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People are born with certain characteristic according to what signs they were born. It’s why there are some traits that we can resist to have. As for Aquarius, they often seen as someone that is hard to understand. Not that an Aquarius want it to be that way, but they can do nothing about it. How Zodiac Signs Act in a Relationship is sometime hard for us to understand. Just like the Characteristic of Libra Zodiac Sign or something All About Taurus Woman Personality, Aquarius has their own traits. To help you understand them more, seems like you need to know the reasons Aquarius are hard to understand first.


1. They Are Hard To Love

they are hard to love

Aquarius know no drama in life so that they never fake anything. They stray themselves away from the society sometime because they feel like they don’t belong to it. It’s the same when it comes to love. They will be patiently waiting for the right one to come along. It’s not that they make things difficult, they just hard to fall in love

2. They Love Hard

It’s indeed hard for Aquarius to love, but once they do they love hard. It served Aquarian like double eyed sword. They are indeed hard to fall in love and they take some time to be. But once they fell in love, they will love hard. But once they experienced a heartbreak, it can be a disaster. They have many Signs You Haven't Moved On from Your Ex.

3. Their Imagination Is Out Of The World

Everyone can dream can dream their own dreams and there's nothing wrong with it. It's just sometime theirs are hard to understand and we often find it unrealistic. Such as when they said they want to change the world and becoming the second Gandhi. If you find yourself hard to understand this, go check out your Zodiac Signs Best Friend Compatibility.

4. They're Adventurous

Well it's really fun to have someone beside you with an adventurous soul. I mean, everything will be fun, right? But things will be too much since they are too energetic. There's no such thing as rest for Aquarian. They might just have arrived from London yesterday but already plan the trip to Singapore! Where are their energy come from?

5. They Got Hurt Easily

You never how how sensitive Aquarian can be unless you witness them through a heartbreak. They're as vulnerable as a thin glass and everyone around them barely understand why. It's not that they're exaggerating it but they got hurt easily. They're not familiar with negativity.

6. They Wear Their Heart On Their Sleeves

Aquarius is an honest sign but they're just too honest in everything. They don't know what conceal the feeling means. They can't just pretend everything is okay when it's not. So when they're down. it's obvious for everyone around them and it can affects their surroundings badly.

More Of What Makes Them Hard To Understand

more of what makes them hard to understand

Here are more things that make Aquarian hard to be understood:

  1. They can't be tied down with anything. They're free souls.
  2. Their thoughts are disorganized.
  3. They're hard to remember any important dates of events.
  4. They can cause trouble just because they're bored.
  5. They live themselves freely and they simply don't care about what others' say. 
  6. They hardly get close to anyone.
  7. They hardly trust anyone and it makes them look selfish.
  8. They don't like dramas and sometime are too straightforward.
  9. They never hesitate to be different.
  10. They speak up their mind even though other might get hurt from it.
  11. They live in their own world.
  12. Their jokes are also out of the world and probably only fellow Aquarian can understand it.
  13. They're the ultimate daydreamer. Once they get lost, it's hard for them to find way back.
  14. They don't mind for some me time.
  15. They can entertain themselves perfectly.
  16. But they can get bored if they're alone for too long time and it's pretty annoying for everyone around them.
  17. They get frustrated if nobody understand them.

Aquarian Is Actually The Best Sign

Okay, it may be take some effort to understand Aquarius. But they possess some quality that makes them the best sign. Here we go again...

  1. They have strong opinion and barely shaken by anything. Moreover, they are not afraid to speak up.
  2. They valued their independence more than anything. They're rather rely on themselves but as independent as they are, sometime they don't know how to ask for help.
  3. Aquarius is very, very honest. They are a bad liars and they can't detect lie in a second.
  4. They are born sarcastic and it's sarcastically funny. It's just naturally comes out.
  5. As they are a loyal person, they don't let anyone easily pass on to their world. Among few people they cherished, they put all their heart for them. 

Things To Know To Deal With Aquarius

things to know to deal with aquarius

Instead of weirds, Aquarius are unique on their own way. Don’t be quick to judge since they make a good friend and lover. You just need to know these things before dealing with them:

  1. They are deeply sentimental and it makes them a little emotional.
  2. They’re a good lover who always try their best to please their partner.
  3. They tend to set expectation and you better not let them down.
  4. Their weird action is because of their insecurity in a relationship.
  5. They are emotionally perfectionist and nothing is good enough to meet their expectation.
  6. Nothing can live up to their expectation and it will be hard for their partner.
  7. Let them choose in anything since they don’t like to be bossed around.
  8. Give them the space they need. They might run away if they feel pressured.
  9. They can be unpredictable and often make spontaneous act. Keep up with it and never try to tie them down with tightly arranged schedule.
  10. Don’t do dramas. Be sure of what you want and no need to beat around the bush.

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