What Does It Mean When He Cups Your Face While Kissing You – You Need to Know the Reasons!

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A girl might feel wonder about anything done by the man. Mainly on what does it mean when he cups your face while kissing you. Some man do this during kissing with his girl.

And many of the woman feel curious, why this thing happen and what is the mean of this act. Therefore, if want to know more or to get better explanation, maybe below article can help you.

Reasons Why Men Cups Your Face While Kissing You

There are several main reasons of this act. Therefore, no need to feel worry or curious about this thing. Mainly if this is the first time he did it to you. Check below the strong reasons of this:

1. Romantic

The most cause of this act is absolutely because your man is type of romantic person. He wants you only for him self.

This is why he cups your face and feel that he can own you fully without anyone can share it with him. Therefore, if you’re both in a relationship, then this act might be a good sign on he’s romance and way to express it all.

2. Protecting

When a man cups your face while kissing you, it also can mean that he is super protective with you. He wants to make sure that you feel safe while you are close with him.

He also make sure that you are under his reach, in case of anything happen to you. It can said as one of a romantic expression. it also can say as an act to show how much he feel masculine if he able to do this to you. Overall, it means positive.

3. Serious Relationship

If you both under a middle of awkward situation where no one step further into a clear relationship, this kissing can mean that he wants to be in a serious relationships with you.

Therefore, it might be a sign that this is the right time to declare whether or not both of you include in a relationship. This will be better to discuss together after kissing to make clear about your status.

4. Asking More

Another meaning can be lead to sexual relationships. It might be the right time for him to express the love more than usual. Especially if both of you has run the relationship for many months.

Therefore, ask him for sure if he wants more and get deeper relationship including the sexual relationships. However, it might not be wise in eastern tradition to have a sexual relationship without marriage. This is why it is a serious decision and need to think further.

5. Just A Style

Please, do not surprise if actually it is only his style when kissing someone. Some man have their own preference style when kissing. He might want to show his intense and purpose, or it is sometimes only his reflect.

Therefore, feel further through his kiss. If he just kiss you a while, then it might correct that this only his style. But if he goes further and more, then it might other reasons as mentioned before.

Tips When A Men Cups Your Face While Kissing You

There area several good tips for those who just start their relationship and end with this situation. If you find this thing happen while you’re both kissing, here are several recommended step to follow on:

  • If you want this become your best moment, make it more romantic with hugging him tighter. This will make him feeling that you agree with him and comfortable enough with this relationship.
  • If you’re thinking to make it more sexual, then a little flirt and arouse will lead you both to a good moment to have some sexual relationship. Make sure both of you agree to do it further and make sure that no one will regret this moment. Otherwise, it can mesh your relationship or end not good for each of you.
  • If you think you’re not ready to have a serious relationship, it will be better to stay away slowly and mention that you’re not wish this moment comes too fast. Make sure to say it with exact words that not make him feel offense.

Those all the explanation of what does it mean when he cups your face while kissing you. It is important to understand every act performed by a man, specially if you have intens relationship with him.

Each action might be a sign of something. To get the right answer, it is better to ask him self rather than you guessing and it is not the right answer of his mean.