How to Tell Your Christian Parents You're An Atheist?

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Being different is unique and beautiful but at the same time, it is just so hard to be different. Especially when you grow up in the environment where everything is almost homogenous.

Now, one of the problem that is faced by the society and you probably is by not knowing how to tell your christian parents you're an atheist.

Here are some tips that you can try to consider first.

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  • Ask questions to what they believe

Rather than telling your parents directly about what you believe, it is better to start asking question and try to compare things in a more logical way. Because atheism isn't a belief, so starting of by question will be a good start to indirectly tell your parents that you are an atheist.

You can start ask some questions like why do we believe Jesus, but in reality there are other beliefs too. Try to compare more facts and let them see your doubt in believing a certain religion. This will help you to not seeing the signs a family member doesn't like you. Minimizing the hate is the key, because no matter what they believe is, they still your parents, the one who loves you the most.

  • Talk with compassion and love

To talk with compassion and love will always help us to make sure that the discussion goes smoothly. Because by talking with compassion and love,we are not only becoming the one who wants to be listened, but we also listen to other people. To get more love and understanding is important especially when talks about sensitive issues because sometimes love can understand what logic doesn't.

You will also need to know whether your parents is the type of people who get shock easily or simply have an open minded minset. So to avoid any big misunderstanding, try to understand how to talk to other people.

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Christian parents reaction knowing that you are an atheist

Even though you already knew how to tell your christian parents you're an atheist and prepared for it, there is one more thing that you need to prepare. Parents may have different reaction and you surely want to be well prepared for it. So here are some.

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  • Your parents will be upset

Better to be prepared for the worst rather than not preparing at all. Your parents first reaction maybe upset because knowing that their child decided to be an atheist. Your parents will surely do anything to get you back in a track that they think is right for you.

They won't only ask you to see the signs hes the guy you should marry according to the bible, but they can drag you to the church and talk to a priest to give you an advice on everything. And if this happened, you will lose the right to talk to your parents somehow.

  • Your parents want you to keep it a secret

Another reaction that may come up is your parents can somehow accept what you decide to belief or not belief. And they ask you to keep it a secret somehow to not affect other people within the family. Well basically they don't want to admit it, but don't want to hurt you at the same time too.

To keep a secret of being an atheist in a religious family is almost similar like how to get over an inter religious relationship break up. It such a relieving at first, but somehow to get away with it somehow hurts.

  • Your parents said that you are still in puberty

Lastly, your parents might say that you are still in a puberty. And there will be a lot of changes while you are growing up including puberty. This may affect the way you think of things differently, and can easily trust other people said to you.

It will be just like the same things on how to deal with 8th grade girl drama. When this is the emotion or reaction appears, you just need to make sure that you are mature enough and independent enough to decide things n your own and be responsible for it.

So it is not only about how to tell your christian parents you're an atheist but about understanding that they have their own belief too and both of you can't force each other to trust what you believe or not believe.

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