How To Seduce A Man Without Him Knowing

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When you meet a cute guy, you feel that you want to know him more or do something to get closer. There is also a crush that you've been dreaming these past few weeks to hang out with.

However, you have no idea how to seduce him since you're not the expert. Well, it affects but at the same times it's not even you can do it.

Here Are How To Seduce A Man Without Him Knowing

Everyone might think seduction is about making a man want to hook up with you. You can say that way through yet it isn't necessarily true.

Either way, here are how to seduce a man without him knowing that will come in handy. And also, learn about How to Hug Someone Without Making It Awkward too.

1. Put A Smile

put a smile

If you're looking for how to seduce a man without him knowing, you actually already have it with yourself.

Put your best smile when you're around him and that's all you can do. No need to try so hard.

2. Give Him Compliment

Give him a little bit compliment like maybe you can say how nice her jacket or you like his perfume. That's it, you already flirt with him without he notices you did.

3. Glace A Bit, Then Look Away

Go with your eyes if you want to try seducing someone. You can be cuter by blushing your way.

Try to glace a bit right into his eyes, then look away whenever he catches you.

4. Flip Your Hair

Here are how to seduce a man without him knowing. The classic way to do it yet kill it perfectly is by playing with your hair.

Flip your hair with the back of your hand and make sure he sees that.

5. Touch His Arm

When you talk to him, try to make a physical contact like touch gently his arm, or hit him when he says something funny that makes you laugh.

6. Pretend To Drop Something

pretend to drop something

Here are how to seduce a man without him knowing. Pretend to drop your stuff can be a good deal to seduce a man.

7. Ask For Help

Here are how to seduce a man without him knowing. You may want to ask for his help with your stuff so he can come to your place. But try to learn about What to Do When Your Boyfriend Keeps Asking You for Money.

8. Bring Up The Happening Topic

It is always nice having a long discussion with someone you're interested in. Bring up the happening topic so he won't be bored talking with you.

9. Invite For Lunch

If you already know him for quite some time, you should ask him for getting lunch together with you. Another way to make him close to you!

10. Give Your Number

Here are how to seduce a man without him knowing. This isn't about asking for hooking up like How to Tell If a Guy Wants a Relationship or Just Hook Up, but give your number politely to let him know that you're dependable if he needs you.

Signs He Is Attracted To You

Here are signs he is attracted to you. You can check this too How to Tell a Guy You Kissed You Don’t Like Him.

1. Ask More About You

ask more about you

You see how much he is interested in you when he starts asking about yourself.

2. Invite You To His Place

It can be mean so many things and it is obvious he wants you after that seduction you did.

3. Flirt On You

You may hear some seduction words from him if he is attracted to you.

4. Can't Take His Eyes Off You

Even though you are in the corner of the room, he knows exactly where you are and can't stop looking at you.

5. Call You

He has your number so if he wants to get in touch he definitely would call you.

More Tips On How To Seduce A Man Without Him Knowing

Here are more tips on how to seduce a man without him knowing. Try to learn about this Things You Need to Know Before Dating Me.

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1. Be Confidence

The key is your own self to be confidence if you want to seduce a man.

2. Be Expressive

Try to seduce him by something you do, like maybe you can be a dance floor queen to get his attention.

3. Practice In Front Of The Mirror

practice in front of the mirror

You sometimes tend to learn more about how to seduce a man, but the first thing you should do is just practicing in front of the mirror.

4. Be Open

If you want him to be open, try be more open with yourself too.

5. Be Wanted

It is important to keep your dignity even though you try to seduce him.

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