Why Don't Guys Like Me In High School? Reasons And Love Tips Here!

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Most people said high school is the sweetest part of your life. You won't forget about those bittersweet moments. That is why you need to live your life to the fullest, make mistakes and learn from them, also do anything you want so you wouldn't regret it later since it's only happened once in a lifetime.

Fall in love in high school could make your life even more colorful. Getting to know a guy you are crushing on can be really exciting yet surprising your day. When you've spotted a guy who seems to be your type might make you wonder if he going to interested in you as you do or not then learn Ways to Get His Attention in School.


Here Are Why Don't Guys Like Me In High School

here are why don't guys like me in high school

You won't deny that somehow you want boys to like you because it would be fun if you have a date. However, this time seems not going to happen and you start to insecure why don't guys like me in high school.

Don't be stressed out, here are why don't guys like me in high school to help you do better to yourself.

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1. You Are Too Shy

It might so hard for the shy girl to attracted guys. If you are that kind of girl then maybe that's what keeps you single-mingle and wonder why don't guys like me in high school.

2. You Don't Do Much Eye Contact

Remember that sometimes love come in the first sight both people see each other. If you are talking to a boy, make sure you pay attention to your own body language and the most important part which is the eye contact. Don't miss your chance to give a nice first impression especially in front of your crush.

3. You Rarely Smile

Why don't guys like me in high school? Don't keep you sweet smile for yourself. You don't know how your smile can take someone's world, do you? Also, it helps your friend that having a bad day through your positive vibes.

4. You Don't Want To Start The Conversation

You probably think there is no need talking to someone when you have nothing with them. Wrong!

It simply shows how nice you are toward people especially your boy crush and you are fun to hang out with. If you don't initiate to start the conversation, they won't know you are dying to know more about them and have a little bit chit-chat.

5. You Are So Self-Centered

Being too shy is bad, so does being a chatterbox. Not only that, people would be annoyed if you are so self-centered and keep talking about your life. Maybe you just want to show them that you are proud of yourself, however, when it's too much they probably won't care at all. That is why don't guys like me in high school.

6. You Don't Socialize Enough At School

you don't socialize enough at school

Why don't guys like me in high school? Make sure you are nice and befriend everyone at school. If you don't socialize enough, they won't care about your existence and even worst you might turn your high school life into a mess.

7. You Can't Get Boy's Topic

Why don't guys like me in high school? Boys love a girl that can keep up with their topic when you are getting into a conversation. You can try by learning a little bit about it so you can get what they are talking about.

8. You Don't Dress Well

You should start to care about what you wear from now on. If you don't dress well, there won't be a guy at school that put his eyes on you. We all know that appearance does matter.

9. You Aren't Involved In School Activity

If you want to catch guys' attention, you can make yourself known around the school such as involved in a school activity. You may don't want to do it since it takes your precious free time. But it is going to worth it!

10. You Are Too Superior

Do you ever think maybe you are just way too good for every boy at your school? Perhaps the problem isn't coming from you--but theirs. You are too pretty, talented, and smart at the same time. No wonder they have no confidence to get close to you which is actually good for you so you can find someone better.

What You Can Do So Guys Like You At School

what you can do so guys like you at school

Here are signs you should change yourself so guys like you at school.

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1. Put On More Confidence

If you have no confidence in yourself, you would find someone that loves you. It starts with you loving yourself first.

2. Make Yourself Worthy

You need to study hard so you'll pass every class. You can also involve in a charity event or learn how to cook through cooking video on youtube. Basically, make yourself more worthy you can make every guy likes you.

3. Be Popular

Sign up into a club activity in school and join the committee. That way will make you popular in school.

4. Hang Out With The Cool Kids

Or you can try to hang out with cool kids. Seems so neat yet it guarantees more people will know you and likes you. But don't lose your perfect best friend for that had this reasons Why Your High School Best Friends Are For Life.

5. You Are The One To Start

You won't get any guy to like you otherwise you start to try. Give it a shot by talking to your crush tomorrow!

More Tips If You Want Guys Like You At School

Here are more tips if you want guys like you at school.

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1. Be Yourself

Even though you want to show you are cool in many ways, don't forget to stay being you.

2. Don't Expect Too Much

When you already give your all, you might want to keep your hopes still and don't expect too much.

3. Focus On Your Study

focus on your study

Instead of worrying an unimportant thing, make sure you study well. Focus on it is definitely your priority now.

4. Be Brave

When you want guys like you that bad, then you should start to be brave.

5. Confess Your Feeling

This is one of the part on being brave. You should just confess your feeling to your crush at high school or you will regret it forever.

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