How To Tell Your Christian Parents You're Moving In With Your Boyfriend And Live Together?

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The time will come when we need to decide things on our own because we are independent and responsible enough for it.

One of it is to know how to tell your christian parents you're moving in with your boyfriend. They can give different reactions than what you thought somehow.

Even though you already saw the signs that your boyfriend loves you more than anyone else, a good delivery on how to communicate it to your parents is also important.


1. Keep It Brief And Validate Their Objections

keep it brief and validate their objections

You can prepare some things to say to your mom when shes mad at you, but you will need to prepare something else. You will need to prepare the answer of all of the doubts that your parents may have and ask once you tell them that you want to moving in with your parents.

Besides that, you will need to keep the conversation brief to not overwhelmed your parents. You can also offer them to have a further discussion if they want to ask you something in person.

2. Show It To Your Parents That Your Boyfriend Is Independent Too

There are just a lot of worries that your parents can think about when they need to think how you will leave without their supervision for the first time. Show it to them or ask your boyfriend to meet your parents to prove it that he is independent and you too are an independent person.

Because your parents and you too won't want to think of what to do if your boyfriend keeps asking for money. Once deciding to live independently, things are become your responsibility and your partner responsibility.

3. Understand Their Expectations And Hopes

You can't force your parents to let you go and move in together with your boyfriend when they still have doubts with you. If you know the ways to make your boyfriend's parents like you, then do the same thing to your parents. Gain their trust to you slowly, things take time.

Understand their expectations and hopes, once you can make sure to get them understand and feel more secure about you living independently, then they will give you their permission. Parents won't have doubt without no reason because they care about you and want what is best for you.

What To Consider Before Moving In Together

Do you know how what does it mean when your boyfriend wants you to move in with him?

Because if you don't, you need too. This kind of decision need to come from both side. And before you are wondering on how to tell your christian parents you're moving in with your boyfriend, it is better to consider some of this reason first.

1. Know Why You Want To Moving In

The most important thing that you need to consider before deciding to move in together with your boyfriend is the reason why. If it's only for comfort or take it as a usual thing that most couples do, then don't.

This is one of the reasons why living with your boyfriend won't lead to marriage, because both of you are not moving in together to get closer in a serious relationship.

2. Make Sure You Have Travelled Together

By travelling together, both of you will know how your partner will react on small problem that usually appears when travelling. If you think that you and your boyfriend are good enough to solve the problem, then it is a good sign.

More over, you know what to say to your boyfriend when y'all are fighting to cool down the conflict. Know how to fight and solve it is also an important thing to be mastered before moving in together.

3. Both Of You Are Financially Stable

both of you are financially stable

You can't simply rely on your intuition only, you will also need to see the signs your boyfriend sees you as his future wife. Because, married is one of the biggest decision in life.

To be financially stable is important when it come to deciding things on your own. You can't really rely on other people when you have a financial break down. More over, you will still need money after your married life.

When it comes on how to tell your christian parents you're moving in with your boyfriend it is not about them anymore, but more into you.

Because this will be your decision and you need to make sure you can tacle down all of your parents doubt by slowly prove it to them that you are independent.

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