What to Do When A Capricorn Man Ignoring Text From You, His Love

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Nowadays, flirting gets a lot more trendy. People used to write letters that arrive 3-4 days later back then. They flirt and build relationship with someone through letters. Then when telephone comes, people start to call their lovers on their cable phone at home. Things change, and texting becomes more common and usual for communicating.

However, flirting or dating through text have its own drawbacks. There are times when a man ignore your text. Girls usually wonder what does it means when a guy calls you complicated, when they're also hard to understand for girls.

Then, what to do when a Capricorn man ignoring text from you? Here are few things you could do:


1. Be Patient

Sometimes, you shouldn't think too far or too complex. When he ignores your text, he might be busy, and that's all. He might actually feel all right, just not having the time to text on his phone.

Try to be patient and wait, give him time to get a life and do his stuffs. When he keeps on ignoring your text, then this is the time for you to stop being patient. But first, sit back and wait.

2. Ask Him Out

ask him out

When a man ignore your texts, there could be a lot of possible reasons behind. You need to ask him so that you're not hanging onto a groundless assumptions.

Let him explain himself, then you can decide what to do next. If he's just busy, you gotta forgive him and told him to at least give you some hint that he'll be away for some time. If there are other reasons, then you can think of the solution later on. At least, you gotta ask him first before judging.

3. Be Straightforward

If you can't tolerate this Capricorn man of yours ignoring your texts, then you shouldn't beat around the bush telling him you're okay when you're not. If you're okay with that, then it's good.

But if you don't, you need to tell him what you're feeling about him being like that. You both then can discuss the solution later on. But first, you gotta be straightforward about your feeling that this man would understand you. What to do when a Capricorn man ignoring text? Tell him in the most proper way you could find, that's the best way of communicating with him.

4. Don't Point Out Your Finger

Being straightforward means telling what you feel about a guy ignoring a text. This doesn't give you the right to point your finger out on him, blaming him, embarrassing him about him ignoring your text. Doing those sorts of thing wouldn't fix anything, though.

You might feel so upset that you want to blame him for all that he has done to you. That's not a good idea when you're dealing with a Capricorn man, though. You can tell him what you feel, but avoid telling him that he's wrong. Let the rest of the discussion decide who's wrong and right.

Those aren't that important in a relationship, anyway. One of the reasons the girl with an introverted nature is actually the perfect girlfriend that man must understand is that they don't point their finger on their guy out.

5. Support Him

support him

Capricorn man are ambitious by nature. When he's busy doing his project or work to achieve his dream, then you should support him. He might be unable to text intensely with you, but you can still support him in a different way. You can come to him and accompany him while he's busy with his works. You can cook some delicious food or snacks for him.

This time, he might ignore your text. But if you support him enough, he won't ignore you for so long. He'll come back at you as soon as he got the time. You should be careful of those who are not serious though. Supporting a man who's just making an excuse about not replying your texts is such a waste of energy. That could explain much about the reasons why you should marry the simple uncomplicated guy.

Dealing with a man is not that hard, but it's not too far from the way you deal with woman, though. What to do when a Capricorn man ignoring text from you? Sometimes it's not that hard to find, but you gotta lower your ego and think careful.

How do you feel when your boyfriend purposely ignores you for days? You might get to understand him and keep your emotion in control. But then, how do you feel when your boyfriend purposely ignores you for weeks? You'd probably feel terrible and hurt, your ego would get so mad that you want to tell him off. If you know what to do, this wouldn't be a very big problem that could harm your relationship in any way.

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