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Talking about Leo, it is always about how they really fit to be a leader. Yes, as their zodiac sign, Leo seems to be a natural born if it comes to lead a group. Also, they warm-hearted and fun personality could easily make everyone around loves them.

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Here are how to tell if a Leo has a crush on you

A Leo could light up the situation where they stand. With that cheerful personality they had, no one could resist but to feel happy too. Maybe that is one of the reasons you fall in love with him, we can understand that. However, how to tell if a Leo has a crush on you? Here are your answers.

1. Try Catch Your Attention

Leo is about be the center of attention. If a Leo around you and do almost everything to be looked out by you, they probably like you.

2. Ask Your Whereabouts

Leo will feel kind of lose his reason to be the center of attention if you are not around, especially when they have crush on you. That is why they always ask you whereabouts to your best friend whenever you were not joining the group.

3. Give You Their Food

One of the most generous of all zodiac is Leo. But sometimes, give someone your favorite food is hard to do. It is not happening for a Leo! They will give you their favorite food at lunch so you would be happy and never feel hungry. That is how much they care for you if they have crush on you.

4. Always Make You Laugh

No one has a big humor sense like a Leo. If they have crush on you, they would do their best jokes to make you laugh.

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5. Talking with You for Hours

Leo loves to make connections to people and other social activities. Especially when they are in love, they would give their time for talking with you even for hours.

6. Cheer You Up All the Time

Remember that Leo is a natural born leader. You can see it when they have crush on you, they will always try to cheer you up when you are down and feeling sad, like a boss that doesn't want let their employee fall off, but more affectionate.

7. Give You Expensive Gifts

For many people, giving someone that not even their official love an expensive gift is just too much. But for a Leo, this is an effort they have to take so they could show you that they have crush on you.

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8. Help You with Everything

If a Leo has a crush on you, they would glad to help you with everything. And often, they would be the one that first offer you their help.

9. Wants to Protect You

Today is your friend birthday party but it is getting too late and all the way to your home is really dark. If a Leo has a crush on you, they would escort you home because they want you to be save while around them.

10. Invite You to A Theater

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A Leo is so creative and basically they love arts. When a Leo has a crush on you, he would invite you to a theater show they have been waiting for.


What To Do If a Leo Has a Crush On You

Now you already know how to tell if a Leo has a crush on you. Next is to find out what you should do after knowing they have crush on you. Here are what to do if a Leo has a crush on you.

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1. Find Out More

There is always a possibilities that you put so much hope at this. It is good if they really show you that they have crush on you, but what if they do it like for everyone? Better find out more!

2. Okay to Be Happy

Being loved is one of the best thing in the world. So, it is okay for you to be a little happy when a Leo show you that they have crush on you.

3. Be Nice

If you find out a Leo has crush on you by read how to tell if a Leo has a crush on you, you have to be nice to them whether you have crush on they back or not.

4. Learn Their Personality More

Neither they are a Leo or not, you better learn their personality more if you are happy because they have crush on you. They might be Leo with all of their dignity, but still every zodiac has flaws we are all human after all.

5. Ask Yourself

You know that a Leo has crush on you. You need to ask yourself do you have any crush for them or not, don't let them put too much hope and also don't make catch you forever.

Bonus Tips for You If a Leo Has Crush On You

These are bonus tips for you if it happens that a Leo has crush on you, so you can have more consideration whether to going out with them or not.

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1. Leo is Very Loyal

If talking about loyalty, we can't doubt Leo. Don't ever break your promise to a Leo because it would be your end. Leo can't tolerate deceptions.

2. Kind-Hearted

Leo is very generous and basically has kind heart. You won't regret date a Leo!

3. Don't Wake the Lion Up

Like I said before, everyone has flaws, so does Leo. They can be too good to people, but when they are angry they could release all their fury and end up hurting people around them. Dangerous like a lion.

4. Hate Being Ignored

Leo loves attention. But the bad thing is they r-e-a-l-l-y love it until on the point they hate being ignored.

5. They Really Go For What They Want

If a Leo has crush on you, you need to decide what to do with it. What you should remember is, a Leo would do anything if they want something. However, if they already know that they can't catch that, they would leave it just like that. So, choose one!

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