How to Tell Your Mom You Hate Your Sister - What Can You Do?

Last updated on June 17, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Your sister is an important part of the family. But you just despise her. Whatever your reason is, you want to let your mom know!

So here’s the different ways on how to tell your mom you hate your sister:

1. Make Sure She’s Not Busy

A busy mom won’t have too much time for you. Find the right moment to talk about this.

A sibling issue shouldn’t be taken lightly. It could turn serious for the long run.

When your mom isn’t too busy, you’ll also have more time to really speak what’s on your mind. There’s no reason for her to rush you.

2. Talk Privately

Make sure that your sister isn’t around. It would be so awkward to know that the two of you are talking about her.

Keep an eye out for your sister in the middle of the conversation. You don’t want her to pop out of nowhere. Even worse, eavesdropping on everything!

Here's How Do You Make Your Sister Shut Up in A Polite Way that might be helpful.

3. Make Her Promise to Stay Neutral

You need your mom to really listen to you. Make her promise to stay neutral so she won’t be tempted to take sides.  It’s a pointless conversation if she doesn’t take you seriously.

4. Point Out the Reasons Why

You can say, “I just hate her because she did this and that”. Get into the details why you can’t stand your sister. Here are also Signs a Family Member Doesn’t Like You that could help express your feelings.

Point out the reasons why she gets on your nerves. Being honest will help your mother see your point of view. 

5. Listen to Her Advice

Get ready to put aside your ego on how to tell your mom you hate your sister. Your mom will probably give you some advice.

Listen to her because she might change your point of view. Your mom could also guide you on how to manage your emotions properly.

6. Don’t Get Angry

Getting heated up when talking about someone you hate is normal. But try not to be angry.

It’ll make the conversation feel intense. Your mom might get too scared or too tired to listen to you.

7. Be Open Minded

Perhaps the reason why you hate your sister is yourself. Maybe there’s an underlying reason that your mom can help uncover. So be open minded when you’re telling your mom all about it.

8. Allow Some Silence for Thoughts

When you’re talking to your mom, allow some silence. You probably have a lot to say but pause for a bit.

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Gather your thoughts, consider your mom’s words and continue talking with a clear mind. Who knows, your mom could also need some silence to process all this. Do the same when you're thinking What Is The Best Way to Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant at 14?

9. Avoid Trash Talking

Insulting your sister is a completely different thing from telling your mom that you can’t stand your sister. There’s no need to trash talk her. Remember that your sister is still your family. 

10. Control Your Language

It’s also easy to get carried away with what you say when you’re mad. But control your language.

Cursing your sister only shows your mom that you’re immature. She won’t take you seriously and your time would go to waste.

What Can You Do Now?

It’s frustrating when you keep thinking on how to tell your mom you hate your sister. Here are some ideas to deal with the issue at the moment:

1. Stay Away from Your Sister

Keeping distance will keep you calmer. If her presence boils your blood, go somewhere else.

Get as far away as you can from your sister.

2. Understand Your Sister’s Perspective

On the days when you’re feeling nice, give some thoughts about how your sister might be feeling. Understand things from her perspective.

You might have a change of mind after that.

3. Find Qualities You Like from Her

Are there qualities that you like from your sister? Stick them to your mind.

The next time she makes you upset, remember those qualities so she won’t seem so annoying to you. These are Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul Sister.

4. Vent in a Journal

It’s always good to get your emotions out. Invest in a journal. Vent, write things down instead of keeping them to yourself.

5. Save Up to Move Out

In case you still live with your parents, get busy and save up. You’ll have to spend less time with your sister. 

Plus, you’ll have savings when you move out and you won’t have to deal with your sister anymore! It's also a good way on How to Get Your Brother to Stop Annoying You.

Have you finally figured out the way how to tell your mom you hate your sister? Hopefully things will go well for you.

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