26 Ways on How to Get Over a Divorce When You Still Love Him

Last updated on May 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Nobody ever think that their marriage would be over. It could be the hardest thing you have to get through. The divorce itself already difficult, not to mention the aftermath. Things will be getting more difficult since you find yourself hard to get over it.

Even though you have seen the Signs Your Husband is Unhappy in Marriage which led to separation, you can't deny that some feelings still linger. You can't find the ways how to get over a divorce when you still love him. Here are some tips to move on, hopefully it's useful enough to help you:

1. Accept That You are No Longer Together

Reception is the hardest stage in a divorce. It's hard to get used to get through the day without him. Keep in mind that you have no other choice but to move forward. He is no longer belong to you and the fact is that you're alone now.

2. Be Patient with It

Nobody says that divorce is easy. Not after you see the Signs Your Husband is Cheating on Facebook. Things will take time, so be patient while you're getting through it. People make mistakes and it's okay. Just learn from it.

3. You Have the Control

How you react to people around you is your problem, not him. Your friend, parents, and other families may talk about bad things to you, but it's up to you in how to handle it. They never know that he has the Signs Your Husband is Not in Love with You Anymore.

4. Don't Mind About Others

People around you might continuously ask about painful things regarding your divorce. It even worse if they talk about something bad. Don't let it affect you. Let people say what they want to say. You can't control their mouths anyway.

5. Take Time to Be Sad

After seeing the Signs You Husband Has Another Family, it's natural to be sad. Give time to yourself to be sad but don't let it for too long. Don't let your sadness swallowing you and prevent you to move on.

More Ways to Move On After a Divorce

Here are even more ways how to get over a divorce when you still love him:

  1. Be kind to others since it makes you feel better somehow. You will get more kindness in return.
  2. Hope for better things to come in the future. It's important to be positive and optimistic, since it means you still have a hope for the future.
  3. Have courage since being in a divorce means that you sometime have to get outside your comfort zone. Take the steps even if you are forced to.
  4. Determine to start a new life and always hold on to it in every steps you take. The wounds may take time to heal, but it will be healed eventually.
  5. For the sake of your kids you have to get over it. Don't let them seeing you unhappy or being in a bad terms with your es husband.
  6. You are taking different path and it's not the same with others. Get ready if there are many pebbles on it. It hurts at first, but things will get better in time.
  7. Challenge yourself to be alone. Prove to everyone that you can live your life perfectly on your own and more than that, you are happy.
  8. Be angry since everybody will be feeling so. Don't hold your anger, let it out but remember, don't do it in front of your kids.
  9. See it as an opportunity to build a new life for better. You can learn from the past mistakes you made.
  10. There might be no one beside you now. There are no longer this safe feeling to have someone who will be supporting you no matter what. You only have yourself.
  11. Stop all the "what ifs". Get rid of all the insecurities and stop wondering what ifs. Live your life the way it is now.
  12. Take off the wedding ring since you are no free. Don't let yourself be reminded of him again.
  13. Accept that he will love someone else and don't have any hard feeling of it. You can do the same way too.
  14. You will find someone to be loved again in the future. It might be better since you have learn from your previous marriage.
  15. Life isn't over just because you get divorced. It just marks a chapter in your life has ended and another one will be opened.
  16. Join a supporting community to share your stories. People in it may have more experience and you can learn from them.
  17. Don't run to drugs and alcohol since it do nothing to help you get over the divorce. It might even ruin your future.
  18. Do some new things that you unable to while married. You may love to travel alone, but you can do it because of your husband. Now you are free to.
  19. Love yourself and don't let your self esteem and confidence going low. You are still as awesome as you are.
  20. Find yourself again. You may not realize how much you have changed during the marriage and now it's time to find the real you again.
  21. Meet someone new and don't get traumatized by the divorce. Someone better will eventually comes along.

Maybe not all things above will be helpful for you, but you must give it a try. You will never know how things may turn out. One sure thing is you have to move on and starting over your life once again. Be positive since there will be more good things to come. Don't forget to do the Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Break Up, and in this case, a divorce.

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