29 Ways to Say No to Drugs and Still be Cool to Your Friends

Last updated on April 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Drugs remains one of the most dangerous thing for youngsters and adult. Once you get involved with drugs, your future might get ruined and there is no turning back. The "Say No To Drugs" campaign all over the world is meant to prevent the young generation from the damage caused by drugs.

For young people, just saying no to drugs might sound not cool, especially when everyone in their peers are using it. But just like how there are many Ways to Kill Someone with Kindness, there are also many ways to say no to drugs and still be cool in front of your friends. Don't be afraid that refusing to use drugs may become the Reasons Why You Don't Have Many Friends since you deserve a better company.

1. Your Life Will be Ruined

The use of drugs won't bring anything positive to your life. Abusing the use of drugs will lead to many devastating events in your life. You might be end up in prison, committing crimes because you can't afford drugs, losing your job, financially broken, and cause many health problems.

2. You Have So Much More To Do

Every time you are about into drugs, remind of all the things you can do in the future and what you can achieve. Even if your boyfriend is the one who ask you to, then it could be the best Reasons Why You Don't Need Boyfriend to be Happy.

3. Discover What You Want In Life

As young as you are, there must be many things you want to do in life. Know yourself well and discover what you really want in life. You must have want a bright future and involving yourself with drugs is definitely not the right way.

4. Think About You Life After Drugs

There are already many example of people's lives who is damaged because of drugs. Think about those whose life is involved with drugs. You can even compare between the two and see what results you want to have.

5. Set Your Goals for the Future

If you are still in high school, you must have wanted to go to to college and the good Reasons Why You Should Go to College Right After High School is to prevent all the negative things like drugs.

6. Prepare Yourself When You Get Offered with Drugs

There will be some particular occasion where you will get offered with drugs. Such as in a party or celebration, you must be anticipated and know how to refuse the offer. Don't let your guard down and make sure you are safe with the people you love and trust.

7. Be Wise in Choosing Company

Be careful in choosing whom you want to keep by your side. You better choose friends that is not using drugs, like the friend that you have known since high school. As they are good people, it makes the Reasons Why Your High School Best Friends are for Life.

8. Have Someone to Trust

Among many people, there must be that one friend that you can trust in everything and to whom you are comfortable to talk about any problems. This kind of friend would provide you protection and helps you to stay away from drugs.

9. Drugs Will Destroy Your Life

Your future is promising and there are dreams to achieve. Imagine what drugs could have done to all of it. Your life will be damaged and destroyed, and the saddest thing is you may never see the smile on your parents' face anymore.

10. Look Up to the Person Who Has Destroyed by Drugs

Look at the people who have been damaged by drugs. Many rock stars like Kurt Cobain has died in vain at such a young age because of drugs. Don't even get close to drugs because nothing else will matter when drugs enter your life.

11. Walk Away from the Scene

If the temptation is too strong, the best choice is to walk away. Leave them so that they can't reach you anymore nor persuade you. Go to a more crowded place and find better company.

12. Avoid the Encounter

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If you have luckily escape from a situation where you almost into drugs, avoid any situation where you might bump into those who offered you. You should avoid them at all costs.

More Ways to Say No to Drugs

Here are more ways for you to say no to drugs no matter what. As for teens, they often at loss of words of how to say no when they got offered with drugs. You can directly use these words to reject it:

  1. "Sorry, I gotta go. I've got to help my dad with something."
  2. "No, drugs really makes me sick."
  3. "I have an appointment coming up in five minutes."
  4. "Drugs will only cause trouble for me than its worth."
  5. "Don't you know that drugs only caused damage?"
  6. "Why in the world would I ruin my life with it?"
  7. "You know how many kids have died from drugs, right?"
  8. "If you want to kill yourself, do it alone. Don't drag me along."
  9. "No, I'm not into drugs."
  10. "I don't to hurt my mom when she finds out."
  11. "Sorry, dude. I have no time for drugs."
  12. "Forget it. I will never fall into your trap."
  13. "I'm good. I don't need them."
  14. "No, thanks. I'm fine without it."
  15. "I have to drive later. I can't be high."
  16. "I'd better not be friend with you than taking that stuff."
  17. "NO!"

Those are all the ways to say no to drugs and still be cool in front of your friends. Even though they threaten you if you don't take the drugs they offer, the damage it caused really not worth it. Your life is much more precious.

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