How to Get a Korean Boyfriend Online (Best Dating Apps for You!)

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

The wave of K-Pop is crushing here and there, and the reason why you landed on this article is that you’re one of the victim. Whether you like their music or an avid viewers of the drama, the charm of those Korean men have you struck. Leaving you wonder how can you get one of them.

So there are many, many dating app and websites in Korea. But most of them are for Korean themselves. There are even certain website that dismiss any users who is not Korean. Also read How to Make A Korean Man Fall in Love with You

For you who lives outside Korea but still want to date Korean man, we will show you the way how to get a Korean boyfriend online. Here are the dating website and apps for you to get one of those Korean charming men. And it’s free for foreigners to join!

  1. Badoo

The first recommended dating app is Badoo. Through this app you could find people with similar interest, chatting with them, getting to know each other personally. Not to worry because this app is famous for protecting their users’ privacy.

Each user’s photos and profile are checked regularly to make sure they’re appropriate. Wait until your account is verified and you may start looking for hot Korean men. Also read How to Get a Korean Guy to Notice You

  1. 1km

Living up to the name, 1km matches you with anyone within the distance. It’s very useful when you live in Korea. This app has special feature called “culture clubs” where you can be matched with those who has similar interest with you. 1km also ensures your safety by keeping surveillance for anything inappropriate on the app.

  1. KoreanCupid

With the tagline “leading Korean dating app dedicated to connecting Korean singles with their matches from all around the world,” you may expect much from this app.

The registration process is quick and easy, and soon you will be able to browse for potential partner. You will provided with advanced messaging features so you can chat with them directly. Also read What to Do Before You Meet Up with Someone from Dating Apps

  1. Noondate

Another way how to get a Korean boyfriend online: install Noondate on your phone. Just like the name, this app will introduce two people at noon.

This location based app is using the “like” system to match two users. If they like you and you like them back (vice versa), then it’s a match. Your personal preference also put into the app’s algorithm to find you the most perfect match.

  1. MEEFF

This one particular app has a wide range of relationship provided. Not only for you to find lovers, you may also find friends to exchange languages, talking about your favorite K-Pop groups, dramas, and little chit-chat at a café. It’s a perfect match to find friends, but also useful if you want to find a Korean boyfriend. Also read Best Dating App to Meet Someone Serious

However, this app doesn’t support automatic translation unless you sign up for the premium membership. In the premium membership you can chat comfortably using your own language and the system will translate it in Korean for your opposite to understand. Another feature include photo transfer between users.

  1. Sky People

This dating app was made by Seoul National University student. For the record, SNU is the highest-rated university in Korea. But in order to join, you have to verify either your alma mater (SKY universities which are SNU, Korea, and Yonsei) or the company you work at. Unless you’re those top three graduate or working at a large company, you won’t be accepted to join.

All the members in this app are working professional between the ages 20 to 39 for women, as for men is 20 to 43.

  1. HelloTalk

Another language learning apps which turns out to be a good dating app. This self-proclaimed world’s biggest language exchange apps have many people met and dated.

If you happen to meet someone with the same language interest, then lucky you because not everyone is looking for a relationship. Also read Reasons Why You Should Never Dating Korean Guys

  1. Tinder

Talking about dating app, you definitely can’t leave this one out. Tinder is everywhere in the world and it has proved itself to be the top dating apps ever. You know how to use Tinder, right? All you need to do is setting your preference right and you’re ready to go. With many Koreans have gotten on board, your chance to meet a Korean guy is bigger than ever.

So those are we’ve got about how to get a Korean boyfriend online. All we can say is don’t meet them quickly just because you’re a fan of Korean drama because life is way more realistic than that. Know him more before you decide to go anywhere. Good luck!

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