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There various reasons to make women fall in love with Korean men. The gentleman aura and unique beauty of Korean along with their unique culture are hard to resist.

Especially those who love to watch Korean drama and Kpop music. On a Korean online forum, the Korean men revealed things women do that make them fall in love easily. Here are what they shared:


1. Show Your Interest In Korean Culture

show your interest in korean culture

First thing first, impress him on how interested you are in his culture. If you are already interested in Korean culture, it would be not difficult at all.

Being able to speak some Korean words or even sentences will make him can’t help but notice you. It surely will impress them very easily, all you need to do is to make a little further move and show your affection toward him.

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2. Flirt With Your Eyes

For Korean, eyes are playing a big role in communication as ‘eyes speak louder than words’. Not only, eyes can show seriousness but also can be used to flirt with the opposite gender. That is why ‘aegyo’ eye makeup is important for Korean girls.

Because that makeup trick is a great way to make a guy who loves to stare at her eyes during the talk. Try to also put ‘aegyo’ eye makeup and talk with enthusiast looking eye whenever you talk with your Korean guy. They surely will find it hard to look away from your eyes.

3. Be Expressive

Girls always look lovely and cute when they are expressive. Hence men find it cute when girls act expressively and bubbly. Use this trick to attract your guy, use your feminine side to make yourself more expressive, but remember not to be exaggerated.

If you are actually not an expressive girl, try to fake it a little bit because men tend to not realize it, they will just enjoy your bubbly and expressive face.

If it is hard for you to try to be more expressive and bubbly, try to do small things such as laugh at their jokes. Men love to create jokes, especially when they are attracted to you or enjoy your company. By laughing at their jokes, makes them think that you appreciate their small effort to make you laugh.

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4. Him Being Your ‘Oppa

Koreans are no different from other men’s characters all around the world. They want to be the one who is protective, responsible, and respected in a relationship.

The Korean male netizens said that they love it when their girl calls him oppa no matter who is younger or older. You can use this trick to call your ‘Korean dream guy’ oppa, especially when they are older than you.

5. Having Inner Beauty

Although men love women’s appearances, they also do love women’s inner beauty. Women’s inner beauty tends to make them love her more. No matter how beautiful your appearance is but if you don’t show enough inner beauty, men will choose women with less beautiful appearance but owning more inner beauty.

In order to show your inner beauty, you need to be more confident and optimistic about everything that you do or never give up easily. Once both of you are knowing each other, he can’t help but amazed by how shining your inner beauty is. Men seem to love innocence and week as they find women’s ‘aegyo’ moves and acts are cute.

However, they actually are fond of strong character women, they can see it in how hardworking, confident, and optimistic women are. Strong women are their ideal type to build a future together.

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6. Dress Well And Smell Good

dress well and smell good

Korean people are mostly into appearance, especially Korean men since men always have certain fantasies and expectations toward women. So, the first thing you need to do is to wear a pleasant smell and dress well.

Wearing a certain good smelling fragrance helps a lot to make men interesting to you because they have sensitive smell sense. The good smells are a great trick to make man can’t help but notice you.

Besides smelling good, try to always dress well when you are around your Korean ‘dream guy’. Korean love feminine looking girl. So, wearing a nice casual dress and proper make-up is a great trick to make him fall for you.

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7. Talking In A ‘Graceful’ Way

Korean man loves feminine girls. Hence smelling good, dressing well, and communicate with beautiful eyes is key to make them fall in love with you. But they will even hard to resist you if you talk in a graceful way.

Women who talk in their soft and steady way can easily flutter men’s hearts, and it is no exception with Korean men. By talking with a soft and steady voice can leave a lovely and good impression on your Korean dream guy.

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