My Girlfriend Wants To Lose Weight, How Do I Help Her?

Last updated on February 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

You both know each other too well and fell for each other like crazy since the first time. Your relationship lasts and your girlfriend rapidly gained few pounds but you seem don’t mind about it.

However, when your girlfriend starts complaining her own look and wants to lose weight. Her reasons are varied, and as a good boyfriend, you can listen without asking too many intimidating questions. She needs you to listen and support her decision.

At first, she may not tell you anything about it but you can tell the signs. Here are some signs when your girlfriend starts being uncomfortable with her own body and have 90 percent chance she wants to lose weight. also find out about how to kiss someone on the cheek without it being awkward.


1. She Complains She Doesn’t Have Enough Dress To Fit Her Anymore

One of many obvious signs is that she starts complaining that her dresses are not fit her anymore. When both of you will go to parties, she spends very much time in front of the mirror and changes so many dresses but can’t decide what to wear.

2. She Bought Weight Machine

If you saw a weight machine in the bathroom or in her bedroom, it is almost certain that she is having a problem with confidence. This machine is there for one purpose, to show less and less numbers. also find out about ways to kiss your boyfriend that will drive him crazy.

3. She's Often In A Bad Mood For No Reason

she's often in a bad mood for no reason

When you often find her in a bad mood for no reason and decides not to go to any parties where she is invited, then she might have problem with confidence especially with her body. If you can see it too that she gains some weight, that can be THE reason why she doesn’t want to attend any party she invited.

4. She Asks You If She Looks Bigger

She will constantly ask you if she looks bigger or has wider hips or cheeks to make sure that she is not the one who feel the rapid changes. Although she secretly hopes that the answer is No, honest answer will help her. also find out about signs of incompatibility in relationship with your partner.

5. She Buys New Dresses More Often

Because her usual outfits don’t fit her anymore, she has to buy new ones and that is not cheap at all because she has to buy new outfits for school for example, or for party, sleep, casual events, sports and many others. So she will likely to spend so much money only to buy clothes.

My Girlfriend Wants To Lose Weight, How Do I Help Her?

And now, as a boyfriend, how do you help her? One most important point is that, you will help without hurting her. How? Here are some tips to help.

1. Health Is The Main Purpose, Not The Weight

Most people forget that the main purpose of losing weight is the health, not the weight itself because a certain number on the scale can’t assure somebody’s health. So tell her to not focusing on the number but the health itself as the main goal. also find out about ways to love yourself and be happy with the world.

2. You Are A Support System, Not Her Boss

Some boyfriend who help her girlfriend to lose weight sometimes forget that her girlfriend needs a support system not a boss. So better not too hard on her. Your job is to remind her to keep on track and keep her mood on when she is down and giving up. 

3. Discuss What Grocery To Buy

If you live together with your girlfriend, you can help her by discussing the groceries she need to buy. You can support her by letting her decide what food to cook while you still can eat your favorite ones.

4. Change Your Habit Too

Her decision to lose weight may affect your habit, usually the better ones so changing your habit to better one is a good idea. You will never know if you never try anyway. You can wake up earlier and jog together every morning.

5. Go To The Gym Together

Besides go jogging or discussing the grocery, you can subscribe to nearest gym and go to the gym together. It will help her very much and guaranteed that she will more and more motivated to do sports better. You may get your dream shape too, it is a win win situation so do it!

6. Do Outdoor Sport Together

do outdoor sport together

If there are no nearest gyms around, or both of you don’t like gym thing, you can do outdoor sports together like mount hiking, cycling, jogging, kayaking, running, and more. You can count them as very romantic healthy and fun couple travels too!

7. Do Not Eat Junk Foods Or Drinks In Front Of Her

Ignoring unhealthy but super delicious foods is the hardest thing to do when you are on your better diet. So the easiest thing you can do as a good boyfriend is by hiding all of your junk foods out of the fridge and not to eat them in front of her.

8. Have A Baby Step Goals

What makes a person easily gives up on losing weight is because she or he sets a crazy goal. Yes, however, you can set a crazy goal but it is better to part them into smaller or short time goals which has a very reachable goal to keep her motivated. So help her to set the goal.

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