How To Make An Aquarius Stop Being Mad At You (13 Sweet Ways)

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you upset the special Aquarius in your life?

Are you worried this could be the end of your relationship?

Are you searching for ways to have him forgive you? 

The good news is: there are certain behaviors that are most likely to reverse an Aquarius man’s sour feelings towards a woman. 

But before I reveal these tips, it’s important that you read the following sentences carefully. 

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My Aquarius-specific tips below will help you too.


Dating An Aquarius Man

Are you in love and in a relationship with a cerebral and intelligent Aquarius man? Are you yet to understand him and feel like you’re hitting the wall every time you try to speak your mind?

Love comes with its challenges and irrespective of zodiac signs. Once in a while, you’ll rub each other the wrong way and quarrel about it. Even though they are empathetic, Aquarius men don't lean on their emotions when making decisions. An Aquarius would rather rely on logical thinking to arrive at the best answer. 

One of the cons of dating an Aquarius guy is that he is hardly ever wrong. In his mind, his suggestion is the best and almost no one knows better than him. He thinks long and hard over an issue before proffering a solution. As such, he adheres to his personal opinion and no one can easily tell him he is wrong. 

Similarly, it’s hard to get an Aquarius man angry because he’ll give himself reasons why you acted the way you did or he'd simply not care. However, when you manage to offend this zodiac sign, you may have to resort to special tactics to entreat him to forgive you. 

Aquarius or not, he is still a man and you can get him to stop being mad at you when you’ve done something wrong.  In this article, you’ll learn how to make an Aquarius stop being mad at you, regardless of the offense.

13 Ways To Handle The Situation

1. Leave Him Alone For A While

Aquarius folks don’t get mad as some other zodiac signs do. It will take one great wrong to push an Aquarius man to the wall. An Aquarius man is normally cool and collected but, when you cross the line with him too much and he explodes, you’ll be terrified at his outburst.

However, the Aquarius guy hates the fact that he lost his temper, so he will probably exit the scene to cool off somewhere else. Don’t follow him when he leaves you at that moment. Allow him the space he needs to regain his composure. 

2. Don’t Try To Push Things By Hovering Over Him

The unwise thing to do when an Aquarius man is mad at you is to hover around him. When his anger is at its peak, he is not himself and that’s what he finds most disappointing about the situation. 

Beyond repairing your relationship with him, you’ll be doing your Aquarius boyfriend a favor by staying away. Don’t push your idea of fixing things so soon, it’s the best way to help him calm down and recuperate. When he is calmer, you can approach him to explain or apologize for your actions.

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3. Honesty Will Help Your Cause A Lot

honesty will help your cause a lot

If an Aquarius guy doesn’t trust you it will be difficult to disappoint or hurt him. If you’re an acquaintance he just has to keep in touch with, he won’t be surprised that you betrayed him.

However, as a person he cares for, hurting him will crush him and only your honesty will get him to see reason. Even with your honesty, it will be a while before you can be assured that he’s completely forgiven you

4. Pull Out All The Ammunition You Think Will Work On Him

Pull Out All The Ammunition You Think Will Work On Him

There’s no doubt that he adores you and that’s why your actions hurt him. To make sure an Aquarius man forgives your wrongdoings, you need all the ammo you can use. 

If he likes your dress sense, step up your game and dress even more impressively. If he likes how your voice sounds over the phone, leave him voice messages that will melt his heart. The process might not yield immediate results but keep at it and your Aquarius man will succumb when he’s ready.

5. Just Saying Sorry Won’t Fix Things

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your heartfelt sorry will quickly make things right with an Aquarius. Saying sorry alone will make him madder than he already was. He will see your petty apology as an insult to his intelligence because he expects a reasonable explanation for your actions.

Instead of just saying sorry, make sure you state your case in a way that will appeal to his logical side and override his anger.

6. Play The Offensive Game Rather Than Being Defensive

An Aquarius is like a shark, he smells the blood from a mile away and dives in to attack. He is a tough nut to crack and so, you need to beat him at his game to make him stop being angry at you. Rather than look weak, look remorseful but not defeated. 

