What To Do When Libra Man Goes Quiet So Suddenly?

Last updated on April 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you in love with a Libra man? Or perhaps you're having crush on someone who's a Libra? Then this article might be the right one for you to read.

Libra man tends to keep himself open and reap every chance he got. This is why it's hard for you to trust him at the beginning. Especially when he's suddenly showing you a change of attitude.

What to do when Libra man goes quiet? You might be wondering about this since it's sometimes hard to comprehend. Why is my Libra man hot and cold? What should I do when things are going like that? Here are few things you could try doing when he’s going all quiet and acting cold :


1. Be Bubbly

Libra is basically someone who loves having conversation, good times, and spending time with his inner circle. When he's suddenly become quiet, it might confuse you but you should try being bubbly around him.

Be talkative but not too much, cheer up so that he'll also be able to stay joyful. He might be having hard times, but when you accompany him, blurting our some humor, he'll feel a lot more comfortable around you.

He'll feel better about himself too, knowing that someone as funny as you is right beside him to get through what’s ahead of him. How to make a Korean man fall in love with you? Being bubbly could also be the way.

2. Give Him Time

give him time

Libra man are talkative and cheerful, most of the time. When he's being quiet, it means something must be bothering him. When this kind of things occurs, then you should know how to give him time and space that he needs. He probably needs to think about something, busy with his stuffs, or figuring out his feeling. He can be quite confused with the way he really feels to at times.

What to do when Libra man goes quiet? What you can do best as his girl, would be to give him the space and time he needs until then he's fine enough to become as his usual self. There are times when you might be busy contemplating about what to do when my boyfriend says he needs space. 

You're worried that he might actually want to end everything with you, so that you might end up responding in a bad way. Don't worry, sometimes it's really important for him to be alone before coming to you again.

3. Think And Observe

It's not like we're trying to not trust this Libra man, but you do need to take some observation about how he actually feels. When he's suddenly being quiet, it’s possible that the reasons behind that is because he never really get head over heels from the beginning.

He tends to be free, as long as he could until he knows he finds the one. So you gotta observe whether he's ignoring you or not, who's around him often, just so that you wouldn't get tricked and fooled. When you noticed signs that he is falling out of love with you, and you've checked it, then you gotta let go.

4. Humor


When you know he's being quiet and all distant, it'll be even harder if you point your finger out on him and blame him for being quiet. Instead, you gotta turn on your humorous side and have a great time with him. Protest, it's legal for you to do so, but do it with humor.

Make him giggle when all you’re trying to do is just to make him understand how you feel about him being quiet. This would work if you know how to say it out in a witty way, so that you get to tell him what you've been meaning to say, and you can also have a good time laughing together. How to tell a guy you miss him without being clingy and needy? Humor can also work in that case!

5. Cut It Off

It might sound extreme, but if a guy has lost his interest, or worse, has never loved you from the beginning, it's time for you to stop fighting alone. What's the use of fighting for a relationship that’s not worth it?

It'll waste your energy and time, right? If the reasons why he's being quiet it because he doesn't have any feeling towards you anymore, then it’s sad, but it's time to say goodbye, baby.

What to do when Libra man goes quiet? Those are the things that could at least give a clue about how should you actually behave towards this guy. If you try it with all your heart and know just the very reasons why he's being like that, then this wouldn’t be a problem for you.

Although dating a Libra might seem confusing at times, this guy will love you intensely once he made his mind about being with you.

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