What Dirty Things To Say To Your Boyfriend In Bed? Turn Him On!

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Affection can be shown through a lot of different ways. Different people will have different ways to show how much their love to their loved ones. To have more intimate time with your partner also shows that you are in love with your partner.

And it is okay to have this intimate time together. Something so intimate could be sleeping together with your partner and knowing him inside and out. However, sometime to make this intimate time successful you will need to know the dirty things to say to him.

So, here are some recommendation on what dirty things to say to your boyfriend in bed.

  • I want to hold you tight in my arms and never let you go out of my reach
  • Anything that we do together will always be great
  • Are you seducing me with your love?
  • Stop that. Stop looking at me like you want to eat me. You scared me in a way, but it's hot at the same time.
  • I love the view when you are on top of me. Your smile and everything just make me melt.
  • Come closer to me.
  • I want you so badly and hard
  • I have been such a nice girl all this time, but I want to be bad with you right now.
  • Why don't you come to me and show what you got?


Signs You Are Ready To Sleep With Him

signs you are ready to sleep with him

You might feel like you already understand about what dirty things to say to your boyfriend in bed. You might also see that there are a lot of people having their intimate time with their partner by sleeping together.

But this does not mean you should if you haven't know how do you know when you're ready to lose your virginity. To help, here are some signs that you can see to know whether you are ready to sleep with your boyfriend or not.

1. You Can Talk About Anything Including STD

The most important thing before you decided to sleep with your boyfriend is to make sure that you can talk about anything to him, including STD. It is not only the concern that you will have fun with your boyfriend but also the concern to make it save.

If you don't know how to start there are some tips on how to talk about STDs with a new partner. Because a good partner who loves you will eventually be the one who cares about you.

2. You Are Not Forced Or Being Under Any Pressure

Communication and openness is the key to a successful relationship especially once you decided to do something more serious such as sleeping with your boyfriend. Due to these factors, you will also realized that you won't feel any force or pressure coming up from your boyfriend.

Even, your boyfriend will also be the one who is really open to your opinion and critics. You can even decided to do the how to ask a guy to get tested for STDs to make sure that both of you are safe.

3. You Feel The Sexual Desire Within You

you feel the sexual desire within you

To know whether you are ready or not, you will feel it within you that you have the sexual desire to your boyfriend. This desire may be generated through your own feelings where you feel safe and trust him as your boyfriend.

You won't be the only person who notice this inner desire. Your boyfriend will also see the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually from you. And it is not only you but your boyfriend will also feel the same thing, the sexual desire within him.

4. Know Your Responsibility

You also already consider things like what happen if you lose your virginity before 22 carefully. You know and fully aware about all of the consequences that might happen yet you feel like you can be responsible of your action.

5. You Don't Have Any Fear Or Worries

The most scary thing that someone could imagine is the fear of having their partner leaving them behind in the next morning after they sleep together. There are some people who are traumatized and there are some people who are just can't trust their partner.

Meanwhile, knowing that you don't feel any fear or worries of sleeping together with your boyfriends means that you are ready.

There are more what dirty things to say to your boyfriend in bed including dirty things to say to get your boyfriend in the mood that you might want to know. The more important thing is to know that you feel like you trust the person and knowing your responsibility.

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