How to Tell A Guy You Miss Him Without Being Clingy and Needy?

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It really is hard not to miss your partner or crush when both of you are apart and away from each other for some time. Some people are still within the phase or period where they are trying to get to know someone that they like better, so they don’t want to ruin their effort by not knowing ways on how to tell a guy you miss him without being clingy and needy.

What if there is a way on how to tell a guy you miss him without saying it without the need to look so clingy and needy to him? Here are some tips for you to try.

  • Ask him to meet you in person

Have you ever tried to look cooler or professional and looked for many sources to help you, and turns out you looked ugly? This is the same thing just like when you want to know how to tell a guy you miss him in a cute way and it turns out to be so clingy and needy.

What you need to do is simply ask him to meet you in person if you really miss him. There will be only two options, whether he will say yes or no. But you will never know if you don’t try and this is a way to show that you care about him too.

  • Understand that he has things to do too

The key on how to tell him you miss him without sounding desperate is to understand that he is away for something that he needs to do. We are all responsible for our own lives, he has his life that he needs to run, you got yours.

By understanding that he has a life to run and has the right to decide things on his own, you won’t sound needy once you say that you miss him. Because, no matter what his answer is, you can understand that you simply can’t force him to do things as you will, because it is just not right.

  • Just text him if you miss him

If you found out that your partner has a good sense of humor, maybe you can start your text with the best pick up lines for your crush that will make him smile. Putting a little effort in what you write is a good thing to do, so why not.

But if it’s just not the way you write down a text then just be yourself, because you want him to love you and not you being someone else.

Signs he misses you back

You have done your part by start knowing how to tell a guy you miss him without being clingy and needy and maybe you want to know more a little tips on how to walk away and make him miss you. You sent a response to him, now it’s your time to see his. Here are some signs that he misses you back.

  • He randomly message you out of the blue

You can only know things if he told you what he’s been doing because you are not a psychic. What you can hold on to once both of you are apart is trust and understanding.

And, you can know that he misses you too if he randomly message you out of the blue. The type of conversation that he brings may vary, but once it’s a text in an unexpected time, then yes, he misses you too. Related: Signs He Misses You but Won’t Admit It

  • He’s been avoiding social interaction

Once we feel uncomfortable about something, we will tend to avoid that thing. And when two people are apart, maybe there will be a point where you or he are avoiding social interaction.

This is not without a reason, but because you just can’t stand it to go outside and seeing couples out there while you are apart with your partner for sometime.

But this will only take a while, and if it’s to long, maybe you need to start questioning why do I push people away whenever I feel myself getting close to them. Because being hanged to dry in a relationship is just not comfortable.

You can always figure it out the ways on how to tell a guy you miss him without being clingy and needy. But remember to keep being yourself, because no one is like you, and you will look better once you love yourself that much. I hope these tips can help!