What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Wants You To Move In with Him?

by Michelle Devani

Is your boyfriend asking you to move in with him?

Are you wondering why he would offer this invitation and what this would mean for your relationship?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to explore in the guide below. Spoiler alert: this is only a positive thing! Most likely, you’ve made a great impression on him so far. 

However, if you’re looking to increase the lust in your relationship moving forward - rather than falling into a rut and taking each other for granted - I’d urge you to read the next few sentences carefully. 

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With that said, let’s now explore what would inspire a man to invite you to live with him.

What It Means When Your Boyfriend Wants You To Move In With Him

After dating for some time, moving in together usually coming into mind for a couple. There are both advantages and disadvantages of that. The good is that you can split the household bills to the house installment, but on the other side living together often leads to a break up.

At first moving in together seems to be fun and not that big of a thing since you love each other. But it's wholly different with dating. Seeing him 24/7 in literally any state will make you surprise. But before we reach that, you must have been happy when he asked you to move in with him. And makes you wondering what does it mean when your boyfriend want you to move in with him.

Moving in together is a one big step in your relationship you can take. Before coming into a decision, you should really consider whether you are ready to live together or not.

1. He Is Ready To Settle Down With You

A man is a man. He's a little kid trapped in an adult body and you can never deny it. He won't do something unless he really wanted to, and he asked you to move in with him, it means he is ready to settle down. He is enough with playing games, flirting with others or anything and ready for a serious relationship for real. It's a good thing anyway.

2. He Prepares For The Marriage Life

he prepares for the marriage life

For a woman marriage is a big dream, while for man marriage can be the worst nightmare. He probably want to give it a try a marriage life, so that he can decide whether to marry or not since living together is pretty much a marriage life. Maybe it's a Signs That Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon after moving in.

3. He Needs Some Security

Single life can be hard financially. Paying the house rent, the bills, and other expense. If you are living in a big city, living together is much more easier that living alone. Which can be one of his intention why he asked you to move in. It would be advantageous for him (and for you as well, financially), but make sure you are gaining something too.

4. He Is Committed To You

One of the good thing about living together is that he show his commitment to you. Living together with a girlfriend is like a declaration that he is taken so that he can no longer flirts with other woman. The real commitment of a man is a good sign. If you want to know whether you're in a right relationship or not, check all the Characteristic of a Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship.

5. You Are Priority To Him

To know if your boyfriend really loves you or just playing with you is simple, he prioritize you. You come first in almost everything. The fact that he wants you to move in with shows it. Because when you have lived together, you must prioritize each other to keep the harmony.

6. He Wants To Spend More Time With You

If all these time both of you are so occupied with work and too tired on the weekend to spend time together, it could be why he wants to live with you. He feels like he has no time to be together with you, so by living together you can't spend a day just chilling out in the house. It's a good chance to find many Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Fall in Love with You Again.

7. He's Ready To Show You His Most Vulnerable Side

All of us must have that one side that we conceal from our lover. We won't show the most vulnerable side of us but it will be impossible when you live together with them. It means he is ready to show that side to you.

Before You Move In With Him...

Moving in together is considered one of the biggest thing you have ever done in your life. As important as it is, you should be prepared for these things, so when unfortunate things come in your way, you already know what does it mean when your boyfriend wants you to move in with him.

1. You Will See His Worst Side

If you see your boyfriend as a charming prince the whole time, be prepared to show the most un-prince-y side of him. He can be someone you can never imagine and you might come to surprise when it finally shown. If you're not ready for it yet, don't live together. It's one good Reasons Why You Should Not Live Together Before Marriage.

2. You'll Learn To Split The Chores

There are many, many endless chores to do and you have to split them equally. Things like washing the dishes, doing the laundry and cleaning up the house should be made clear. It may looks simple but once you live together, you will se why it's important to split the house chores.

3. Settle The Differences

settle the differences

Two different people living under the same roof, there should be many things to compromised. You have to accept that you have many differences so that you have to settle them to have a happy living together. Even a little difference can lead to a bigger fight.

4. Talk About Anything

Honesty is the most important thing. Make sure you never hold grudges and communicate well with your boyfriend. Tell him what you want, what you like, and ask him to do the same.

5. Avoid Bringing Over Friends In The Beginning

On the early days of living together, you must adapt to each other and to the situation so avoid bringing over your friend.

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