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Effective Ways On How to Make Your Mom and Her Boyfriend Break Up

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It is already a hard thing to know that your mom is having a boyfriend. What is worse is to know that he is having a really bad one. as a child, you should start to step in.


You won’t be comfortable when you have a weird or bad boyfriend of your mom’s. That is why you need to seperate them. The only way to do that is by doing these ways on how to make your mom and her boyfriend break up ;

  1. Show The Coldness Of Your Action

Being cold both to their relationship will surely make them realize that you don’t like the current relationship.

  1. Discredit His Actions

If he does anything, find a flaw in it and exploit it. Slowly, your mother will see it too.

  1. Say That You Do Not Support The Relationship

To say that you do not support the relationship blatantly to your mother will put some sense to her.

  1. Know Things about Him

By knowing deep things about him, you can start to find the flaw in him and make him weak.

  1. Beg Your Mother To Dump Him

Begging is  surely a drastic measure to take but it will clearly appeal to your mother that wants the best for their child.

  1. Say That You Want To Protect Your Mother

To do this in the sake of your mother is clearly something that will make her realize the Signs of a Bad Boyfriend Material in him.

  1. Pretend To Be His Friend

Pretending to be his friend can help you know things about him that you can use for your advantage.

  1. Gently Uncover His Weakness To Your Mother

How to make your mom and her boyfriend break up? Subtly list the weakness that he has to your mother to make her realize that he is not worth it.

  1. Find Another Man For Your Mother

Making another man come into her life might make her show the  Signs That She’s Not Into You to her current boyfriend.

  1. Compare Him To Another Man In Your Mother’s Life

In front of your mother, say that the man in her life is much more superior than her current boyfriend.

  1. Rarely Make Eye Contact With Him

This is a body language that shows resistance and disgust towards her boyfriend.

  1. Refuse To Hang Out With Him

Even if he continually ask you to hang out with him, continually reject it too to show that you clearly do not like him.

  1. Be Distant From Him

Distance is an unspoken sentence to show that you do not want him to be in your life.

  1. Rarely Speak To Him

Not speaking to him often makes a clear message that you do not want him to be attached to your mother.

  1. Get A New Girl Into His Life

Provide him with another girl to make him show the  Signs Your Partner is Thinking about Cheating

  1. Continue To Voice Your Resistance Towards Your Mom

If you do this often enough, soon she will understand what you want too.

  1. Talk About Your Mom’s Old Lover Fondly Repeatedly

Being nostalgic about her old lover will be great to tear apart their relationship. 

  1. Pretend To Be The Secret Admirer Of Your Mom’s

Putting a secret admirer in the middle of the relationship can break the relationship quickly.

  1. Send Anonymous Text That Discredit Her Boyfriend

How to make your mom and her boyfriend break up? Not only will this protect your name but it will make the relationship crack too.

Tips On How To Make Your Mother End The Relationship With Her Current Lover

You need to do something if you feel really uncomfortable with the current situation between your mom and her current lover by doing these simple yet effective tips ;

  1. Be Distant From Your Mom

This is a great ways on how to make a girl leave her boyfriend and fall in love with you.

  1. Be Cold To Your Mom

Coldness will show your mom that something is wrong with her to have made you stay away from him.

  1. Give An Ultimatum To Your Mom

Giving her an ultimatum is a stern way to show what you want.

  1. Make Your Mom’s Friend Talk To Her About Breaking Up With Him

If you can’t get through her, maybe your mom’s friends can do the job.

  1. Make Your Sibling Talk To Her About Breaking Up With Him

Her own children will make a strong impression on her.

  1. Make Your Mom’s Siblings Talk To Her About Breaking Up With Him

She will be more agreeable if it is her own family that is talking to her.

  1. Tell Him What You Want

If you want to be straightforward, tell her boyfriend what you want which is for him to get out from her life. 

Signs That Your Mom Is Ready To Leave Him

There is nothing a mother won’t do for the sake of her children, especially if you have planted a sturdy understanding in her heart. Here are the relieving signs that your mom is ready to leave her boyfriend ;

  1. Listens To You

She believes your word and listents to everything that you said.

  1. Seek Shelter To You

Your mom grows gradually closer and closer to you to seek shelter from the relationship. This is the  Signs She Wants to Break Up But Doesn’t Know How

  1. Being More Distant From Her Boyfriend

It is clear that the love is slowly gone when your mother is being distant from her boyfriend.

  1. Saying The Bid Of Goodbye

In the end, she breaks up the relationship herself.

As a child, you need to help your mother get the best life she can get and one of the hard thing she doesn’t realize she have to do is to break up with her current boyfriend. To make her naturally realize it, you need to use the ways on how to make a girl leave her boyfriend and fall in love with you. Be gentle and be patient.

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