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21 Subtle Signs a Capricorn is Jealous with You (Beware of #3)

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So the goats’ sign people are not that easy to get jealous, actually. They rather put full trust to their lover, so jealous is never in their textbook of life. However, when you start to notice the signs a Capricorn is jealous with you, maybe things has gone too far. Inside their cool manner, they are the most possessive and the most jealous of all signs. It’s not that hard to find the signs a Capricorn is jealous with you, since they will act the other way around that makes you surprised they have that different side on them.


Let’s get straight to the point and make sure whether they really jealous or not.

1. Showcase of Various Emotion

You can say that Capricorns are quite stranger to jealousy. They don’t know to to hold in when they’re jealous so get ready to see various explosion of emotion. They might throw some fiery comments, regarding you or the other person who triggers their jealousy. But then, they will go mellow by saying how much they love you.

2. They Take Revenge

An eye for an eye. That’s the motto of a Capricorn. You make them jealous, so will they make you jealous. Don’t be surprise if someday you find them having lunch together with a friend you never knew before or, even worse, their ex.

3. They are Uncontrolled

Enough said that they can’t control their jealousy. They act solely based on their impulse and desire for revenge, without thinking further to the future. That’s how jealousy affects a Capricorn. It’s really, really bad.

4. They Start to Spy on You

One of the Characteristic of a Capricorn in Love is, they want to be the only one. They can’t tolerate any kind of cheating or something close to it. They take jealousy as an insult and humiliation to their pride, so they start to spy on you. They want to make sure you are not being disloyal to them.

5. They Suddenly Know Wherever You are

Things get scarier as they know wherever you are at the moment. Even though they are your lover, nobody likes the feeling to being watched and being spied by others. Well, that’s the fact. Whether they send someone to spy on you or simply put a GPS tracker on your phone, they surely know how to get what they want.

6. They Bombed You with Texts and Calls

Jealousy makes a Capricorn feel somehow insecure. They will do something unusual for them, such as sending multiple calls and texts to you. And when it’s happen, try to never ever miss one of them and make sure you have reply each of their messages.

7. They Become Suspicious on You

They are jealous, aren’t they? But some of their new behavior could annoy you so much. One of them is being suspicious. Suddenly they don’t easily believe in what you say.

8. They Stick Up More to You

Maybe this is the most annoying part. No matter how much you want to spend time with your beloved Capricorn, there is no way you want to be followed around everywhere. More annoyingly you can’t do anything to stop them from doing so.

Things That Make Them Jealous

So do they get jealous without any reasons? Of course not. Just like there could be many Reasons Why a Capricorn Man Ignores You, these things below make them jealous as hell.

  1. Make them your first priority. They can’t tolerate it if you spare any room for other things. Moreover when they assume you care for other people more than you do to them.
  2. It’s okay to be happy with your friends, but don’t look too happy in front of them. It’s unacceptable for a Capricorn.
  3. A Capricorn is not someone who bombards you with calls and texts, but when they send one to you, don’t take too long to reply.
  4. Also when they call, don’t wait to answer it. Do it right away if you can.
  5. Capricorn are sometimes hard to understand. They want you to live your own life, but once they feel you are too busy with life, they get jealous. They want you to make some times with them as well.
  6. Speaking about priority, they definitely want to be above of your friends. Even though you have million Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul Sister or brother from another mother, they will never accept any of those. They simply want to be the number one. 

How to Deal with a Jealous Capricorn

After finally realizing that the Capricorn did jealous on you, you need to work on the Ways to Get a Capricorn Man back. These are also applicable for female Capricorn!

  1. Spend more time with them and cut off the hang out time with friends.
  2. Show your love and passion through action. Cook them your homemade meals or make a surprise for them.
  3. Go travel together and get lost to the unknown places you have never been visited before.
  4. Speak up and have a deep talk about what you concern. It’s what usually women used as the ways on How to Make a Capricorn Guy Fall in Love with You again.
  5. Appreciate their hard work and effort. Give them compliments and show gratitude.
  6. Show you affection by hugging and kissing them.
  7. Convince them you love them!

A Capricorn is similar yet different with other signs. They have their own unique traits that require special treatment. Get your Capricorn back and re-earn their trust once again. Capricorn is not so familiar with jealousy so they might act like crap once they feel jealous. In the end, their jealousy only proof how much they love you, so you better keep up with them. A Capricorn is a worthy lover.

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