Dangerous Signs You'll Regret Marrying Your Partner

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To marry someone you need a long consideration on who you are going to end up with. The choice you make is permanent and that means it will permanently scar you if things go wrong. Will you do that?

Everyone says that regret comes last, right? But in term of choosing a life partner sometimes you can see the tell tale signs that things are not going to work out. All you need to do is to avoid that guilt by knowing the signs you'll regret marrying your partner.


1. You Disagree A Lot

Disagreement is normal in any relationship but if it happens a lot, you might want to check the chemistry between you two.

2. Your Arguments Never Really Stop

your arguments never really stop

Arguments that never stop is the sign of immaturity and the lack of love that resides within the relationship.

3. Your Family Doesn’t Like Them

If your family shows the Signs a Family Member Doesn't Like You, it means that they think they are not good for you. It can be true, but sometimes it isn’t too.

4. Your Friends Warn You About Them

Your friends knows you best and they want the best for you. Listen to what they say about your partner.

5. You Have A Gut Instinct

Our inner self have a great way to tell us which path should we choose in life through our gut instinct.

6. They Are Not Sure Of Marrying You

Uncertainty that persist in someone’s heart about marrying you speaks a lot about how much they really love you.

7. You Keep Looking Back To Your Choices In The Past

If you keep reminiscing the past and finding yourself happier before going into the relationship, something is wrong.

8. You Keep Comparing Them To Someone Else

Comparison is the Signs of Conditional Love and it is the biggest signs you'll regret marrying your partner.

9. You Want Them To Change

you want them to change

This change that you push will hurt them and the relationship in the long run.

10. They Physically Abuse You

Physical abusement is where the boundary should be made. Get out of the relationship quickly because if not, you will suffer for your whole life.

11. There Is A Lack Of Trust In The Relationship

Trust is important for a great marriage. Always check if your relationship have one.

12. You Are Attracted To Someone Else

If you show the Signs Your Partner is Thinking about Cheating, that means that your love towards your partner is not whole hearted.

13. You Keep Imagining The What If’s

What if you end up with someone else? if questions like this linger in your mind, marriage is not the choice.

14. You Can’t Imagine Having A Future With Them

No image of family or a house you’ll both live in is the sign that the future will not be good. 

15. They Are Not A Positive Person

Complainers or other people that bring negative vibes will make you miserable for the rest of your life.

16. They Don’t Support You In What You Do

they don't support you in what you do

This means that they don’t fully accept you for who you are.

17. They Are Often Ashamed Of You

Who wants to live the rest of their life with a low self esteem? It is better for them to do the (ways self love).

18. They Never Introduce You To Their Friends And Family

This can mean that they are not fully certain of you.

19. You Never Truly Love Their Flaws

Loving their flaw is important. If you don’t, you will make your partner miserable.

20. You Keep Putting The Blame On Them

Putting the blame on them is a sign that loving them is never what you wanted.

21. Both Of You Are Quick To Give Up

Giving up means that the relationship is not worth fighting for. Then why continue until marriage?

22. You Are Only Attracted Physically To Them

You need to fully love them both mentally and physically.

Ways To Know That They Are Not Your Soulmate

ways to know that they are not your soulmate

Soulmate is someone that is really great for us because they are a part of us. Because of that you need to know if your potential bride or groom really have the signs that they are perfect for you;

1. You Haven’t Been Dating For Long

Couples who date for a long time usually have a long lasting marriage too.

2. You Never Feel Connected Emotionally

You don’t show the Signs A Man is Emotionally Connected to You.

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3. You Rarely Feel At Home With Them

It means that you are not comfortable with them. 

4. You Can’t Open Up To Each Other

Being honest and vulnerable is the key to marriage.

5. It’s Hard To Compromise

If the ego is high, maybe marriage shouldn’t be your choice.

6. They Emotionally Abuse You

They show the Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Emotional Psychopath.

7. They Cheat On You

Disloyalty shouldn’t have a place in your life.

Tips On What To Do

tips on what to do

Now that you know that your partner is not the right person to marry, how should you handle that fact? Do not be overwhelmed. What you need to do is to follow these tips on what to do when you find out that they are not right for you;

1. Talk To Them About It

Talk to them then figure the way out. Be honest about what you feel.

2. Break It Off Cleanly

Do the Ways to Break Up with Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her Feelings.

3. Move On

Forget the memories to embrace the future.

4. Grow To A Better Person

Be a better person to receive a better partner.

5. Accept Only Positive Relationship

If you feel that the relationship is toxic, quickly get out.

Marriage needs to be taken seriously so you need to know the signs you'll regret marrying your partner. Knowing that reason should lead you to the next step which is doing something about it. This will set your life back on track again.

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