31 Sacred Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Marry An Unbeliever

Last updated on March 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Marriage is the final commitment that any couple makes. This is the part where we spend the rest of our life in so it is logical to say that we should choose the perfect partner. But who could that be?

One thing we can say is that you shouldn’t marry an unbeliever. An unbeliever is simply someone that doesn’t share the same faith as you religiously. Meanwhile, religion is the base of everyone’s life. This is where the trouble begins. Here are the concrete reasons why you shouldn’t marry an unbeliever ;

  1. Your Faith Will Be Seriously Tested

Having someone with a different faith than you will introduce you to a whole new test of faith that you have never known.

  1. You Will Have To Tolerate A Lot

Of course, many different things will be done differently by them. Which is why you will have to tolerate a lot.

  1. They Will Never Fully Understand You

When they are not sharing the same faith as you, which is the foundation of your life, they will enevr fully understand you.

  1. You Will Slowly Try Not To Be Yourself

You start to want to follow their faith as a wicked ways to say I love you without saying I love you. But this makes you not be yourself little by little.

  1. You Will Secretly Despise Them

Amongst all these change, you will start to hate them for changing your life and tearing up your heart.

  1. It Will Be Hard For Both Of You To Find A Common Ground

You might find the reasons why you shouldn’t marry an unbeliever. Common couple might find it easy to find common ground, but not for you. Your faith will clash for a long time.

  1. You Will Have To Correct Each Other A Lot

When things are different and you are loyal to your faith, you will want to correct your partner a lot and both of you will feel mad because of it.

  1. A Lot Of Fights Will Erupt For A Long Time

Fights are inevitable when the difference is so fundamental. These fight will make the relationsip crack.

  1. You Will Continually Doubt The Marriage

Should you stay true to your faith or should you follow your marriage? This doubt wil always linger in the marriage.

  1. Your Family Probably Won’t Support You

Knowing that your partner is not someone from the same religion might make a little clash with the family.

  1. Losing The Support Of People In Your Life

You will slowly see that the support you need in order to keep going will slowly be fading away.

  1. Not Sharing The Same Values In Raising A Family

As soon as one of you start to show the Signs He's Thinking of A Future With You, the problem will arise. How could you keep a family with such different faith?

  1. You Will Feel Disconnected At Times

It’s hard to feel connected with someone that leads a different life than yours, making this a sad marriage.

  1. You Will Grow Tired From Explaining Yourself

Explaining your action in relation to your religion will happen a lot and it will soon exhaust you.

  1. You Will Be Scared Of Saying Your Take On The Relationship

You don’t want to damage the relationship any further so you don’t want to believe the positive Reasons Why You Need to Express Your Point of View in A Relationship

  1. Missing A Big Activity In Each Other’s Life

Our activity is closely tied to our faith so you both will miss out.

  1. You Wil Feel More Lonely Than Ever

All these differences will surely make you feel more lonely than ever.

  1. Lagging In Making Important Decision

It will be hard to make an important decision because your thoughts will not be the same.

  1. Always Under A Constant Stress

No amount of  Things to Say to Help Someone Who Is Stressed Out will save you.

  1. Might Be Against Your Religion

The simple act of marrying someone outside your religion might be a sin.

  1. Skepticism Will Arise

When there are differences there are skepticism. From there, you will see the Signs That He is Falling Out of Love With You


Signs Of A Bad Marriage Because Of The Presence Of An Unbeliever

It’s hard to grasp but sometimes we are just not made for each other because of our religion. If you are still not sure if this is true, you need to know the signs of a bad marriage because of the presence of an unbeliever ;

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  1. One Of You Will Have To Retreat

Eventually one of you will grow tired of losing.

  1. You Will Never Truly Be Intimate

Intimacy is not a thing when there is such a big gap.

  1. Starting To Lose Meaning In Life

You have little clarity in your life which is frightening.

  1. Starting To Go Away From Your Religion’s Teaching

You could even be lured to not continue your faith.

  1. Starting To Forget Religion Slowly

Or you could start to abandon your religion altogether.

  1. Not Feeling Fulfilled In Life

All of this confusion is definitely not a sign of a fulfilled life.

Tips On Marrying Unbeliever

You might be horrified by the many disadvantages on marrying unbelievers. But all that needs to be done right now is to consider these tips on marrying unbelievers ;

  1. Go To Counsel With Trusted People In Your Religion

Seek help to someone you trust in the religion and spill out all your worries. Consider doing what they say.

  1. Consider The Love You Have With Them

Is the love really worth it?

  1. Make A Comittment Relating Each Other’s Religion

Make a comittment around the religion and the relation to your married life.

  1. Be Patient With Each Other

With the differences, there will be a lot of heat. Be patient with your progress.

Marrying an unbeliever is something that is done so often in this modern days. But is it really advantagous? You really shouldn’t do it based on the reasons why you shouldn’t marry an unbeliever. From that consideration, you should do the tips on handling it. From there, you can start to go back to your path.

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