Signs of Cheating Husband in A Long Distance Relationship

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Long distance relationship is one of a scourge for some couple to stick up each other for a long time. The distance, the difference of time and the existence of a person sometimes become the biggest obstacles in a relationship. Since you are not always available for 24 hours, you cannot take care of your partner all the time.

There must be some jealousy or feeling alone and unwanted, because you cannot meet in person with your husband, you cannot touch and the routine will become monotonous and boring. You are in a relationship status, but you feel like a single fighter. Moreover when you were far from your partner, you may not sure if your partner is as faithful as you or not.


Signs of cheating husband in a long distance relationship

Maybe he has an affair with another woman and lie to you. But before you die in curiosity, it is better for you to find out some signs of your husband is cheating on you when you both are in a long distance relationship. Here are some signs that you can observe:

Sign 1. Your husband starts ignoring you

your husband starts ignoring you

Your husband is actually a caring and lovable person before but then you will find a day when your husband didn’t call or text you for a whole day without any reason. Even when you made a call, he keeps busy with his activity and ignoring your call. On the other hand, once he calls you he just make a little time just to make you happy and not curious with his cheating there. Also find out: Signs Your Ex Husband Doesn't Want You Back

Sign 2. Your husband always has an excuse

If your partner became unreachable on call, maybe you will think he must be busy with his work or his phone is out of signal. You might try to make a video call, but he will refuse it because he avoids having an eye contact with you too. If so you should think again if he starts to find any excuse to avoid your talk more than once, you need to talk serious with your partner about your relationship. Your relationship will be dry and it will be die sooner or later. Also find out: How to Make Your Ex Husband Regret Leaving You

Sign 3. Your husband tries to hide his relationship

The existence of relationship needs recognition from both people. Both of you try to introduce your partner to the family, friends and someone new. Probably you need to know who is his office mates or friends even it is in his real life or in his social media.

If he is afraid or never introduce you to the world, how other people know you both are in a relationship. Otherwise, he might try to hide his marital status to his friends and let them know that your partner is still single. That's the signs of cheating husband in a long distance relationship. Also find out: How to Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on Whatsapp

Sign 4. Your husband never say “I love you” and sweet talk anymore

Those three words are simple yet powerful, but if it is just words in talk it should become meaningless. When your partner said “I love you” and give you sweet talk, it means he tries to comfort you. On the other hand, if your partner never used it anymore you should try to know the reason. Not every man can use the romantic talk, but once if he did it he mean it. Also find out: How to Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You on Facebook

Sign 5. Your husband treat you bad

your husband treat you bad

What's more signs of cheating husband in a long distance relationship? A man should know how to treat a woman nicely. He might do something good to make his woman happy. But sometimes your partner feels bored to you and change his behavior, yet he could make some trouble and get rude to you. He change himself like another person you never know. You feel like you have a relationship with a stranger because he begins to be rude and cold. This is a sign for you to do something good for your relationship. Also find out: Ways to Make a Relationship Work after Cheating

Moreover, there are three important factor that will make your relationship stronger: faithfulness, trust and communication. Without faithfulness your relationship will be fake, without a trust your partner will be insecure and without communication your relationship will be so lame. Here are some tips for you and your partner to avoid cheating:

Tips 1. You need a quality time with your partner

It is not how long you meet him in one time but what can you do to give a time and happiness to your partner. You can do some simple thing for him, for example you can simply spend your spare time with him by doing activities together. In this case of long distance relationship, you can suddenly come to the city he lives in and give him a surprise. Staying there for some days and try to give him the best service. 

Tips 2. Give your partner a gift

who don’t like a surprise gift? Moreover every person likes a gift especially it is from the loved one. Try to give the unusual stuff that he likes. If he likes sports, you can give him a stuff with sports element for example a baseball hat with his favorite league. It is not how much the gift costs, but the meaning of that gift will win his heart.

Tips 3. Give him a compliment

Sometimes a compliment is the last choice for someone to get her husband’s attention. It is not wrong if you give a compliment to your partner. For example if he is going to the office, you try to choose which clothes he should wear. Ask him to take a selfie and send it to you. Give a compliment to him if he chose the right shirt or trousers and he looks cool with that.

Those are some tips that you can try to avoid cheating in your relationship. You cannot gain it instantly, but they are built step by step in a progress. A relationship comes with the commitment each other. Therefore your loyalty and honesty are being tested here. Falling in love is easy, but to build and maintain it for the last needs cooperation between two persons. Well, it takes two to tango.

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