What To Do When A Girl Replies Are Short (11 Vital Things)

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you struggling to make a connection with a girl over text?

Does she only send one-worded replies, or just a couple of words?

Are you looking for ways to encourage her to open up more?

If so, you’re likely to find this guide extremely helpful. It is packed with ideas for what to do when a girl’s text replies are short. 

Texting is an inevitable stage of dating, so this is a skill you’ll surely benefit from learning. 

Thankfully, there are a few surefire strategies that will help a woman open up when texting. 

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That’s not the only way to do it though. Let’s take a look at some other strategies you can try when you can barely get more than a couple of words out of a girl through text.


11 Things To Do When A Girl's Replies Are Short

We often hear more on the topic of female suffrage and the struggles females face. It's no joke. The female gender has endured a lot through the ages and even today is still fighting to break free from injustice and prejudice. However, men also have their share of unspoken battles. Apart from the unfair expectations for them to be stoic, unemotional beings, a lot is expected of them.

One of these lesser pressures includes the responsibility of having to take the lead when initiating a relationship. Yes, the 21st century has brought with it some feminist and equalist views, but this change is gradual. 

Some people still prefer the old-fashioned ways of doing things. Mounting all this pressure on the men could take a toll on their self-esteem. The men could affect their self-esteem.

If you're currently trying to get a girl's attention and she's giving you short and unengaging replies, you've just found yourself in the middle of the age-long struggle the male gender has faced for a long while; the struggle to impress their mate. 

Don't be discouraged. There are others who have gone before you and have succeeded so you have a good chance at winning. For tips on what to do if a lady is giving you short replies, scroll down and keep reading. 

1. Take the lead

Some women don't give a short answer simply because they want to play hard to get, or they're too busy for you. Some women are old-fashioned and would prefer to let the man take the lead. 

It's only in recent times that women are starting to demand control in a relationship and don't mind taking the lead. However, there are still a few women out there who prefer the old-school ways of doing things. They would rather have the guy chat them up first, and when he does they'd rather have him lead the conversation. 

So, if your crush is giving you short answers when you text her, don't be too quick to conclude that she doesn't like you, sum up a little courage to guide the conversation. Small talk is always a good way to start up a good conversation, so lead with that.

2. Find out what she's into

This doesn't only apply to women, it applies to all social interactions. Picking the right topic of conversation is the key to having a meaningful talk, where both parties are fully engaged and interested.

If you'd like this lady to give you full-length answers and not just send short texts, then you've got to find out what interests her. The mistake most guys make is throwing the question at her directly. For instance, they'll just say, "So what do you like?" This is wrong. It creates the impression that you're lazy and you aren't interested in her enough to do some digging yourself. 

What you could do instead is ask her about things without sounding selfish. For example, "So I noticed you were at the video game section with your friends when we met, is this an interest, or were you just there by mistake?

This shows that you're both observant and you're ready to do the work to find out what she likes. You can then build the conversation further, from the response you get from her. 

3. Let your inner comedian out

let your inner comedian

Women love to laugh, period. Beyond any gender stereotypes and political correctness, women just love to laugh and that's that. 

If you've met a lady who does not enjoy any form of humor (whether sarcastic humor, goofy, or even dark humor), you must have met the 8th wonder of the world because she's a rare one. Meeting a person who has no sense of humor isn’t a very good sign of smooth sailing in your relationship.

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When a person replies to your messages with single words and short, seemingly disinterested sentences, she may be a bit bored by the conversation. Nothing keeps a conversation fun like humor does, it can literally turn your chat from snooze to cruise in seconds. 

So, if things are looking vague, try throwing in a few jokes there, you can't go wrong with this. 

4. Storytime

Another thing women love is a good story. Whether it is the 'tea' on something that happened to a mutual friend or known person, reveal some 'hot gos' or a fun exposé on your embarrassing moments.

Although this should not by any means be a conversation starter, it should be used only after you've got her attention to an extent. You can't just say hi to her and begin to blab about how annoying the neighbors are or how you fell face down in public one day. You'd come off as talkative and childish. 

You could start by saying something like, "Hey did you hear about the fire on third avenue last night? " Her next response would likely be "Really?! Did anyone get hurt?" And voila, you've got her hooked. This tip is both effective and fun for both of you. 

5. Tell her what you think of her

Most women may not be engaged in your chat because she doesn't know exactly what you want from her. You may think that it's common sense; if a man keeps texting her, it automatically means he's head over heels in love with her. Women don't think like that. Most of them will give you one-word replies till they're sure of what you want.

The simple thing to do is to tell her what you think about her and what inspired you to reach out to her. For example, you could say, "Hi I saw you at my gym, you used the treadmill besides mine last week and I just loved your enthusiasm. I really admire you". That would give her a clue of what you want and make her a bit more comfortable responding properly to you. If you're dealing with a shy lady, she may take a little longer to respond.