If he misread the situation and you’re innocent in the situation, you need to be even bolder. Accuse him of not trusting you enough then, attack the logical side of him he normally takes so much pride in.

7. Listen To What He Has To Say

listen to what he has to say

An Aquarius hates it when he cannot get the words in because you’re trying to be right. Yes, this is him projecting but, that’s exactly who he is. He wants to prove he’s right more than anything, even though he means no harm by it.

In a case where he’s right to be angry at you, don’t try to justify yourself, just listen to what he has to say. Let him vent if that’s what he wants to do and hopefully, he’ll listen to your side of the story when he’s calmer. 

8. Try To Think And Act The Way He Would If He Was In Your Shoes

If an Aquarius offends you and he knows it, he will try to appeal to your emotions with logic. It takes a skillful negotiator to do this but, if you hope to have a successful relationship with your Aquarius boyfriend, you’ll need to get into his head often. Think like he would and use his logic on him.

9. Draw Him Out With Your Cheerful Attitude Without Appearing Insensitive

An Aquarius guy will be moody when he is mad at you and this will make the atmosphere tense for both of you. He is normally withdrawn in contemplation but his moody state is not his natural one. You can try to create a cheerful atmosphere to draw him out of his somber state. Be careful not to appear forceful or insensitive to his mood while doing this though.

10. Let Him Handle The Situation The Way He Thinks Is Best

After he calms down, your Aquarius guy will want to settle things in his way, don’t try to be forward or defend yourself, especially if you were wrong. 

Let him analyze the situation, draw his conclusions, and then you can choose to agree with his demands if they suit you. You can also contribute your opinions in a way that appeals to his good side.

11. Get Him A Thoughtful Gift That Will Thaw The Pain You Caused Him

get him a thoughtful gift that will thaw the pain you caused him

Buying your Aquarius partner a gift is not to console or bribe him into forgiving you. Instead, it is a peace offering which says, “I’ll try not to do this again." He will probably buy you a gift to appreciate your efforts too.

12. Act As A Good Friend Would Do In Such A Scenario

An Aquarius values friendship and will most likely stay loyal to a friend than he would to a girlfriend. Simply put, you must have been a very good friend who understands the Aquarius guy before he allows himself to develop deep feelings for you. 

If you’re his friend, you’ll understand the way he thinks and act as a friend would in such a situation. He will accept your apology quickly because he knows it’s genuine. 

13. Reach Out To Him After A While Of Staying Away

If you’ve respected his wishes and stayed away as he wanted, your Aquarius man won’t shut you out when you reach out to him after a while. Except your offense was so horrible that even time cannot heal the wounds, he will listen to what you have to say and fix things if possible. 


How do you get an Aquarius to forgive you?

You can get an Aquarius to forgive you by being honest in your explanations without trying to work on his emotions. He is a logical being and so, he will want only logical explanations. 

How do you tell if an Aquarius is mad at you?

An Aquarius can either give you the silent treatment or lose his temper. Either reaction will probably be unusual because he is normally an affable and easy-going chap.

Does Aquarius hold grudges?

Aquarius doesn’t necessarily hold grudges but, they subconsciously keep records of offenses. When you cross the line too many times with an Aquarius, they might blow up and recount your wrong actions. However, as soon as their anger is gone, they don’t go thinking about it again. 

How do you make an Aquarius man regret losing you?

There’s no guarantee that you can make an Aquarius man regret losing you unless he truly loved you in the first place. Aquarius doesn’t fall in love or trust easily but when they do, they don’t let go easily. If he loves you, an Aquarius guy will regret losing you.

Where does an Aquarius man like to be touched?

An Aquarius man’s most responsive organ is his brain. If you can appeal to him intellectually, you will touch him every other way. However, an Aquarius guy likes to be touched in other parts of his body like every other man. 

All In All

An Aquarius man is not without emotions, he just doesn’t like being ruled by them. As such, how to make an Aquarius stop being mad at you is not by simply saying sorry but by connecting with his grounded side. Has this article helped you? Please leave a comment below and share it with others.

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