How to Tell Your Parents You Want to Get Engaged Islam and Get Their Full Support

Last updated on June 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you planning to get engaged? It’s exciting but you must let your parents know first.

Here’s how to tell your parents you want to get engaged Islam:

1. Get Your Parents Together

Your mum and dad must know what you want. Get them together in a room and start talking. Here's the Best Dua for Love from Someone That You Love that you can also do.

2. Talk About Engagement Often

Before heading to the ‘main’ conversation about your engagement, talk about it often beforehand. You can just casually mention it to your parents every now and then.

3. Tell Them Why You Want It

Your reasoning must be clear. Your parents would not want you to play around with engagement, especially in Islam.

4. Have Someone to Get Engaged With

This is obvious, but you must also be straightforward when telling your parents about the person. Point out their positive qualities so they agree with you.

5. Get Everyone to Know Each Other

Get your parents and your parents know each other. Meet each other as often as possible.

Build a relationship to make things go smooth. You must also know the Relationship in Islam About Husband and Wife by now.

6. Listen to What Your Parents Have to Say

Telling your parents is your main goal but you must also listen. You need to take their thoughts into consideration.

7. Allow Some Time for Them to Think

Give your parents some space and time to think about it. An engagement is not a decision that they can say yes to in an instant.

8. Be Serious about It

Really show your parents that you’re serious. When telling them what you want, avoid making jokes. You can do that when they’ve agreed to the engagement.

9. Get Your Friends to Help You

Your friends are your best support right now. Get them to help you to talk to your parents and convince them that this is the right thing to do.

10. Convince Them You’re Ready

It’s an important way on how to tell your parents you want to get engaged Islam. You must show them that you’re ready to enter a new phase.

11. Tell Them The Benefits

It’s completely okay to list out all the benefits of an engagement for you. Be clear with your points. You can also tell them the Reasons for Marriage Duties According to Islam.

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12. Try to Compromise

In case they don’t agree with something you said, don’t give up. Try to find a way to compromise and make things work in your favor.

13. Don’t be Selfish

What we mean here is don’t focus on your interest only. Your parents must have some things they want to say but might be hesitant about it. Encourage openness in the conversation so everything is crystal clear.

14. Keep a Calm Attitude

Don’t be nervous, stay calm. Even when things don’t go as planned, there’s always a way out. Also know the Religious Things Couple Should Do Together During Ramadan.

15. Be Polite with Your Words

Since they’re your parents, show some respect. Be polite with your words and they might grant your wish.

How to Get Their Full Support

Other than focusing on how to tell your parents you want to get engaged Islam, you must also get their full support. These are the tips that will work for you:

1. Transform into a New You

Getting engaged means you’re entering a new stage in your life. Transform into a new you. Someone who is responsible and mature.

2. Act Like an Adult

This is now the time to act like an adult. How does that work? It means that you can control your emotions, be wise with your words and able to make your own decision.

3. Have a Stable Life

A stable life is a sure sign that will get your parents to support you. Get a job or run your own business so you have a stable income.

Your to-be-fiancee should too. Your parents will see that the of you are ready to have a life together and won’t need to worry about anything.

4. Have Everything Planned Out

What is it that you want to achieve after getting engaged? Get to know How is the Relationship After Engagement in Islam.

Have everything planned out. Talk about it with your parents so they know that you’re on track with your life.

5. Show Your Commitment

You must be committed to your engagement. Be loyal to your partner and a caring child to your parents. Your efforts will pay off.

Learning how to tell your parents you want to get engaged Islam might not be an easy sail. With enough support from loved ones and determination, you will get your parents’ approval.

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