What are Some Ways to Come Out as Pansexual to People Who Think There Are Only 2 Genders?

Last updated on February 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

We are all raised by traditional values which defined genders as definite as men and women. We never know that there are more to it, not until we have become one of them or our closest one is. You might have heard a lot about LGBTQ, but you also might not aware how many kinds of them.

Among them is pansexual, which could be an alien language to you. For older generations, pansexual is a completely new terms. Which is why it’s hard for a pansexual to come out as they are. Also read How to Tell Your Parents You're Pansexual

The often ask what are some ways to come out as pansexual to people who think there are only 2 genders? How to tell my parents or my grandparents? If you meet a dead end of telling your circle about your identity, this article will – hopefully – gives you the best solutions.

Here are some of the best tips from us.

  1. Consider to Whom You Will Come Out

First thing first, understand that you have no obligations to come out to anyone, literally. You want to come out because you want to be respected, or because you value them. So consider about the persons you’re going to tell your identity to.

Are they worth it? Are they the important persons in your life? If the answer to both is no, then you better rethink about coming out to them. Also read How to Tell Your Parents Your LGBTQ?

  1. Explain the Difference

Making a good preparation is the most important part of coming out itself. As pansexual is an unfamiliar terms to those who thinks that there were only 2 genders all along, you have to prepare a good explanation.

They will at least understand gay and lesbian, but not pansexual. And if you don’t give them a clear and decent explanation, they won’t get it either. Search for how to explain about pansexual to others who doesn’t know a thing about it.

  1. Be Sure of the Words You Say

If you ask about what are some ways to come out as pansexual to people who think there are only 2 genders, just a good explanation won’t do. You have to be sure about your identity as well.

They might think that this is a phase in life that will eventually go away. You don’t have to try too hard to tell them it’s not. They can judge it themselves by the way you talk. Also read How to Pray for Someone Struggling with Homosexuality

  1. Be Patient with the Repeated Questions

Remember that these are commoner you’re talking to – they’re not an LGBTQ experts or anything, so be patient if they ask you about this pansexual thing like 100 times a day. Give them detailed answer to help them understand better.

Even though when their questions are totally unpredictable and ridiculous, don’t ever laugh at them. You are raising awareness on LGBTQ in general and if they turn to be open and acceptable after that, it’s all thanks to you.

  1. Make Sure Your Environment is Safe

Safe environment means that you won’t be immediately judged, you have a strong support system behind you, and you are sure about what you say. Also read How Would You Feel If You Found Out Your Boyfriend Was Bisexual? Would You Feel Anything?

If your environment is not safe – like, there are abuser near you – you better find a good time to come out. Only come out when you feel safe, and don’t when you’re not.

  1. Be Aware of the Judgement

Not everyone can be open and acceptable about your choice. Many of them will look down at you, labeling you as abnormal, even exile you from the society. There could be worse judgement to come. Also read Things You Should Never Ever Ask A Gay Or Bi Person

Be aware and be prepared for everything. You never know how would everyone react – for good or bad. This is why it’s important for you to fully embrace your identity before you tell others. So no matter happens, you still love yourself and capable to defend yourself.

  1. Prepare to Lose Them

This is probably the worst thing of coming out as LGBTQ. Not everyone is acceptable with it. Not even your parents, probably. Be aware that by coming out to them, you have to prepare to lose them as well.

It’s not a good thing but you can’t do anything about it. The one who doesn’t accept your true self will walk away from your life or shutting you away from theirs. It can be anyone.

For you who ask what are some ways to come out as pansexual to people who think there are only 2 genders, those are all the answers we got. We sincerely hope it can be helpful to you.

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