What To Do If Your Boyfriend Ignores You On Whatsapp Chats

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Now, let’s take a look at here your boyfriend ignores you on Whatsapp. What’s going on? Please control your emotion and see the below here. There are useful tips for you, what to do if your boyfriend ignores you on Whatsapp.  Figure out, these reasons first.


1. No More Batteries

Maybe your boyfriend ignores you on Whatsapp because his smartphone is on a low battery. He forgets to pick up his own charger in his room.

2. So Much To Do

Well, this Monday he seems very busy. There are many tasks to do. That is why your boyfriend ignores you on Whatsapp.

3. He Is On Duty

he is on duty

Do not too possessive to your boyfriend, girls. He is on duty now, if he is not working for now. So, how he can make money to propose to you in the future?

4. Reach His Dream

Your boyfriend is a doctor. Snow is studying again to get a master's degree in medicine. major. He wants to reach his dream of being a doctor.

5. He is driving

Girls. You know what, why your boyfriend ignores you on Whatsapp? He is on driving. This is for his safety. Do not much to ask your boyfriend, he is focused on driving now.

6. There are lots Of Delicious Food

This is his lunchtime. There are lots of his favorite delicious food, here.  He ignores you on Whatsapp because he is eating.

7. He Is In The Bathroom

Just wait until few minutes girls. He is in the bathroom. It might be he has a stomachache. He ate lots of dinners, last night.

8. His Quality Time

Do not push him off girls, your boyfriend needs quality time for himself too. This is the time he plays his game, soccer games.

Some Of The Boyfriend Signs From Time To Time He Replied On WhatsApp

Try to get to know your boyfriend further, does he really have a specific reason why he ignores you on Whatsapp, or does he have a secret that he hides from you? Get to know how he replied on Whatsapp based on time. Does your boyfriend prioritize you or does he have someone other than you? Let’s check it out. 

1. He Instantly Replies To Your tTxt

So, here you are his most priority. You are indeed his lover. There is no take a long time to wait for his text on Whatsapp.  Your boyfriend is the best ideal man, do not let him go, girls.

2. You Are His Priority

you are his priority

Okay, for this sign. It seems he has some tasks to do. So, let him do his task first. At the same time, he will reply to your text on Whatsapp. You are still his priority, girls. If you want to say love to your boyfriend, you can see these tips on how to tell someone you love them without saying I Love You over text.

3. You Must Wait A Little Longer

There are lots of jobs to do for several days. He is on duty in other countries. So, he will take a time longer to reply to your text on Whatsapp. In here, you should think positive. He does these all works, it just for you, girls.

4. No News From Him These Days

Finds his out, why there is no news from him. He might be sick.  You can ask their relatives or their friends. You should check him, immediately.

5. It’s Up To Him

He was acting awkward. He responds within a certain time. Sometimes he's getting back to you quickly he just got back to you in a few days.

6. He Just Texts You While He Needs You

He ignores you on Whatsapp while he does not need you anymore. However, when the very needs you. He might be texting you. Be careful girls, he might just take your money.

7. Just Text You Once A Month

If he ignores you on WhatsApp and then he appears after a month and there is no news. In here, you have to be suspicious, he may hide something behind you. 

Tips: What To Do If Your Boyfriend Ignores You On Whatsapp

What to do if your boyfriend ignores you on Whatsapp? Is there anything wrong with your boyfriend? Is he hiding a secret behind you? Just follow the following tips, they are will be the solution for you.

1. Think Positively

think positively

First, to do, you should think positive. Just inhale and exhale, control your emotion in here, and be patient. That would be alright.

2. Do Not To Rush To Reply To His Text

Please do not too much send texts on his Whatsapp and do not too rush to reply to his text. Give me some break. It seems he needs more time to think about this problem.

3. Gives Him Once More Text Again

It already 8 hours after your boyfriend ignores you on Whatsapp. You may send one text on Whatsapp once more. Let’s wait, will he read it? Do you not know what are you want to say when your boyfriend is ignoring your texts for so long? You can check it in here.

4. Please Ask Him Nicely

The condition now is cooling down, you can ask your boyfriend nicely.  Just asks him such as, what are you doing? Are you still mad at me? Or What’s going on even it’s Are you sick? Please know your boyfriend with good as he did on you.

5. Call Him

Call him, if you want to talk to him. Just ask anything that usual, such as; Do you have your lunch? Are you good today or something else? This way is the same as the previous points.

6. See Him Directly

His house is near to yours. It is good if you see him directly. Do not forget to bring any of his favorite foods. He will happy.

7. Find Some Information

You can find some information all about him, whether his relatives, family, or friends. It would be useful, isn’t it?

8. Just Forget Him

just forget him

You are waiting for your boyfriend for too long. It seems, he has others. So, it might for you to just forget him. Move on girls, your boyfriend ignores you on Whatsapp because he would break this relationship. If your boyfriend is ignoring you for no reason, you can check it in here. It is very useful to you.

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Hopefully, the above tips of what to do if your boyfriend ignores you on Whatsapp might be useful for you. Please to know your boyfriend as well as he did to you. If you have a problem with your boyfriend, immediately say sorry and talk heart to heart. It would work. Good luck.

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