20 Lovely Ways to Ask A Girl to Be Your Bridesmaid

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The big day is going to come soon! Maybe you just got proposed or you are planning your wedding now. But we all know that there are some key elements that goes into a great and unforgettable which will give a great start to a happily ever after. The key elements are not the cake, or the venue, or even the dress. It’s the people, especially the bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid are someone who will accompany a bride in their wedding. To a lot of people, being asked to be a bridesmaid is a really special and important event. So, you need to make the event of asking them really magical and unforgettable. Before you ‘propose’ your lovely line of bridesmaids, you need to make sure that you are picking the right people to accompany you in one of the most important day in your life.

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Here are some small tips on how to choose the perfect bridesmaid:

  1. If they like desserts

Desserts is something that almost everyone like. When you have a dessert in hand, it can never go wrong because almost everything will get better. So, why not place the question on the desserts? Fill a fortune cookie with the question you want to ask them, decorate a tart with the words of the questions or stamp a macaroon with the question.

What you need to do before is determine the kind of desserts they like, and then visualize how you want to present the question in the cutest way possible. If you have trouble doing this, go to a bakery story to make it. They usually have a team of creative people that can visualize your perfect dessert for your bridesmaid.

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  1. If they like books

Books are a great thing to savor and to think about all our life. And the great thing is, the joy inside the book can be shared with the people you love! If your bridesmaid share the same interest and love towards the book, you need to propose to them with a book theme proposal. Some ideas you could do is to hollow out an old hardcover book and then fill them with the question.

Or you could make a little book with the question on the cover, then the inside could be filled with photos or stories about your memories together. A book lover will not say no to this offer, in fact they will cherish it forever. This is a memorable ways to ask a girl to be your bridesmaid.

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  1. If they like adventures

Mind-blowing, extraordinarily fun and exhilarating adventures tends to be what really bonds a person to another. For an adventurer soon-to-be bridesmaid, you need to plan an epic adventure that all leads down to the question you wanted to ask them.

To do this you could check out the places you both really love or they are dying to go to. Then, plan a big adventure on that area. At the end of the adventure, find a way to display that question. After a great and big adventure that makes them happy, there is no way that your girl will not say yes to being a bridesmaid.

  1. If they like puzzle

Who does not love a great puzzle that leaves you thinking all day? A puzzle lover clearly appreciate some good mystery in a little bit of everything so why not put it into this very special bridesmaid proposal? Have a crafter make you a puzzle that consist of a hundred or more pieces, just to make it more mysterious and difficult.

The puzzle that is solved should clearly display the question you want to ask. So to do this, create the design of the end image and then send it to a crafter that can make a custom made puzzle. This puzzle is sure to be the best and most exciting puzzle your soon-to-be bridesmaid will ever solve!

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  1. If they love jewelry

Almost all girl values a good jewelry. Jewelry makes every girls look more posh, polished and pretty. Why not make them feel special, pretty and super surprised by asking the question in the form of a jewelry?

You could give them a bracelet that have the question embedded on it, or you could give them a pearl necklace which makes them feel super posh and then ask the question. If you want a little vintage touch to this important event, give them a beautiful vintage pendant that have the question written inside the pendant. This is a graceful  ways to ask a girl to be your bridesmaid

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  1. If they love music

Music is the thing that can make up someone’s day in an instant. If your soon-to-be bridesmaid share the same taste of music, it is time for you to jazz up the question a little bit. You could compose a song for them that have the question in it. You could take them to a concert only to have them hear the question in the end of the song. Or to put a personal twist into the question, you could make a mixtape for them.

Fill it with your and their favorite song. After that put a recording of your voice saying the question in the end of the line of music. Then decorate the CD or cassette that you choose to put the music in. Finally see how happy they are when they finally hear the question that is hidden in the mixtape.

  1. If they loves art

Almost everyone love a great piece of art. Whether it’s a simple painting, a drawing or just a beautiful photograph, art lives in everything. So, for the bridesmaid of your choice that have a quirk for art, here are some ideas. You could hide your question in a painting.

You could make the question in the form of calligraphy that is accompanied by tiny beautiful paintings of flowers or other things that reminds you of them. These kinds of ‘proposal’ is one of the best ways to ask a girl to be your bridesmaid because they will put the proposal in a frame and hang it on the wall to see forever.

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  1. If they are a traveller

A traveller loves some goodies that can make their travelling experience more enjoyable and efficient. To fulfill their needs and win their heart, make some travelling goodies for your traveller bridesmaid. Make a passport holder that have the question written on it, or a suitcase filled with the display of the question. You can get almost any travel related things embedded with the question. You can use a pouch, bag, hat or other media.


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More tips on ways to ask a girl to be your bridesmaid

Eight ways are not enough to make it the most memorable first step for your bridesmaid ! here are more tips that are as creative and memorable:

  1. Take them on a brunch – take them on a brunch to have a great and fulfilling food and chat. And then when it’s time to toast, ask the question.
  2. Watch a movie with them – watch a special movie and make the question a part of the end of the movie, they will be completely surprised
  3. Give them flowers – get them a bouqet of flowers with a question on the card
  4. Give them an embroidered clothes – a jacket or a shirt with ‘bridesmaid’ embroidered on it will make them feel like they are a part of something exclusive

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How to choose the best bridesmaid

Well, if you have known the ways to ask a girl to be your bridesmaid, you gotta make sure that your future bridesmaid fixes your heart.

  1. Make the list

If you are really confused by a lot of choices, try to list every woman in your life that is absolutely important to you. This person should play a big part in your life and shape you completely. Find a woman you are proud to know and happy to be with. List the names of these woman on a piece of paper. It does not matter i it gets super long or super messy, you just need to write down all the names that comes into your head.

  1. Sort through them and narrow the list down

Do not be flustered with all of this names. When sorting through these names, answer this question to see if they should be your bridesmaid:

  1. "Do i contact them often?" - A bridesmaid should be someone you are close with and haven’t lost contact with.
  2. "Do they influence my life in a positive way?"- If they really do influence you in a positive way, then they are a great person that deserves a spot in your bridesmaid team
  3. "Do they make a lot of attempts to show that they care for me?"- A bridesmaid should be someone who really cares for you.
  4. "Will i still be with them in the future?"- The person you pick for a bridesmaid should be someone you know will go a long way in your life. Someone you wouldn’t let go of.

See if in any of the names you have listed you have a name that stood out. This name should have a yes answer to every question that have been listed. Chances are there are not many of this names in the long list that you have made.

Now that you have your narrowed down list of brides maid, time to ask the big question. Those are some ways ways to ask a girl to be your bridesmaid in the most enchanting and magical way according to their style and liking. So, those are the most amazing way to ask a girl to be your bridesmaid. Now all that is left to do is to plan it and do it!

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