How to Talk to Your Girlfriend about Getting Back Together

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It is not easy for someone to even have a conversation with his ex girlfriend after a break up because she might be still hurt, disappoint and lose interest in you. The after effect of a break up usually will make you life change 360 degrees overnight, change of routine, change of mood, change of feeling, there will be a lot of change because of losing someone that you love.

Communication is a very thing that you want to do if you want to get your ex girlfriend back, you may still wondering on how to talk to your girlfriend about getting back together, a direct and straight approach should be avoided because you ex girlfriend might still have not recovered yet from the break up, so this means that you need to be ninja and find the right way and the the right time.

You might want to make Make Your Ex Girlfriend Desperately Want You Back starting off by talking to her, but you are confuse on what topic should you talk about first, at what time you should talk to her, should you talk to her via text or arrange a meeting, and the list of questions that are running through your mind are endless. Here I will give you some tips on how to talk to your girlfriend about getting back together, stay tuned.

  1. Make Sure You Do Self Reflection

When the break up is caused by your mistake or a personality that she doesn't like but still keeping that personality you should reflect on yourself first because when you find a chance to talk to her and she discover that you haven't chance from before and  it will make her harder to trust you.

2. Do Some Evaluation 

Write on a piece of paper on things that have go wrong on your relationship and the solution to it, this will help you to decide on the solution of the problem in order to get your ex girlfriend. Do some analytical work first, do some research on the Internet, ask someone you close to for advice on how you can fix the situation this will help you to think of the ultimate solution to win her back.

3. Find The Right Time To Approach Her

It is best for you to have a no contact time first with your ex girlfriend, by spamming through her phone with your text and phone call will only make her feel irritated and lose interest towards you because of your needy and uncontrollable burst of emotion.

It it best for you to calm your heart and mind first and do some reflection and evaluation like I have said before. If you ever wonder on how long the no contact period is there are a lot of options on How Long Should You Wait to Call Your Ex Girlfriend but I can suggest that you should wait until about a month after the break up until you can start to interact with your ex girlfriend

4. It Is Time To Reconnect

Once the no contact period is over you can start to reconnect with  your ex girlfiriend, try using text messages or email because using phone calls proved take too much to take in, there are plenty posibilities of respond because her ex man texts her again after a long time

Your first attempt towards reconnecting with her should be sending her something that is kind of flirty like "hey I just watch the trailer of the sequel of the movie that you loved so much, wanna watch it together?" or something like "hey I just heard the latest album of your favorite band and it make me think of you". Your should not mention that you miss her, you love her or you are desperate to get her back, instead try telling her how much your live have change since she left you but make sure you tell her in a mature way not those corny stuff.

5. Admit Your Mistake and Apologize 

If the break up is caused by your mistake then you should apologize to her, swallow up all of your ego and don't ever think that your girlfriend is also causing the break up, you are trying to win her back here not convincing her that she should kneel on her knees, apologize and make her win you back.

Use the data from the evaluation that you have made before, this will make her realize that you really meant the apologize that you have said and make her see that you have learn from your mistakes while be able to use your analyzing skills towards the situation and come up with a solution, in short you are a better and more mature man now. 

6. Ask Her On A Date 

When you already able to make your ex girlfriend to be more opened up to you try to ask her on a date maybe the term date in this moment is too early to use, try to ask her to hang out with you.

There are a lot of ways for you To Know If She Loves You Without Asking Her also if you want to ask her on a date try saying things to her like "hey I saw a new coffee shop that are just opened, wanna get some coffee together to do some catching up?" or "Hey I just saw a trailer of the sequel of your favorite movie, lets watch together because I want to know the continuation of the story" or maybe "Hey I saw on instagram an upcoming show flyer of our favorite music festival, are free on that date? lets watch it together". When you are asking her out try to be casual and if she decline don't force her towards it, try to find another chance.

7. Do Things That Win Her In The First Place

If she decided that she want to be with you because you are a humorous guy and be able to make her laugh try doing that again, if she likes you because you like to bring her sweet romantic gift try doing that again, if she likes you because you are her source to new knowledge and experience try doing that again and the list goes on and on.

Find that something and do that again casually, don't beg and looks needy this will make you seem weak to live without her even if you manage to be able to win her back it is out of pity.

8. Know When To Give Up 

Make her jealous is one of the easy way to win her back, there are a lot of Easy Ways to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous and Want You Back but when all of your effort doesn't seem to be able to bring her back to you I think it is time to move on.

Don't be needy towards her and force her to be yours again, if she told you that she moved on then you should to, if she is in a relationship don't ever to think of a way to make her break up just wait and see if her new relationship is a serious one or just a rebound.

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