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What to Do When a Girl Replies are Short – Make Her Interested!

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Texting is an inescapable stage of dating everyone must be going through. You’re going to embark and exciting ride of message fever. There’s so much thought put in one sentence, even when it’s as simple as saying good night. The reason is simple: her answer means everything.


You carefully make your move as you don’t want to make any mistake. Even so, it can take her unusually long time to reply. And when the awaited text arrive, it contain no more than three words. What did you do wrong? Is there anything that offend her? Those kind of thoughts must be occupying you head.

Chances are you don’t necessarily have to or might did any mistake. Girls love to play push and pull. She’d give short answer when she actually want to make conversation. She wants to know how much you want her.

But still, what to do when a girl replies are short? Surely you don’t want her to think you don’t care, but you don’t want to appear needy at the same time. Pretty complicated, right? Yes, it is.

  1. Try to Drag It Along

B: Good night.

G: Good night.

B: Are you busy?

G: Not really.

B: Been a long day?

G: Hmm.

B: Okay, have a rest then.

Backing off only after one short answer is too cowardly. You should figure out whether she’s pretending not interested or she really doesn’t want to exchange text with you. Try to ask some question and see how she replies. If it’s still similarly short, maybe it’s time to put it to an end. Also read What to Do When a Girl Randomly Stops Texting You?

  1. Don’t Ask Question

Girls could look too cool for this Earth if they want to. She can appear cold and not interested through her text. It’s often hard to figure out what does she really want. But you guys should be smart as well. If she shows no interest, don’t drag it any longer.

Stop asking question and write simple sentence as if you want to end it. She might not expect this and she’d text back eventually. She’ll ask questions since she is interested right from the start.

  1. Call Her Out

B: Seems like you don’t have much to say. Too bad…

G: Yes, I guess.

B: There’s so much I want to talk about, though. Maybe next time…

G: Okay.

If you can’t stand the fact she continually give short replies, feel free to call her out. Let her know that you realize how short her replies was and how you feel about it.

Watch how she responds. It can either be still similarly short or she starts to write a little longer. It pretty much shows ho she feels. Also read How to Get Out of The Friend Zone With a Girl Through Texting?

  1. Take the Lead

Some girls can be traditional that they expect guys to take lead on the conversation even if she’s the one who initiate it. So here is what to when a girl replies are short but she text first.

Maybe she’s too shy to ask, so try to. Give her questions and see how she answers. If she gives long answer, then she must be very shy indeed.

  1. Be Flirty

You’re the type who is triggered by a girl who try to look uninterested? Then appeal to her. Say something interesting (maybe flirty?) so than she want to reply to it.

Remember that the reason she replies short or doesn’t reply at all is because your text is not interesting enough for her. If it is, she’d reply even if she doesn’t want to. Also read Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong

  1. Compliment Her

Keeping up with girls who reply shorts in text is frustrating. Only if you know how to make her feel good, it won’t happen. Throw some compliments about her look such as “You look nice in that outfit today” or “You’re so good at sport. I never know it.”

She will 100% reply to your text. No girl in the world hate compliment or anyone who give it to her.

  1. Tell Her You Think About Her

If you are close enough to her or you’ve been dating for a while, it’s safe to do this kind of think. Yes, your girlfriend can act cold like this too. You can text her “So I walk past this café today and suddenly remember our first meeting.” Everything firsts is unforgettable and left good feeling for anyone. Use this as triggers. Also read How to Make A Girl Fall in Love with You Just By Texting Message

  1. Be Funny

It’s very suck when a girl sends short replies to you. But don’t get sulky too fast. You can turn something sucks into funny that she can’t help but laugh it off. Tease her with appropriate words.

You can tell her, “Are you in some secret mission now that you can’t text more than three words?” She’ll think the way you being sulky is too cute.

  1. Make Up Funny Stories

This is another way to make her interested. Hook her up and catch her attention with funny stories. Also read How to Get Your Crush’s Attention on Instagram and Other Social Media

You can test the water by saying “So there’s something funny happened to me today…” and if she replies “Is that so? What it is?” then you may proceed. Make sure your stories are not lame and too obvious that it’s unreal.

  1. Make Jokes on Yourself

If she replies short, then you should take the blame. Tell her that you, too, realize about this. You can text “Whoa, what’s happening to me today? I’m not usually this boring. I’m sorry. My bad.” Don’t forget the funny emotion so that she won’t feel offended.

So those are useful tips on what to do when a girl replies are short. Any guy must understand that girls love to play push and pull. They don’t want to look easy in front of guys and they want to know are you guys are sincere with her. Don’t back off so easily when she gives short replies. Because once she is sure you’re the right guy, you probably become tired of reading her endless text. But, congratulations! It means she trusts you enough.

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