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How to Make an Aquarius Stop Being Mad at You – Zodiac Signs

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Aquarius basically can drive conversation about any thoughtful topic. However, they are very sensitive and sometimes easily getting mad with people that aren’t in the same level of intellectual with them.


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Here are how to make an Aquarius stop being mad at you

An Aquarius is quite thinkers and often overthinking about everything but in the same time they are unemotional. That is why when an Aquarius angry with you it means you crossed the line too much. If you somehow do something wrong to them, here are how to make an Aquarius stop being mad at you. Also check: Dangerous Things Not to Say to An Aquarius

1. Give Them Space

An Aquarius would stop making a conversation with you if they are mad. You probably don’t push them too hard. Let them be and give them some space until they feel better.

2. Don’t Just Say Sorry

Remember that an Aquarius thoughtful mind is beyond amazing. Only say sorry wouldn’t change anything because of course they know it was your fault! More than apologize, you better accept where did you wrong and correct it right way. Show them some prove that when you say sorry you mean it.

3. Ignore Them

We all know it sounds weird to person that just did some wrong. Yet, it is the best way at how to make an Aquarius stop being mad at you. Doesn’t matter what you do after they mad, they wouldn’t listen to you. So it is very efficient for you to just ignore them.

4. Share Positive Vibes

Instead whining because they are still mad at you, express your insecurity into positive vibes. You can do it simply by always put a smile on your face. It has a possibility that can reach them too if everyone around them is happy and positive.

5. But Don’t Do It Too Much

Well, just don’t do it that smile too much. It would seems like you’ve never thought about your mistakes even thought it is the reverse. Read: How to Make an Aquarius Man Regret Losing You

6. Send Them New Album of Their Favorite Singer

One of things Aquarius do when they are angry is they would try to cooling down their temper by doing their favorite activities, which one of it is listen to their favorite songs. If you want to apologize but they keep avoiding you, try to send him the new album of their favorite singer as a redeem for your mistake. They might not forgive you right away but they would feel a bit better for sure.

7. Try to Reach Them After Some Times

An Aquarius would just ignore the source of their anger, which means you. After weeks or even months–depends how big your mistake is–you give them space to cool off, try to reach them again to say sorry.

8. Keep Support Them

No matter what behind it, anger would give us pain, and of course an Aquarius will too even thought they are so rational. Show them some support while apologizing. But not too much because he would be still avoiding you until their anger go away from their mind.

9. Doing As They Do

They keep ignore and avoid your existence. Then, you better do as they do. Remember that apologize won’t do so much to an Aquarius, so you need to do it as their way.

10. Respect Their Decision

An Aquarius always has their own belief. After do so much apologize and stuff, they are still mad at you. This is the time you need to respect their decision because it is your own fault tho. However, an Aquarius is a loyal person, so you shouldn’t worry because respect their decision is the best way you can do to a mad Aquarius.

Sign When Aquarius No Longer Mad at You

We all know Aquarius is very unique one. Like how to make an Aquarius stop being mad at you that you’ve been know, Aquarius has their own way to tell you that they forgive you already. Here are sign when Aquarius no longer mad at you. Read: Simple Ways to Attract Aquarius

1. Start the Conversation

After ignoring you for a long time, an Aquarius would be the one that start the conversation. They probably already unload all of their anger so they can back on their feet again when they meet you.

2. Attention to Their Action

Aquarius is a cool person and won’t drop that a bit. Even now when they already forgive your mistake, their words seems to be still showing some anger. However, pay attention to their action more, because it would be very different from what they said.

3. Send You A Gift

As an intelligent person, Aquarius know that they need to repay your kindness. Even thought they were mad at you, when you sent a gift the other day for apologize, they would think they need to send you a gift too. Check also: Ways to Get Your Aquarius Back

4. Wouldn’t Forget Your Mistake

Aquarius forgave your mistake and you are in a good condition with them again. However, an Aquarius would not forget that mistake of yours. That is just the way they are so you better accept it.

5. Worry Nothing for Loyalty of Aquarius

If you wonder about Aquarius would leave you after you mad them mad, your insecurity is no point. Aquarius is a loyal person, especially when you try and give all your effort to them. So, you worry for nothing.

More Tips to Face and Treat Aquarius

Of course you don’t want to repeat your mistake that made Aquarius mad over again. So, here are more tips to face and treat Aquarius the right way I can give for you.

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1. Watch Your Words

Aquarius is a thinker and easily offender especially with words. So you better think what you need to say in front of Aquarius then you would not make stupid mistakes.

2.  Be Smart

Aquarius love to discuss with people especially with heavy topics that need a good knowledge. Read more books and be smart so you can stand again an Aquarius!

3. Be in the Same Level of Intelligent

Don’t stay behind Aquarius on intellectual stuff or they would easily mad at you when you don’t know about things.

4. Have More Imagination

Besides a thinker, Aquarius is also a dreamer. If you talk to them, you need to prepare more imagination or you would not get what they talk about.

5. Be Loyal

Aquarius is a very loyal person. You need to be loyal to them too!

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