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Leos tend to be passionate and extroverted, meaning they are very full of life. However, this means that they can also be aggressive. Therefore, when you hurt a Leo woman and anger her, you best better watch your back because she is definitely not afraid to announce your dirty laundry to the world.

On the other hand, a Leo woman can easily forgive you. It all really depends on how you apologise to her, because the Leo is not someone who easily forgets someone's mistakes.

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Before we understand what to do when a Leo woman is angry with you, we first need to see when happens when a Leo woman is actually hurt, whether she becomes sad or angry.


What Happens When A Leo Woman Is Hurt

what happens when a leo woman is hurt

1. She's Happy To Move On

She knows her worth, and she knows that it's not worth her time to dwell over the fact that you've upset her. However, keep in mind that she won't forget your mistakes and she won't let you get away with it that easily.

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2. She's Theatrical

At some point the Leo may even break down once she sees the whole thing through again. If she thinks things through enough, she can end up focusing on the mistakes way too much.

3. She Will Grow As A Person

Each time that a Libra woman gets hurt, she will learn from it and grow.

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Now, what to do when a Leo woman is angry with you? How do you apologise so you can get her back?

What To Do When A Leo Woman Is Angry With You

1. Let Them Cool Off

The Leo tends to be quick tempered, so if you made them angry it's best if you give them a chance to cool down. It's not the best idea to approach them immediately after you've made them angry, because then they won't be able to think more clearly and logically.

2. Allow Them To Vent

allow them to vent

Once they've calmed down, they'll most likely need to vent. It may not be easy to sit through, but this will allow them to burn off the rest of their anger and frustration. Refrain from interrupting them, and allow them to say whatever they need to say.

3. Be Empathetic

Once they're done venting, empathize with them to calm them down. Construct your sentences so that whatever you say won't fuel even more anger. Say things like "So you..." so that they see that you understand.

4. Show Your Appreciation For Them

Being passionate means the Leo has a deep need for love and admiration from others. Assure them that you love and appreciate them, because they're one of the signs that do not like to be ignored.

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5. Treat Them

Even if things have started to cool off and they've become less angry with you, it doesn't hurt to treat them like royalty. The Leo woman appreciates loyalty and adoration, so they will really appreciate it if you gave them attention and pampered them.

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A Leo woman might seem like someone who won't forgive you easily and move on quick, but as long as you give her the attention she deserves, the chances of her forgiving you is quite high.

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