What to Say to A Girl After Not Talking for A Couple Days

Last updated on June 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It’s hard to find a word after all the silence that makes you and her move further apart. This distance will slowly break the relationship between you two. How do you make the emotional distance go away?

When it comes to closing the distance, you need to be smart with your words so that she won’t back up. Don’t spend too much time on thinking. Here are the best words on what to say to a girl after not talking for a couple days

  1. You Look More Beautiful Since The Last Time I Saw You
  2. I Guess I’ve Never Gotten Used To Standing In Front Of Someone So Beautiful
  3. It Kills Me To See Us Move Further Apart, Let’s Talk Again
  4. Let’s Catch Up, It Has Been A While Since We Last Talked
  5. How Are You Doing? I Hope Everything Is Alright
  6. Text The Things to Say to A Girl to Make Her Laugh Over Text
  7. How’s Life? Is There Anything New? Spill Everything.
  8. Hearing Your Voice After A Long Time Truly Makes Me Happy
  9. It’s Been A While Since We Last Texted. I Like This. Let’s Keep Texting.
  10. I Miss You So Much. I Hate Not Talking To You For This Amount Of Time
  11. In The Time Of Our Separation, I Realize That Life Is Truly Better With You In It
  12. I Never Want To Lose You Again, Even For A Short Time
  13. I Can’t Afford Not Talking To You Again. Every Second Is A Torture.
  14. Text The Things To Say to A Girl Over Text to Make Her Smile
  15. Having This Time Apart Truly Puts Things In Perspective. I Know Now That I Always Want To Be By Your Side.
  16. It’s Really Nice To Talk To You Again.
  17. I Have Been Waiting To Talk To You Again For Days And Weeks. I Am So Glad We Finally Talk Again.
  18. I Can’t Believe I Get To Talk With The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Again.
  19. Your Voice Really Is A Melody.
  20. Say The Things You Can Say To Make Your Girlfriend Cries and Made Her Like You Even More
  21. I Know Now That Life Is Incomplete Without You. Please Never Leave Me Again.
  22. I Have So Much To Tell You.
  23. You’re The First Person I Tell Everything To and Having You Away From Me In The Past Is Something I Can’t Put Myself Through Ever Again.
  24. You Are My Best Friend. All This Time Apart Makes Me Feel Really Lonely.
  25. Do You Miss Me Like I Miss You?
  26. Are You Willing To Talk To Me Again? Talking To You Is Still The Highlight Of My Day and I Hope We Can Bring It Back.
  27. This Silence Puts A Hole In My Heart. Now That We Are Talking Again, I Feel That Hole Fill Up Little By Little.
  28. My Mind Is A Mess When I Don’t Talk To You.

Signs That She Loves Talking To You

A good enough words on what to say to a girl after not talking for a couple days will definitely make her show some signs of interest like these:

  1. Doesn’t Look Bored When Talking To You

This girl doesn’t roll her eyes, yawn, look the other way, or space out when talking to you. She will show the Physical Signs A Woman Likes You  and genuine interest in what you talk about.

  1. Replies To Your Text Eagerly

The signs she likes you is actually by being engaged in the text, replying really fast, and using lots of bubbles in the text.

  1. Be The First One To Text

If there’s no conversation going, a girl who likes you will make one. This shows how much she wants to talk to you.

  1. Initiating A Meet Up

She’ll even go one step further by wanting to hang out with you. When this date comes, always come on time and treat her sweetly.

  1. Always Having Time For You

No matter how busy she gets, she’ll make time to talk to you. After all, someone who have a crush can’t control their interest towards that crush.

It is really important to use the words from what to say to a girl after not talking for a couple days.

The words will definitely make her feel close to you again even after all that time spent on being apart. Soon, she’ll show the signs that she can’t get enough of you.

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