Ways To Make An Aquarius Woman Obsessed With You And Will Love You Endlessly

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If love is quite abstract and you seem not into a love thing, then obsess may be the more appropriate word to express and describe the actions of a very deep feeling when you adore someone very much and can’t even pass the day without that person’s attention. It must be feel really good to have someone who obsess with us.

For some reasons you may prefer an Aquarius woman to be your girlfriend since she was generally smart, very passionate, charming, and quite quirky. You can also read about the Reasons Why We Love Aquarius Woman.

Here are some tips how to make an Aquarius woman obsessed with you.


1. Begin And Continue To Meet Her

begin and continue to meet her

If you have never been very close to her, now you have to. Don’t be very tense and begin to ask her out. Ask her to go on special dinner, if you can afford the more luxurious one the better since she likes it.

One single -and probably very expensive- dinner cannot guarantee you to get her. You need to continue to communicate and seeing her quite often. Here are some ways to keep her in touch with you via text.

However, if she is ALWAYS very resistant and declines your every single invitation and always has reasons not to meet you, you may need more time to stop asking her to meet you.

An Aquarius woman is very independent woman who is might be very busy with her full time job or other reasons and she needs to relax a bit of her own. You can also understand her characteristic better by reading this Major Things You Need To Know About Aquarius Woman.

1. Don’t Think Twice To Give Compliment

There are days which took her energy so much and they're have been some rough days since an Aquarius woman likes to involve herself in important works and projects like joining charity groups, teaching, and working in hospital as a nurse or the doctors.

She likes the feeling of helping and it means she cares and she is willing to help without asking a payment, so your compliment is the best thing you can give frequently for her good deed.

2. Involve In Her Activities To Make A Better World

Why don’t you get this win win situation of getting closer to the Aquarius queen while helping the world? Since she’s been very care to feed the hunger and shout campaigns, there are maybe only very little time to even think about dating.

So involving yourself in some activities which she’s been into is very effective to get even closer to her, and of course make a better world at once. 

3. Don’t Show Your Vulnerability

This time, when you are trying to attract this Aquarius woman, better not to show your vulnerability because she would sometimes sees it as a weakness.

Although she cares about the pity worlds and always want to help to make better situation, it is a no-no for a weak man. A weak looking man, in general, isn’t always woman’s most favourite creature especially for this strong and independent kind of woman.

4. Ask Her To Travel With You

Aquarius woman really loves to travel especially in natural places such as beaches, seas, mountains, jungles, and rivers. She is an adventurous person which doesn’t mind going to travel solo if she can’t find partners for the trip.

Asking her to travel with you in her favourite places might feel like a birthday gift for her. If you find out that she is been in a relationship, you may want to find a way to make her leave her boyfriend.

5. Give Unique Gifts/Surprises

give unique gifts/surprises

Talking about gifts, if it is the time to give her a surprise, give the most unique one. Don’t ever think about giving her unpractical gifts like flowers, lots of them, or a surprising engagement offer.

It is better to previously ask what she wants far from the birthday event, or give anything unique she never seen before. You can wrap them up in personalized boxes or wrapping, personalized jewelry, and you can give some practical upgraded versions of traveling equipment! 

6. Offer Realistic And Believable Future Life

An Aquarius lady likes to think about her future especially her future love life. She enjoys the dream of the future like having a good love life with you and maybe children would be included there. So if you are really into a serious commitment or an engagement and wedding concept, an Aquarius woman is the answer.

7. Be Creative And Find New Ideas, In Bed

An Aquarius woman will rarely make you bored when it comes to the intimate relationship in bed. However, she would love to follow your creativity, ideas, initiative to try new things so better be creative and offer new ideas to her.

She likes when you unmute yourself while you make out, so practice some flirty words will work. You don’t have to always figure some things out by yourself, share and discuss it with her and you both will experience the best intimate relationship ever.

Now that you have better understanding about what an Aquarius woman likes, it is hopefully easier for men to approach her better. You can also read this to make sure if she is in love with you.

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