What To Do When Your Ex Man Texts You After A Long Time (5 Smart Things)

Last updated on April 3, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you received a message from a man you dated a long time ago?

Are you wondering why he's messaged you?

More importantly, are you wondering how to react?

Don't panic! This guide is packed with ideas for what to do next.

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5 Things To Do When Your Ex Man Texts You After A Long Time

1. Ask Him Why He Texts You Again

Get right to the point to him. Ask him why he texts you again out of the blue after his absence. By knowing his motive, you would know what to do.

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2. Be Cautious

Even he already tells you why he texts you again, don’t just believe him. He might tell you he misses you and the conversations you had with him, but who knows he lied to you to get to you again. That's what to do when your ex man texts you after a long time.

3. Don’t Be Overjoyed

don't be overjoyed

You were into him before he suddenly disappeared. Now, he texts you again after a while. You need to just calm yourself down, even if you are overjoyed. Don’t let him know if you have been waiting for his texts these months.

4. Don’t Text Him Back Right Away

What to do when your ex man texts you after a long time? Don’t reply to his text right away. Let him wait and wonder if you still remember him and have his number. Let him know how it feels to wait for someone’s text when you really expect him to reply fast.

5. Ignore It

Just ignore his text, especially when you have already moved on and are with someone else. By replying his text only gets you to a more complicated and difficult situation. What if he keeps texting you again afterward? It’s better if you just keep moving forward and focus on your current relationship with your boyfriend.

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Reasons Why A Guy Texts You Again After A Long Time

A guy you haven’t had contact with for months suddenly texts you again. You may be wondering why in the world he does it. Here are the reasons which you need to know;

1. He Is Lonely

He has nobody to be hooking up with that makes him so lonely. Then, he suddenly remembers that he and you have had a thing in the past. He gets back to you again when he is lonely only, once he finds someone better, he will forget you again.

2. He Just Broke Up

He just broke up with his ex-girlfriend and look for someone new to help him move on. It happens that you are one of the best candidates, even if he is not ready yet. He uses you so that he does not feel desperately alone.

3. He Suddenly Remembers You

It’s been for months you don’t text each other since the last time, then he suddenly remembers you. He might see old pictures on his phone and find your pictures there. Then, it intrigues him to text you to know how you have been doing.

4. He Is Bored

he is bored

He has nothing to do nor somebody to talk with, thus, he comes to you because he knows you two have had a thing in the past. He just fills in some time because he is desperately bored.

5. He Wants To Start A Relationship With Someone New

He has moved on from his ex-girlfriend and found you as the best candidate for his next girlfriend. Maybe he has realized something good in you that he wants to start a relationship with you. He is more serious this time. 

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6. He Feels Guilty

He might have done something wrong to you in the past that he wants to make up to you. He texts you again out of feeling guilt. 

Why A Guy Doesn’t Text You Back

You find a cute guy and happens to like him. Then you get his number from a friend, then start to text him but he does not reply. When a guy takes time to reply to your text or does not reply it at all, there might be some reasons behind that. Here is what you need to know why he does not reply or ignore your texts;

1. You Are Not His Type

You are not his type and he is not interested in you personally. Moreover, he does not find your text interesting enough to reply either, so he just ignores it anyway.

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2. He Is Busy

He is a workaholic and has no much time to check his phone and reply texts. He might read them later but only reply to urgent texts. Yours might be considered unurgent, so he just ignores it.

3. He Forgets Your Texts

He may have been so busy working. He read your texts but forget to reply to it later.

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4. He Finds Your Text Boring

You are too excited to text him and asking him such boring standard questions which make him lose interest in replying to your texts.

5. He Has A Girlfriend

he has a girlfriend

You may not know if he already has a girlfriend and is serious with her. He does not want to give a sign that he is interested in you, so he ignores your text instead.

6. He Is Hooking Up With Someone Else

He has already had someone to hook up with way before you came. He finds her more interesting than you are so that he invests his time more on the girl.

In Conclusion

There are some prior reasons why a guy texts you again after losing contact with you for a while. Before you decide what to do with his text, you need to know why he does that again. You can ask him about it but remember don’t just believe what he says. There is nothing wrong with being cautious.

What if he suddenly disappears again? Apart from that, you would better know also the reasons why a guy doesn't text you back to avoid investing your time and feeling to the wrong guy.

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