Reasons Why Aries Man Keeps Coming Back To You (7 Possible Reasons)

Last updated on July 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you in a roller-coaster relationship with a passionate Aries man?

Are you wondering why this guy can’t help but engage in a ‘will we, won’t we, on again, off again’ type of relationship? 

Would you like to understand what’s going on in the head of this dude?

If so, you’re in the right part of the internet. This guide includes 7 helpful reasons why Aries men keep coming back to you. 

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Meanwhile, you can discover the reasons why Aries men are the most prone to leaving and returning their partners by scrolling down.


7 Reasons Why Aries Man Keeps Coming Back To You

1. He's touchy

Aries men are one of the most touchy people in a relationship according to astrology. Their love language is more of physical contact than anything else. They'll always want to be around you, suggesting things that relay you spending quality time with him. 

Their touch is gentle and sweet, nothing demanding or rough, more like a kitten trying to get your attention all the time. If you’re getting touch signals from him often, it’s a sign that he wants you back in his life and possibly wants to ignite the relationship. So, if you want this Aries man back, he’ll likely come around. 

To understand a guy with this zodiac star sign, you’ve got to be very attentive. Touch could translate to just being horny or in need of your help. 

2. He cares

he cares

An Aries man who keeps coming back to you cares about you. A man with this zodiac sign is quite good at expressing his emotions physically. There's a difference between a person who keeps putting in work because they care about you and another who's just using you because he's aware you'd be available. 

Does he pay attention to you? Does he send you flowers? Is he there when you need him as well or is it only at his convenience? The answer to these questions would help you draw a done line between a man who cares for you and keeps showing up and the one who shows up to take advantage of you. 

3. It's out of curiosity

You know that thing most ex’s do? Show up when they feel like you're about to move on? That's a trap! Don't let a man put you on a string like that and Aries guys are prone to pulling such a stunt. It hurts so much to have someone waltz back in and tear the walls it took you a while to build in a couple of seconds. 

Some men just want to keep tabs on you and the only way for them to do that is to be close to you, don't let yourself be vulnerable. There are ways to determine whether his coming is serious or not. Drag him out, don't pay him any attention quickly. His curiosity would wear off if you stress him out. However, if he's persistent, there might be more to it

4. He's needy

An Aries man is emotionally weak. They can hardly get back on their feet after a bad breakup. However, hard some of them try to keep up the appearance, they hurt as well. Sometimes, way more than you do. Keep your mind open for stories because he's going to rain them on you just to gain your empathy

He's going to say a lot to prove that he's in pain and cannot do any better without you. This is a sign that he is emotionally dependent on you and probably in love as well. He would start keeping you in the loop of whatever plans he has for the relationship and what not just so you give in to his desire of wanting to be with you. 

5. You've become a priority

As soon as an Aries man makes you his priority, you would know. You don’t need an article on the internet to tell you this. All the thoughtful gifts and attention would work that magic. You know it's solid when he starts including you in his business plans and vision. 

They don't joke with work at all. So, if he makes you a part of it or suspends it even for a little while for you, you're important to that man. Watch to see if he pays attention to you and your needs or is he just doing things at random. If he's moving randomly, that's not a good thing. You don't want inconsistency in your life, trust me. 

6. He's fallen in love

There's a chance this Aries man is head over heels for you because why else would he be doing so much to get your attention? It's one of the signs. Surely a person gets tired of always going back to a passive interest. He will try to always communicate with you. He could spend hours on Whatsapp talking about random things or sending each other memes on Instagram. 

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7. It's all lies

it's all lies

To lie is very easy. If you've known this man for a bit, you should be in on his ways by now. Don't let anyone take you for a ride and then leave you on the highway. Do your best to find out the intention of a man who always comes back to you, even if it means testing him. However, Aries men aren't the best lairs so I'm sure he'd slip up soon, just keep guard for the signs. 


Why do men keep coming back? 

Men aren’t as emotionally strong as women. It takes them a while to fall back into independence after a while of being dependent on a woman. He will come back because he’s trying to eat his cake and have it. You have to be critical when it comes to taking men back, don’t let home make a fool of you. 

Does an Aries man come back? 

To be honest, almost all men come back. It’s not only an astrology thing. Men are naturally indecisive about why they want. Except the breakup was hard, even at that they usually find a little hole to slip back into your life. An Aries guy mostly comes back for selfish things. 

How do you tell if an Aries man is serious about you? 

When an Aries man is serious about you he keeps coming around you to spend quality time together. Aries is one of the zodiac signs that find it difficult to hide from their feelings. An Aries man backs out of a relationship when he falls out of love. They are lover boys who are dependent on their women for emotional support, so if he starts calling you for that sort of advice, he’s fallen in love. 

Will a man regret losing me? 

For as long as you're honest, loving, kind, and sweet, someone would regret losing you. Men never know the worth of a woman they have until she's not available anymore. Don't let a guy make you lose hope or feel like you're not worthy of love. Of course, you are! Plus, regrets like this don't always come immediately after the breakup and he may never admit it, especially if he's one of those stubborn Zodiac signs.

Will an emotionally unavailable man change? 

Yes, sis, he can change. However, don't you dare go around thinking you're the one who will change him? You do not have that power, nobody does. He's going to get to that point in life where he makes the change on his own. An emotionally unavailable man that keeps coming back whenever he feels like it, isn't worth it. You deserve much better than to invest in such a level of inconsistency. When he changes, if he changes, it'll be because he decided to, not that you made him. 

In Conclusion 

I hope you've understood that aries men will keep coming back for as long as you let them, all men will, regardless of their zodiac signs. That isn't just an Aries man thing. Love is not made of uncertainty and if you want your aries man back, he will likely come. 

I would love to read your comments, please leave them in the box below and share this article with your friends. Thank you!

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