This is What to Say to Your Boyfriend When Y'all Are Fighting

Last updated on June 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Fighting is never a fun occasion. Sometimes it can be over trivial things but it can still threaten to shatter a relationship you both have been working so hard to keep.

It is always heart breaking and sometimes we run out of words to say just because our heart hurts so much in the process. But, be careful, sometimes silence can be interpreted as a sign that you don’t care or worse, as a sign that you are giving up on the relationship.

Here are the soothing things on what to say to your boyfriend when y'all are fighting :

  1. Can We Talk About The Problem Instead Of Letting This Go On
  2. Please, Listen To What I Have To Say
  3. Okay, Calm Down. I Want To Listen To Your Point Of View.
  4. Know That Even If I Am Angry Towards You Right Now, I Still Love You And I Hope You Feel The Same.
  5. This Is Breaking My Heart. Can We Stop Fighting?
  6. How Are We Suddenly Here? Please, Let’s Work Through This Together.
  7. I Want To Save Our Relationship and I Am Ready To Listen
  8. I Understand Your Problem, I Think We Can Work Through This.
  9. I Love You So Much But What You Said Hurt Me.
  10. Even In The Middle Of The Fight, My Love For You Is Still Strong.
  11. Use The Things to Say to Your Boyfriend when Y’all are Fighting All The Time
  12. Let’s Both Calm Down So We Can Be Level Headed To Work Through This
  13. We Are Partners, Remember? So Let’s Not Walk Alone Anymore. This Problem Is Our Problem.
  14. I Want Us To Remember That Our Love Is Stronger Than Whatever Hurdles We Are Facing Right Now.
  15. You Still Know That I Love You From the Bottom Of My Heart, Right?
  16. I Can’t Keep Being Angry At You. This Is Killing Me.
  17. I Can’t Stand Watching You Cry. This Fight Is Tearing My Heart Apart.
  18. Please, Stop Pushing Me Away. Let Me In To Your Heart So I Can Be There For You
  19. What You Said To Me Was Hurtful. You Didn’t Mean It, Right?
  20. My Love For You Transcends This Fight. Let’s Stop Fighting, Okay?
  21. I Can’t Afford To Lose You Because Of This Fight, Honey. Let’s Make Up.
  22. Try The Healing Things to Say to Your Best Friend After A Fight
  23. Please, I Never Want To Lose You. I Take Back Any Hurtful Things I Say.
  24. Seeing You Mad Makes Me Want To Cry.
  25. You Still Love Me Right?
  26. We Are Bigger Than This Problem, We Can Solve This Problem Together.
  27. Sure, We Are Both Flawed. But, I Still Love You More Than Any Guy In The World.
  28. Please Remember The Happy Moments We Had. We Are More Than This Rainy Days, My Love
  29. Do You Still See Our Future?
  30. Do You Still Want Our Relationship To Go On? Because I Do
  31. I Am Willing To Still Fight For Our Relationship But Are You Willing To Do The Same Thing?
  32. I Don’t Care How Long It Takes But I Want to Untangle This Problem So That Our Relationship Survive.
  33. Slowly Tell Me What You Feel So We Can Straighten This Issue Together. 
  34. Just Be Honest With Me, That Is The Fastest Option We Have Towards Reconciliation
  35. Say The Things to Say to Reassure Your Boyfriend You Love Him
  36. I Don’t Want Our Relationship To Break Apart. Please Stop Fighting With Me.
  37. Have I Told You That I Still Love You Even If You Are Angry At Me? That Is How Much I Love You
  38. Our Home Is Torn Apart Right Now. Let’s Mend It Together.
  39. Let’s Stop Saying Hurtful Words Before It Goes Too Far.
  40. Speak Up And Say The Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Realize You Love Him
  41. I Believe That Our Relationship Is Much More Than This Trivial Fights. We Can Survive This If You Are Willing To Work With Me.
  42. I Am Grateful For Our Relationship And I Know That This Fight Is Here To Strengthen Us And Not To Break Us Apart.
  43. Things Would Be So Much Better If We Forget Our Anger And Remember Our Love Towards Each Other.
  44. Use The Things to Say to Him to Turn Him On

By using the what to say to your boyfriend when y'all are fighting, you’ll find that the situation will be restored in no time. This is because your boyfriend can feel the love through these simple words. Good luck!

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