What Do Teenage Guys Find Physically Attractive In A Girl?

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Nothing can beat youth in their teenage life. You usually learn about how does it feel to have a crush for someone too in this age. That being said, we can't deny it somehow what makes one falls in love is the first impression or their appearance. These reasons then give every teenager idea that physically attractive does matter.

Teenage girls mostly spend more time trying to get their guy crush to notice them. We might know that they spend hours getting ready such as finding the right outfit, fixing their hair and also put the makeup on when they know their crush might be around. By the way, what is actually the thing that guys love the most from a girl?

Here Are What Do Teenage Guys Find Physically Attractive In A Girl

All of the girls out there might wonder what they should do to attract their boy crushes. It must be about physical thing, you also think like that, don't you? Well, it is probably almost right even though the outer look isn't everything. However, it starts everything more importantly like you already know you can fall in love just like that at first sight, right.

You won't that clueless anymore if you understand the key to make it worth it. So, here are what do teenage guys find physically attractive in a girl.

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1. Pretty Face

pretty face

Bet everyone already realizes about this. Guys in general love a pretty face more than anything. Moreover, they love natural beauty without loads of makeup. If you want to attract guys, you should go easy and maybe you can try to highlight your features with a bit of color.

2. Confident Girl

What do teenage guys find physically attractive in a girl? Most teenage girls probably struggle with their images and feelings of self-consciousness. However, it's a huge turn on if you are confident and can carry yourself well. You should have high self-esteem in front of a guy.

3. Flirtation Is Cute

For teenagers that still new to the love and relationship thing, flirting maybe too much. Yet, do you know that it's what do teenage guys find physically attractive in a girl? At least, you should try light flirting so you can be a bit suggestive around your guy crush.

For example, you may want to do smiling with a little wink or giggling when you are with him. It is worth to try for a first timer teenager like you.

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4. Has the Same Interest

When a girl has the same interest as her crush, she is automatically attractive for him. He would feel more comfortable when he is talking with you since you have things in common with. It can music genre, favorite movie, interesting book, or more another thing that you both can relate.

5. Sweet Perfume

What do teenage guys find physically attractive in a girl? Wear a sweet perfume can be very attractive for guys. Our sense of smell is connected to memory so that's why it leaves a good impression.

It also can drive a boy crazy so he’ll find ways to be around you whenever he has times. However, you should choose a perfume that projects your personality and makes sure you are comfortable with it.

6. Fashionable

Going out in trendy clothes will show your boy crush that you’ve got a style. Not only from a pretty face, but guys also love a girl who looks good even when she goes to school. You can try to impress him by showing how fashionable you are.

7. The Girl That Wears High Heels

What do teenage guys find attractive in a girl? Guys love a girl that has long looking legs. To create that looks, a girl can try wearing high heels even though it hurts a little bit especially when you're not used to it.

8. Body Curves

body curves

As a teenager, you will grow up and sprout new body curves. It is very normal for a boy to get attracted to it especially when you show all your best features off by some clothes. Teenage guys love to see those curvy in all the right places.

9. Knowledge Is Everything

One of the what do teenage guys find physically attractive in a girl is your knowledge, girl. Be proud of your intelligence then try to impress your guy crush with it. Even though you aren't that pretty, you can kill it with your smartness.

Guy loves a smart and sexy girl. It is definitely a lethal combination that every teenage guy will chase. Otherwise, if you act like you are dumb just to look cute, you'll be ashamed of it because it is such a major turn off for the guy.

10. Her Mysterious Side

Completely open yourself would be boring for guys. That is why you should keep a little secret under your belt. Teenage guys are usually into girls who seems to have a mysterious side.

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11. Sexiness

If you want to drive your crush completely, you can try to show your little sexiness. For example, you may want to casually stretch your arms up and bare your midriff when you are around your guy crush without making it obvious so. Or another thing you should try is you can bend over in a skirt.

12. Long Hair

What do teenage guys find physically attractive in a girl? A girl with long hair probably is every guy dreams about. It does attract them seeing a girl playing with her hair and let it swing off one shoulder. Especially, when you tie it up and make a ponytail. Definitely dream girl for boys!

13. Red Blush On Cheeks

When you get a compliment from him, you may also turn red. Don't worry, it actually attracts him more!

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14. Talented

Your talent probably has a huge contribution when it comes to a relationship. You can make guys like you with it.

15. Independent

Every guy love girl that can maintain herself. Even though somehow you need him to care for you too, when you are doing everything by yourself, it is a plus point for you.

More Tips To Have Physical Attraction To Get A Boy

more tips to have physical attraction to get a boy

Here are more tips to have a physical attraction to get a boy. You can read this too How to Tell Someone You Don’t Want to Exchange Christmas Gifts.

1. Do Exercise

You want a sexy curve? Then it's time to do exercise. You may consider to do it since your teenage life which is now.

2. Eat Healthy Diet

Avoid eat junk food. You should consume more nutrition if you want a good body.

3. Dress Well

Well dressed is also important. Your guy crush will take a look at you when you're pretty.

4. Have Positive Mind

It comes within yourself. So, you need to always have a positive mind.

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