34 Indirect Ways To Tell Your Boyfriend You Want To Get Married

Last updated on May 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When you are in a serious relationship, you are always advancing to grow your relationship into something more. But sometimes you want something that is unspoken. How do you say it?

When you want to tell your boyfriend that you want to take things further by getting married, do not worry. What you need to do now is to summon up your confidence and use these persuasive ways to tell your boyfriend you want to get married;


1. You Know I Was Thinking About The Child We Are Going To Have

Talk about this and he will certainly know that you are imagining something more to your relationship.

2. When We Have A Home I Want It To Be..

A home is where you build your family once you have a family.

3. If We Have A Wedding, What Will We Have There?

Start to imagine the things that will be put in the wedding party and he will start to get the hint.

4. Our First Dance Should Be With This Song

First dances are done in wedding. If you say this, he will start to show the Signs That Someone is In Love With You.

5. If One Day We’ll Have A Honeymoon Where Do You Think It Will Be?

Listing out the places you will visit is a great thing to do to lure him to start showing the Signs that Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon.

6. You Know, I’ve Been Thinking Of The Future Lately

Say this and every guy will know what that future really is.

7. I Have Confidence That Our Relationship Will Last A Lifetime

When you show that your love doesn’t show the Signs of Conditional Love, he will want to spend that lifetime with you.

8. You Are The Best Thing That Ever Happens To Me And I Won’t Let Go Of You

This shows that you are not a player girl and that you really want a marriage.

9. I Think You Will Be A Great Dad

i think you will be a great dad

Talk about this and he will instantly prepare for marrying you.

10. I Think We’ll Make A Great Family

Your confidence and love towards him shows that you are ready for a married life.

11. One Day Will I Take Your Last Name?

A last name is identical to a serious relationship which is why saying this is a great clue.

12. I Want Us To Be More Serious About Our Relationships

After you say this, start to talk about what a serious relationship is.

13. Mention How Jealous You Are With Your Married Friend

Jealous drives a guy to show Signs That Your Boyfriend Loves You More Than Anyone Else and start planning the wedding.

14. Send Him Marriage Related Posts In Social Media

Once you send it to him, being married will be an idea that exist in his head too.

15. Try On Wedding Rings And Show Him

This is a major ways to tell your boyfriend you want to get married because it will definitely work.

16. Tell Him Your Imagination On What Your Wedding Dress Would Be

Imagine a wedding dress, then a guy will start to purchase a wedding ring.

17. Tell Him What You Imagine Your Wedding Would Be

A girl always have an imagination of what their wedding will be. So, tell it to him.

18. Say That He’ll Look Good As Your Husband

Say that he have enough Signs of Good Husband Material to Marry to make for a husband.

19. Imagine Going Down The Aisle To See Him Then Tell Him

Imagine in vivid detail then tell him.

20. Have Conversations About Where The Relationship Is Going

Open conversation can help you put an idea in his head.

21. Ask Your Parents To Push Him A Little

Parents can do magic in persuading him.

22. Talk About The Prospect Of Marrying Him With His Parents

His parents will start nudging him to marry you.

More Ways To Tell Him You Want To Be More Serious

more ways to tell him you want to be more serious

Wedding is definitely not a game and it is the most romantic bond anyone could be in. Which is why if you really want it, it is crucial to tell him with these ways;

1. Start Asking If He Imagines A Future

This question will make him think.

2. Ask About His Loyalty And Love Towards You

Ask if he is showing the Signs A Man Loves You.

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3. Hang Out With Married Couple More

Doing this is a great hint.

4. Praise Marriage Life More

Start to show fondness to marriage.

5. Generally Talk On How You Would Handle Your Marriage

Do this often and see the result.

6. Be Happy When You Hear Topics About Marriage

Enthusiasm is a good clue for him.

7. Be More Loving Towards Him

This will make him want to marry you more.

Tips To Make Him Want To Marry You

tips to make him want to marry you

Even if you have tried all the ways to tell him that you want to marry him, it doesn’t guarantee the fact that he wants to do it with you. Here are tips on how to make him love you forever;

1. Show Your Loyalty

Loyalty is important to get the trust of a guy. Once you show this, he will not deviate from you.

2. Accept Him For Who He Is

Acceptance makes him comfortable and more loving towards you.

3. Show Your Love Towards Him

Show him that you love him more than anyone and he will not leave.

4. Make A Good Impression To The People In His Life

This makes you stay longer in his life.

Marrying someone is any girl’s dream which is why it is justified for every woman to want to push their boyfriend to marry her. But the effective way to do that is with the ways to tell your boyfriend you want to get married. Once you do that, you will move to the married life easily!

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