How To Make A Libra Man Fall In Love With A Cancer Woman (100% Works)

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Love is dynamic. Talking about love will never meet an end, since there are thousands of cases that are literally different. If you used to solve problems in your relationship using this one way, it might not be able to work for other’s relationship problems. If you used to give flowers bouquet to your crush to win their heart, it might just not work for this new person entering your life. Creativity is necessary when it comes to love, but we can’t deny that how zodiac signs act in a relationship might be different and there are few ways and tips that can always work for certain situations.

How to make a Libra man fall in love with Cancer woman doesn’t have any spell or formula that remain the same all the time. But it’s inevitably true that there are few ways that will get you there faster than not doing such thing. However, take a brief look over the basic character of Libra man wouldn’t make you at loss.


Libra Man Character

Before you get them, understand them. That basic principle works for almost every kind of couple in the world, as well as to Libra man and Cancer woman. Here are few characteristic of Libra zodiac sign including strength and weakness that you need to figure out well before you capture their interest :


  • Trustworthy
  • Well-dressed
  • Kind and funny
  • Charming
  • Romantic
  • Keep his calm well
  • Always find for balance
  • Understand who he is


  • Indecisive
  • Tends to escape conflicts
  • Scared of loneliness
  • Procrastinate
  • Too people pleasing

How To Make Libra Man Fall For You

how to make libra man fall for you

Here's about how to make a Libra man fall in love with a Cancer woman:

1. Be Independent

Woman can do thing on her own. Keep that in mind, if you’re trying to win a Libra man’s heart. No matter how they can spoil you, you should remember that Libra man likes independent woman. If you’re that woman who would text him endlessly and cling onto him, like a doll that can do nothing without him, then you might find him turning his back on you.

2. Have Self-Esteem

Be confident, Cancer woman. Just the way you are, you are beautiful and attractive. Libra man who is confident would love to meet someone who is also confident, so stop looking down not confidence in yourself if you want to attract this man. Practice confidence by simply walking while looking straight to the front instead of looking at your own feet. This posture will help you to find your confident quickly.

3. Be Fun And Spontaneous

Libra man are extroverts who love thrills and excitement in live. Libra man would definitely love a company of someone who enjoys fun things just like him. It would be even better if you can create that fun things when you’re with him, so make sure you’re spontaneous and comfortable around him. 

4. Respect Him

Libra man do have that slightly indecisiveness on him, although it might not be as much as what Libra woman has. However, you should not mock him whenever he’s trying to be fair with his decision. Respect him as a man, then you’ll soon find him treating you like his princess forever.

5. Be Romantic

Who says only guy are allowed to be romantic? Libra man are romantics, and they also love romantic woman who can both understand their romantic side and surprise them with romatic things in the same time. However, you should not be overly romantic, for it would be slightly uncomfortable for both of you as well. Once you show signs a Cancer girl is interested, shows a bit of romantic side, he’s there for the long ride with you.

6. Compliment Him

Guy loves compliment, so does your Libra man. Notice little things about him and try to find your chance to compliment him honestly. Libra man loves compliment as much as Libra woman do, so this will be a great chance to win his heart. 

7. Be Honest

be honest

Be honest with who you are, be honest with things in your relationship, and he’ll love you deeply. Cancer woman, if you want to make this man fall for you, you don’t have to lie, manipulate things, and such. You just got to be honest and let him explore the real you. Finding out how to make a guy fall in love with you in 10 days might be intriguing, but if you want a long lasting love, then this is what it takes.

8. Give Space

Don’t push, press, force, anything on this man. Libra man do need freedom and personal space, so you need to let him have his own life beside his life with you. If you both have different hobbies, make sure you both have own me time and let him do thing without you. This will not strand him away from you, rather it will probably make him miss you more. Of course you shouldn’t forget that you’re creating space and not gap.

9. Life Your Life To The Fullest

No man in this world could resist the charm of Cancer woman who’s maximize her potential to the fullest in every sphere of her life. Be it your hobbies or jobs, make sure you explore your talents and opportunities as much as you can. This will definitely be an automatic charm that you have to make Libra man fall for you instantly.

Falling in love is something unintentionally happen. But, it is true that sometimes, it needs something more than just fate to fall in love and stay in love. About how to make a Libra man fall in love with a Cancer woman, it might be different from one to another couple, but there are basics that you need to know and do.

You might need to find ways to make a Libra man fall in love with you, but, Cancer woman, the key is in your heart. Love your Libra man abundantly, and you’ll find them love you, Cancer woman, back passionately. There is nothing such as impossible relationship as long as both parties involved fully.

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