Why Is There So Much Drama in High School? School Life and How to Get Off of It!

Last updated on February 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Maybe you're currently stuck in high school, and being stressed thinking about why the circle around you seem to have so many drama. Maybe you have a fight with your friends who used to be close to you? Scared of those queen bees and their squad? Or maybe you're currently experiencing a breakup with your high-school boyfriend and things are currently awkward?

Or maybe you're just confused about seeing the problems that all these people around you seem to have on a daily basis. If you're wondering why there is so much drama in high school, here we list some probable reasons why:


1. Adaptation

Why is there so much drama in high school? High school is a process of switching and adapting, from being teenagers to being young adult. The reason why this adaptation process can create drama is because not everyone is ready to launch into a new age, a new era.

Some people have identity issue, and trying to get attention. Some people also try to solve problems, not knowing that this may create a bigger drama ahead. Since many of us teenagers are unsure of who we are meant to be, and have more choices and possibility, we tend to make wrong choices along the way. You may also find out about How to Get a Boyfriend in Middle School in One Day!

2. Independence

In high school, students like us may feel that they have grown up. Teenagers in high school feel independent, powerful, and capable in coping with the outside world without parent or teacher's supervision. This caused students to be headstrong and stubborn, and sometimes don't want to be controlled. Be it controlled by teachers, or advised by parents, or even receiving friends' suggestion, some just want to do things their own way.  You may also find out about Why Don't Guys Like Me in High School?

3. Experience

Why is there so much drama in high school? Teenagers in high school have learned about hanging out alone with their friends, handling pocket money, or even holiday away from home. But they still need to learn about how to handle relationship with friends, parents, elderly, lovers, or employers.

Hence, these teenagers learn by practicing and applying their social skills through the problems and drama that they faced. Along with the thirst of adulting, there comes also the need for drama to learn and exist. Wisdom also comes from experience, and with the lack of experience that these teenagers have, it's easier for drama to happen.  You may also find out about

4. Emotional

Since teenagers in high school are still unsure about themselves, they tend to absorb the situation and emotion from their surroundings, and it caused these students to be easily affected emotionally by things that would later on seem like a little things when they have matured. It's a period where teenagers are easily insecure, and easily judged by people around them.

Therefore, they feel a bigger pressure than adult does and this can create more drama. It's also easy for teenagers to consider a small matter as a bigger problem, without realizing that it is nothing compared to what is happening in the outside world. 

5. Hormones

Scientifically speaking, the time in high school is the time where teenagers are filled with hormones, making them experience more mood swings, and being more emotional. It is also the time to easily feels fatigued, disappointed, or stress. Expectation given by the society also effect us as teenagers, as this may affect our emotional state. This may cause teenagers to be sensitive even to little triggers, hence causing high school to be filled with drama.

6. Personalities

Come to think of it, high school is about combining people with different characters, different upbringings, and different perspective. Of course some conflict and friction is bound to happen between these teenagers. Each people have different take on solving a problem, and rumors spread easily like wildfire. It's an inseparable part of social lives, and having a common opinion from so many different personalities is impossible. Yes, that's why is there so much drama in high school.

7. Misunderstanding

Most of the dramas that happened in high school have one similarities, misunderstanding. People in high school are too busy to assume, complain, and talk behind each others' back. Even if people are fighting or discussing eye to eye, these ages in high school is a period where everyone is way too emotional to listen to understand. So instead, people listen to reply.

As teenagers don't realize that talking behind someone's back, or fighting without trying to see each others' point of view, would done nothing but make matters worse. It can escalate problems that were already growing inside our minds, and therefore cause dramas. 

8. Time

Other significant factor that may caused drama is the amount of time that teenagers in high school have. Drama may happened because us teenagers have a lot of free time, therefore having the time to think and create some problems that are unnecessary. If we were too busy thinking about our grades, we probably won't have the time to meddle in other people's problems or spreading gossips.

How to Get Off of High School Drama?

However, getting too busy and having no time to relax can also cause dramas. People tend to get more sensitive when they are exhausted, and this can also trigger drama to happen often. Unfortunately, high school is about balancing idle time and busy time, and students in high school are still learning these things.

Those are some of the reasons why is there so much drama in high school. Unfortunately, this period or times are inescapable, and it is just a part of growing up for everyone. It might be an easier period for some people, but a harder time to adapt for others. Just try your best not to get so caught up in all the dramas, and enjoy high school as much as possible.

If you're stuck in a drama, believe that things will change and this too shall pass! I hope you can see the dramas in high school as something that is able to build you to become someone with a tougher skin and stronger mindset, as well as something that prepares you for life. Hopefully, those dramas become high-school memories that you can talk lightly about with your friends in the future.

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