How to Break Up with Someone for No Good Reason

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Boredom or feeling fed up can appear in the middle of a relationship. The love just isn’t there anymore and there’s nothing you can do about it. You feel bad for wanting to break the relationship but you just want to get over it as it feels more like a burden. Getting straightforward about it might not be what you want so these tips could be the ultimate relationship breaker for you.

How to Break Up with Someone for No Good Reason

Here are some things that you can do to finally end the relationship that you have with your partner:

1. Say that Your Parents Don’t Approve

Break up with someone for no good reason by telling them that your parents hate the relationship. It’s a terrible thing to do but it might work. Your partner will doubt the relationship especially if they’re not serious about it. They would rather walk away from you than beg for it to work. Unless your partner really loves you, then they might start planning the ways to make your parents like them.

2. Your Parents Want You with Someone Else

You may want to know how to break up with someone for no good reason. This is another excuse that you can give to your partner. Tell them that your parents already have someone else in mind. You can't say no to your parents either. This will cause your partner to become very upset as you’re not even willing to fight for them. It's a definite proof that you no longer want them in your life. They’ll end the relationship without a second thought.

3. Make Yourself Busy with Work

Make sure that your days are filled with a lot of activities. This will make meeting your partner more difficult. It will make them angry and annoyed by your behaviour. As the anger rises, it’s the perfect moment for a break up. Tell them that you want to focus more on your work than the relationship. These Ways to Break Up with Your Girlfriend without Her Feelings can soften up the break up.

4. Keep Finding Their Faults

You must bring up the things that your partner is doing wrong. Every little thing should matter, even the ones that seem silly. Turn them into big problems. You will drive your partner crazy with this because it's such an unnecessary and childish thing to do. They won't want to deal with your attitude anymore.

5. Make the Relationship Rocky

Annoy your partner to the point where they’re angry all the time. It will cause more fights in the relationship. The more rocky the relationship becomes, the more reasons to leave them. Say that you don’t like where the relationship is heading at the moment and you want out. Don't miss out the Signs He has Given Up on the Relationship to find the perfect moment for the break up.  

6. Ignore Your Partner

Ignoring your partner is a cruel way to break up with someone for no good reason but it’s effective. After all, nobody likes to be ignored. It will show your partner how much you don’t love them anymore. They’ll become upset and question your action. Keep your act until they’re fed up and wants to end the relationship.

7. Silent Treatment

The silent treatment should work if you’re consistent with it. It should also only be done after a huge fight to make it work even more. Refuse to talk or make eye contact with your partner. Don’t reply to their messages and don’t pick up their calls. Once you’ve decided to break your silence, arrange to meet your partner for a break up.

8. Make Them Jealous

How to break up with someone for no good reason? Jealousy will consume your partner with anger and hatred. You can break up with them by saying that their jealousy is not healthy. You don’t have to cheat with someone else to make her jealous. What you can do is spend more time with your friends or colleagues. Other than that, you can also make yourself busy with your hobby or your job. Your partner will not like the fact that you’re paying them less attention.

9. Be Over Protective

Become very protective of your partner. Act as if you don’t trust them with other people. Not a lot of people like their partner to be over protective. It’s very limiting and controlling. Your partner will get tired of your behavior. As you become worse, your partner will be unwilling to go further with the relationship. You could also use all the Signs of Unhealthy Long Distance Relationship as an excuse to break up.  

10. Become a Whole Different Person

You need to display a different persona in front of your partner. Act completely out of your character. If they’re so used to your calm personality, show them how angry you can be. Someday, they’ll become so uncomfortable around you. They’ll also think that your current personality is your real one. Meanwhile, the person that they knew is just a façade to fool them. They’ll feel betrayed by you and would like to end the relationship.

11. Create Distance

Start to create a distance between you and your partner. A lack of communication is one of the reasons why a relationship will not work. Avoid to meet them or communicate with them at all time. Make up silly excuses to make your partner angrier. This will cause fights to be more frequent in the relationship. Here are some helpful Ways to Break Up with Your Boyfriend over the Phone which you might want to know.

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12. Disagree with Everything

Disagree with everything that your partner says or does. This will make them think that you’re no longer the right person for them. Too many disagreements can cause big arguments which eventually lead to a break up. Use these Ways to Break Up in a Long Term Relationship in case you need more advice.

The key to breaking up for no good reason is to make the relationship become so unbearable that your partner no longer wants it. That way, you can just go ahead to breaking up without feeling too much remorse.

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