in any way that you need to. Don’t hide your feelings and emotions from your man. Be yourself!

You’ll also want to be sure your Capricorn man is allowing you the time you need for yourself. He should also respect your sexual wishes and treat you with respect when it comes to your own thoughts, ideas, and curious nature. You shouldn’t be hiding who you are because of fear that your Capricorn man will judge, ridicule, or persecute you in any way.

Finally, it may go without saying, but he should respect your right to have friends and family around whenever you want. If he doesn’t like it, he can hit the road. They are a part of your life, and if your Capricorn man doesn’t get that, he may not understand you fully. By the way, he should also respect your belongings, too! This means not using your toothbrush without asking!


Why do Capricorns get jealous?

They like the feeling of being in control of every situation. If they can’t control something, it makes them feel quite uneasy, which leads to jealousy. Watch for the signs that your Capricorn man is jealous and possessive! You may want to think about getting out of the relationship!

How do you tell if a Capricorn is using you?

Capricorns are very practical, so if he is using you, it’s probably for a reason. Try to figure out what that reason is. Your guy may act polite and traditional, but gauge his emotions and feelings to see if there are any problems you should be looking out for.

Do Capricorns ignore you when they like you?

They don’t really like to play games, so this is not their usual attitude. They enjoy romance and traditional values. If your Capricorn man is acting cold and distant and you feel like he is ignoring you, he may be upset about something. Talk to him about your feelings!

How do Capricorns hide their feelings?

A Capricorn man or woman is likely to be cold and distant if he or she is trying to hide their emotions. They may be missing some attention, sexual fantasies may not be fulfilled, or they may have another problem that’s making them feel jealous or mad about something.

Are Capricorns good in bed?

Because they are so attentive to a woman’s needs, Capricorns are great in bed. As a lover, they will give you all the attention you need to be satisfied. This could be a sign that this man is a keeper! You want someone who is giving and caring, right?

To Sum It All Up

Have you made your Capricorn man jealous? Have you made Capricorn men jealous in the past? What does jealous and possessive behavior look like to you in a relationship? What have your past relationships with Capricorn men been like? We’d love to hear your take on making Capricorn men jealous!

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