How To Get A Girl To Text You Back After Getting Ignored Multiples Times

Last updated on May 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Communication is the base for any long lasting relationship. In this modern era, the best way to achieve that is through a simple method which is texting.

Texting might seem fun and easy but what if it’s boring and getting you nowhere. This can happen if you have a girl that ignores you multiple times. If you want to bounce back from that horrible place, you need to learn the easy ways on how to get a girl to text you back after getting ignored multiples times ;

  1. Know Your Aim With Her

Do you want to be close friends with her or do you want to be her lover? Knowing the aim makes you steer the conversation better.

  1. Don’t Rush It

Wait a day for a text back.  If she doesn’t text back in more than a week , then you are safe to try again.

  1. Know What She Is Interested In

Being a little knowledgeable in what she really likes can help you in the long run to make the conversation more natural and fun.

  1. Offer Her Something She Needs

There is always something that a girl needs, be it a simple help for a problem or some stuff. Predict what she needs and offer it to her, making sure that it is nothing offensive.

  1. Try To Build A Conversation Out Of The Texting Area

Sometimes why a girl doesn’t text back is because she doesn’t find joy in interacting with you in real life. Build a great communication in real life to make her show the  Signs She is Into Me

  1. Ask Friends To Help You

Her friend or your friend might know some ways around this. Doing this makes your intention not too obvious too which is great. This is a great hidden ways on how to get a girl to text you back after getting ignored multiples times

  1. Interact With Her On Social Media

Social media in this case can act as a bait to make sure that she wants to stay connected to you. Like her post or comment and the communication will elevate.

  1. Don’t Show That You Like Her

Showing how much you like her might be the reason she is staying away. When you play it cool, she will think that you are more approachable.

  1. Don’t Beg For The Conversation

Begging for the conversation to occur just take the appeal off you and make the relationship awkward.

  1. Say That Something Reminded You Of Her

When you say something thoughtful like this, a girl will surely show the signs that a girl likes you through texting.

  1. Say That You Need Her Help On Something

Showing your vulnerability and your trust on her is a great recipe for a bait for her to text back.

  1. Ask Her About Things That You Know She Know

Asking about obvious things might seem weird but the chances of her replying to you are more likely. The chances will be increased if you ask her about the thing she likes.

  1. Respect Her Boundaries

Respecting her boundaries means that you are respecting her too. This will make her interested because you just showed the signs he's boyfriend material.

  1. Text Her When She Seems Down To Show Your Concern

Ask her ‘is there anything i can help’ or simply tell her ‘i’m here for you no matter what’ . This simple gestures are a way to let her know you are there for her.

  1. Ask For A Follow Up About Things

Ask her to update you about some things you know she likes to guarantee that she will text you.

  1. Make Things Quick

The other hidden ways on how to get a girl to text you back after getting ignored multiples times is to keep things quick.  Make sure to keep your text messages compact and short so you don’t bore her.

  1. Try Your Best Not To Make Her Mad

Making her mad is probably the reason why she is ignoring you right now.

  1. Use Some Flirtations

Try to open the conversation with a cute  Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush

  1. Use Some Humor To Lighten Things Up

Humor is an easy breezy way to let her know that you are a chill person to text with. Use the things to say to a girl to make her laugh over text.


Tips To Why She Isn’t Eager To Text You

Sometimes it’s hard to see why a girl is not texting you back or ignoring you. But you will know for sure once you read these tips to why she isn’t eager to text you ;

  1. Show Your Kindness

Show your kindness through your word and she will appreciate it.

  1. End The Conversation So That She Miss You

Ending the conversation sometime can make her show the signs that she miss you.

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  1. Show That You Are An Amazing Guy

Try to show how amazing you are by showing her in real life and social media or by talks from friends.

  1. Be Yourself

Once you know the Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World and do it, she will be attracted by your confidence.

  1. Don’t Ask About The Same Things

Keep the conversation interesting.

  1. Make Sure She Is Feeling Great About You Before Texting Her Again

Make sure that she is already close to you before you try texting again.

Signs That She Is Hooked On You

All the texting and mind games have finally paid off once you see these signs in a girl that means she is totally hooked on you ;

  1. She Double Texts

Double texting is a sign of comfort and interest.

  1. She Initiate The Conversation

If she dares to text first, that means she is really into you.

  1. She Says She Miss You

Showing the ways to say I can't stop thinking about you is clearly a good sign.

  1. She Calls You From Time To Time

Wanting to call you means that she already feel close to you.

Texting is a modern art of communication that can lead us to a happily ever after. Sadly sometimes we are ignored but we do not know the ways on how to get a girl to text you back after getting ignored multiples times. Because of that we can’t possibly see the signs that she is hooked on you. That is why you need to apply the ways and get going with your love life !

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