6. Pay her some compliments

pay her some compliments

Women love it when guys notice things about them. Paying her a thoughtful compliment (preferably on something that isn't about her body), is a good thing and could make her a tad bit open towards you. 

Compliment her on the things you've observed her do well. Eg. "You're great at sports, I never could have guessed". This may not only make her respond to your messages but it may also make her feel safe enough to continue the discussion with you.

7. Say something interesting or flirty

The goal here is to gain this girl's attention and get her to be engaged in talking with you. If this woman in question is texting you one-word answers despite all your efforts, then you could try saying something flirty. 

It's important to note that this particular tip is quite risky and could make her stop talking to you altogether. If she's a nonchalant person, she may even block you. So before you throw out that flirty text, you need to be at least 60% sure that she has some kind of fondness for you. If this is so, then try texting her something mildly flirty. It would get her attention

8. Don't give up after the first few tries

Getting a girl's attention is no joke, it's an art and takes patience and skill. You can't just give up texting her on the first try just because she isn't talking as much as you like, or giving you slow replies. If you really like her and you think she's worth your time, you need to put some effort into engaging her. 

If you start a chat with her and she replies, then that's already good news for you, because she's giving you a chance by even responding to your messages. So, use the chance she's giving you wisely and extensively. If after initial pleasantries she still responds with a one-word answer, then try to drag the discussion out a bit. 

Ask her a few questions about herself and tell her a little about yourself too. If after all of this, she still seems uninterested, then it's safe to say you can pull the plug on it.

9. Say something that would let her know that you're on your mind

Some smart guys are able to keep the conversation going for days. When they get one-word responses on day one, they still come back on day two, three, and sometimes, even four to keep trying out their luck. 

This is wise because you could tire her out if you keep trying to push too hard all in one day. So, by day 3 or 4, even if she still doesn't give you full-length answers, she's now slightly familiar with you. You can let her know that you're thinking about her, but not in a creepy way

You could make reference to information you got from your past conversations with her. For example, you could say, "Hey, I saw a lady at the park drinking your favorite smoothie, in the flavor you like. It reminded me of you and I decided to call and check up on you." 

It's hard for anyone to ignore this and not feel special. Even if she doesn't show it immediately, she's interested for sure. 

10. Blow up your responses a bit

blow up your responses a bit

An exaggerated response could serve as some form of humor and is definitely a remedy for short or slow replies. As mentioned above, girls love a guy with a sense of humor, you can almost never go wrong with some funny statements. 

For example, if you text her, "Hey what's up? How's your day been so far?" And her response is "cool", then it would be funny if you said something like, "whoa, easy does it, you don't have to be so enthusiastic. Bring it down a notch. Unless she's the spawn of Hitler himself, she's bound to laugh or at least chuckle a bit. 

11. Answer your own questions in advance

Still on the humor issue, you could try this trick. If the woman in question is still giving short responses, you can answer your own questions in advance with a funny twist. 

For instance, instead of just asking her, "So what have you got planned out for today?" And waiting for a response, you could say, "So what have you got planned out for today? Let me guess, you and your pet tiger are going on a magic carpet ride with the new prince in town." 

You can put a googly or smiley face emoji at the end of the sentence just to add to the humor. This is at least a start at getting her engaged in the discussion and she would definitely want to talk with you more. 


What does it mean when a girl replies with short texts?

If a girl replies with brief texts, it's more likely that she isn't quite interested in you or what you have to say. However, on some occasions, she may be either busy, ill, tired, or just not in the mood. İt's left to you to decide if she's worth your effort and patience. 

How can I get replies from a girl fast?

There's no secret formula for getting a speedy response from a girl. There are tips and tricks to doing this but there's no guarantee that it will work 100% of the time. You just need to hope that the girl you like likes you in return and try to gain her attention and affection, don't act like she owes it to you.

What do you do if a girl replies with one word?

The first thing you should do is observe her answers as you go. If along the lines she seems to get irritated, then you should back up a little bit and give her some space. You could try again the next day to see if she's in a better mood, also try not to talk too much. 

Why do girls reply late?

There are numerous different reasons why some girls reply late. First of all, if you met her just once and this is your first chat with her, then you're kind of still a stranger to her, you can't expect her to drop everything she's doing and give you her full attention. She has the right to take her time until you engage her.

How do you make a girl miss you?

A little mystery always does the trick. Don't give away too much too quickly. Also, distance really does make the heart grow fonder, sometimes you just need to stay away for a while, let her wonder where you are, let her miss you. You'd be surprised that she could be the one to reach out to you this time.

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article helpful, remember, no one owes you their attention or time. You've got to earn it. So if a girl doesn't respond the way you'd prefer, do something to earn it. Please leave your comments below and don't forget to share the article with friends. 

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