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Virgo and Aquarius both are the most independent of all zodiac. Both of them doesn't have difficulty live their single life and almost doesn't need a partner. So within those character, how would Virgo and Aquarius in the boat of love turn out?

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Here are how to make a Virgo and Aquarius relationship work

Nothing is impossible, so does Virgo and Aquarius being together. Even though they might think they don't need love to complete their life, no one can choose who they fall in love for and besides it is only normal as a human. However, it would not be easy for them both because each other might trying to become dominant with their selfishness.

But, don't worry, we could help you with this matter so here are how to make a Virgo - Aquarius relationship work.

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1. Deepen Love Through Discussion

How to make a Virgo and Aquarius relationship work?Luckily Virgo and Aquarius are such a great speaker when there is a discussion forum. They can take benefit from this to deepen their love. Create your own discussion! Maybe some talks about future plan?

2. Always Speak Your Mind

always speak your mind

Virgo and Aquarius, both are thinker. They often overthink every stuff only to get their energy consumed. That is why in a relationship each need to help one to listen what is on their mind especially Aquarius that love to listen others.

3. Be Open to Your Partner

Ways problem for a thinker, one of the great one is their thought could gone wild and turns into time-bomb. Always be open to each other could help maintain this relationship.

4. Hold Your Ego

This is could be the main problem of Virgo and Aquarius relationship. Both needs to hold their ego to be a dominant one in this relationship. Remember that each other has their own part and needs to steering the wheel together as one. Also check: Characteristic of Healthy Relationship – Which is Yours?

5. Try to Be Productive

How to make a Virgo and Aquarius relationship work? Virgo is a hard worker. They could just sit still and roll over in bed with laziness. Ask your Aquarius partner to do something productive because it is good to deepen the bond too.

6. Never Lie

Trying to lie to a Virgo is useless because they will find it right away. So, never lie to each other even a tiny lie because you would just make yourself looks stupid. Read this to know: Ways to Know When People Are Lying

7. Don't Be Clingy

don't be clingy

Everyone knows that both Virgo and Aquarius are such independent person in the world. However, the comfy of well-maintain relationship could change one into a clingy person. They need to prevent it or the natural dominant seeking in both of them soul would be out and it is really bad for the relationship.

8. Set a Date To the Zoo

While Aquarius is a bit crazy person, Virgo is a serious one. Virgo and Aquarius might find difficulty decide where to go on a date. Zoo can be your choice! A little adventurous is fine to Aquarius and Virgo loves animal.

9. Puzzle Gift for Virgo

This is your Virgo partner birthday. If an Aquarius happen to not decide yet what to buy as a gift for them, you could try puzzle. This would mean a lot and they are definitely going to love it since a Virgo is about diligent and detail-oriented.

10. Give Each Other Space

How to make a Virgo and Aquarius relationship work? Both Virgo and Aquarius, while in the same relationship, still need their own time to be alone. Well, their basic as an independent could just disappear that is why it would be better to let both enjoy their free time by themselves.

Sign a Virgo - Aquarius Relationship Turn Out to Be Fine

Relationship of Virgo and Aquarius might seems like a mess become there is just so much difference between them. However, if they love each other and tend to these relationship, everything would be as they want to be even full of happiness. Here are signs Virgo and Aquarius relationship turn out to be fine.

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1. Conversation Last For Hours

Aquarius is a very good listener. They will patiently hear your stories. One of a sign that this relationship of Virgo and Aquarius turn out to be fine is their conversation last for hours and they won't even realized that. Why? Because as everyone said that times flies so fast when we did something we love.

2. Debate Is a Debate

As Aquarius and Virgo seems to like discussion a lot, they can find each other true nature through this. In the first time, Virgo might feel offended by Aquarius's opinion. But, as the time goes by, debate is a debate, even they would do it more now because they find it to be fun.

3. Share Their Dream

share their dream

Aquarius is a dreamer, but the problem is they are not used to share it with people. However, if the relationship find to right for them and they feel comfortable, they would glad to share their dream with their partner.

4. Feel Free to Ask Virgo for Help

One of things that Virgo doesn't like is how people can finish their own task and ask them for help. However, it is not included their Aquarius partner. In fact, they would love to help since they can spend their time together.

5. Understand Each Other More

If the relationship of a Virgo and Aquarius works well, they can reduce the amount of their ego and can understand each other in a very good way. Nothing as "Virgo-Aquarius relationship is a mess" anymore for both of them!

What to Do If the Virgo - Aquarius Relationship Doesn't Work?

This possibilities is somehow quite real. Not gonna deny that Virgo and Aquarius didn't fit in the same frame because the difference. With that being said, this is what to do the relationship seems not work well.

1. Give It Time

Maybe it is only a short time for one of them to understand each other. Need to give it time and hope it would turn out to be more understanding for both.

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2. Avoid Your Wild Thought

No wonder that Aquarius is a thinker and doesn't surprising Virgo thinks a lo too about what happen to this relationship if it is not getting better. Instead thinking of that, Virgo and Aquarius needs to think about something else.

3. Do Your Favorite Things

While let those wild thought out, both Virgo and Aquarius needs to do their favorite thing in the mean time.

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4. Find Things to Enjoy Together

Probably Virgo and Aquarius seems to haven't find their things to enjoy together. So they better find out!

5. Remember the Reason You Fall in Love

Despite everything, both Virgo and Aquarius has falling in love once so that is why they decide to go out and try to work out this relationship. They better remember again those reasons!

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