Things Guys Secretly Want to Do With Your Boobs When You're Both Together

by Michelle Devani

It's not so much of a secret that guys think about BOOBS a lot.

If you can be the woman that lets him live out these fantasies, he is going to like you much more!

So, perhaps you're wondering what he's secretly wanting to do with your boobs when you're together?

While I can't tell you for sure, I have created a substantial list of things that a lot of guys secretly love to do with boobs.

Before we get into that list though, I want to share a personal story with you...

Back in my younger years, I was always the woman wondering what to do to make men like me more. 

I tried to be more fun, more flirtatious, more sexual, more hard-to-get.

But I was always the woman who guys would get bored of after a few dates. 

No matter what I did with my boobs…:/   

Thankfully, that has changed now and it all started when I began to learn about a psychological concept called the 'Hero's Instinct'.

This concept explains a primal part of the male brain and the female behavior it responds best to. 

If you can learn to trigger a man's 'Hero's Instinct', it can completely change the way he thinks about you and treats you. 

When I learned how to do this, my relationships with men became far more serious and meaningful. Amazing men began to want to lock me into relationships and I’ve never looked back (read my personal story to learn how it works).

It would appear that few people know about this concept, so it really is the way to treat a man no other woman can.

With that said, here's my list of activities you might want to invite a special guy to try with your boobs.

Things Guys Secretly Want to Do With Your Boobs When You're Both Together

If your boyfriend tells you that he genuinely love you without wanting to have sex with you, it's a big giant lie. Every would simply be turned on by his lover's body, even when it's perfectly covered. Some parts of a woman body could turn them on, say it your boobs. It's why when he kisses you, his hands are all over your boobs.

Aren't you curious about all the things guys secretly want to do with your boobs when you both together? Him not doing anything not because he is not interested, but simply because he hold it down. He just doesn't wanna lose it. But if he is given the chance, he would never miss to do the following things.

A warning for a woman who want to keep it low and slow. The boobs touching could make good Reasons Why Your Should Not Live Together Before Marriage.

1. Ride Them with His Face

Have you heard of motorboating? It's not necessarily riding a motorboat, but him him placed his face between your boobs and rocking it from side to side while making a motor sound. It ticklish but felt good for both you and him.

2. Shouting About Them Out Loud

This mat sound ridiculous but he just want to run on the rooftop and shout about your boobs loudly. Like, everyone in the world should know about it.

3. Just Looking at Them... Forever

Just looking at them forever

He has his own Ways to Make Love to Her without Even Touching Her. He doesn't want to do anything but staring at your boobs, forever if he can. It sometime feels uncomfortable and putting you in awkward positions.

4. Jiggling Them with His Hands

As it's soft like jellies, he wants to jiggle them with their own hands.

5. Rest His Head on Them

Some guys just want to do nothing but resting his face against the smooth boobs of yours, using it as pillows.

6. Laying with His Face on Them

It's probably What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Wants You to Move in with Him. He wants to take a nap by burying his face on your boobs. Just one privilege on an easy afternoon for a sound sleep.

7. Pressing His Ear to Hear What's Inside

Men are little boys trapped in adults' body. He still like to play with anything. Thinking that there's a sea under your boobs, he'd like to press his ears on it and listen to the flowing oceans inside. Hey, he might think it's where the breastmilk come from!

8. Playing Basketball in the Cleavage

Another childish thing that will give you a big laugh. He would like to take a pack of M&M, pretending it's a basketball and you cleavage is the hop. He simply throw them because it's simply satisfying. Surprisingly for you too.

9. Squeeze Them

Don't you think guys see your boobs as squishy? Because they are squeezable that he wants to squeeze it, grope it, and explore it like a sacred mountain. Other than hands, he could put his mouth on some works too.

10. Hold Them in Public

If he could, only if he could, he'd like to hold on to your boobs not your hand while you're walking in public. Because it's juts unacceptable for they society that he doesn't do it. But don't take it as Signs Your Boyfriend Only Wants Your Body without loving you genuinely.

11. Paint on Them

Guys are value woman's boobs more than woman herself. He'd like to hang it on a museum as the finest artwork even created. And since it's impossible, he wants to make it more beautiful by painting on them. But he will never tell you because he knows you won't agree.

12. Caress Them

By both of his palms, he wants to caress your boobs and mesmerizing them. Guys can stay like this all day since they will never get enough of your boobs.

13. Bite Them

Of course, biting your nipples is part of the pleasure and there's no way he will miss it.

14. Play with Them

What kind of playing he wants to do with your boobs, only him knows. Also, he is afraid of your response that he won't tell you straightly about it.

15. Taking Pictures of Them

Taking pictures of them

He'd like to take numerous pictures of your boobs and look at them all the time when you're not together. To heat things up, try to send him pictures of your boobs instead of the Sexiest Things to Text a Guy to Make Him Want You More.

What He Wants to Tell You About Your Boobs

He might just have hide it all this time, but these are what he wants to honestly tell you.

  • Worry nothing and confident with your boobs.
  • Whether it's big or small, size doesn't matter for them.
  • He just loves your boobs since it's the best part of your body.
  • Not all guys love big boobs. Some prefer smaller ones.
  • Don't make it too big. It turns them off.
  • Don't lose confidence even after you gave birth.
  • He loves your imperfections, including the difference in your boobs' size.
  • He doesn't care how your boobs look like.
  • Some guys love boobs more than butts.
  • He likes it when you are braless.
  • Some guys fall in love over boobs' size.
  • Saggy boobs are not gross for guys.
  • Don't get a boob job, ever!
  • Boobs hasn't always have to do with sex.
  • Small boobs are fine and sexy in their own way.
  • Stop worrying about the size.

Now that you have known all the things guys secretly want to do with your boobs when you both together, don't be surprised when he appears restraining himself or anything because he wanted to respect you.

Michelle Devani
My name is Michelle Devani, and I've been helping people with their relationships since 2003. In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think.