This Is What to Say to A Girl When She Says She’s Not Beautiful

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Beauty standard have varied throughout the era but it still have a strong grip on almost every woman. Even though beauty doesn’t exist in a certain feature only, a girl sometimes can’t see that because of societal pressure. That is why girls call themselves ugly all the time.

When a girl feels like she is ugly, it is a big problem that will wreck her confidence and even her whole life. That is why you need to come to the rescue by saying what to say to a girl when she says she’s not beautiful:

  1. Screw Society’s Standard. You’re Beautiful Just The Way You Are.
  2. You’ve Just Been So Used To Your Features. From A Stranger Point’s Of View, You Are Stunning.
  3. Do Not Say Something So Untrue About Yourself.
  4. Your Beauty Is Unique
  5. Your Beauty Is Like No Other
  6. You’ve Been Looking At Magazines Too Much. Maybe Your Features Are Not Like Them But Your Beauty Is Different.
  7. Everyone Is Beautiful And That Includes You
  8. You Are Truly One Of A Kind
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  10. Your Features Makes You Stand Out, You Know?
  11. I Personally Think You Are Beautiful
  12. Your Eyes Are Amazing.
  13. What Do You Mean? Haven’t You Looked In The Mirror?
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  15. What Are You Saying? Guys Fall In Love With You Instantly As Soon As They Take a Look At You.
  16. I Think It Is Time For You To Notice The Outstanding Beauty You Have That Everyone Already Sees.
  17. Love Yourself, Girl. You Are Truly Stunning.
  18. Haven’t You Realized That The Heaven Have Given You So Much Beauty. I’m Jealous!
  19. Who Cares If You Are Not The ‘Beautiful’ That Everyone Is Used To. You Are Beautiful To Me.
  20. What You Said Is Nonsense! You Are Glowing With beauty
  21. Life Is Too Short To Think About Our Beauty Isn’t It? Let’s Not Let Beauty Stand In Our Way Of Living Our Best Life
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  23. Are You Serious When You Say That? Look At You Girl! You Slay
  24. You Are One Of The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World
  25. Your Eyes, Your Smile, Your Everything Is The Reason Why You Are Beautiful
  26. You Are The Most Beautiful Person Inside And Out
  27. Not Beautiful? Please! People Can’t Stop Staring At How You Glow
  28. It Is A Disgrace To Say Something So Horrible To Someone With Such Beauty
  29. You Should Be More Confident Because You Are More Than Beautiful!
  30. You Are A Magnificent Person, Haven’t You Noticed That?
  31. Say The Things You Can Say To Make Her Like You Even More
  32. Looks Is Not Everything, Right?
  33. Your Kindness Is Your Beauty. Let Us Not Forget That The Pureness Of The Heart And Soul Exceeds Physical Beauty.
  34. You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are And You Should Embrace That

Signs Your Words Work

It doesn’t take much to make a girl’s day, especially when you use what to say to a girl when she says she’s not beautiful. you’ll know the words work through these signs

  1. Her Body Language

She won’t be afraid to take up space because she is confident. She will not slouch and she will walk confidently.

  1. The Way She Dress

Now, she’s not afraid to try the clothes she really likes. You’ll see how she gets really excited in these clothes.

  1. The Way She Talks

Now, she doesn’t lower her voice. Instead, she is not afraid to speak up.

  1. How She Flirts Or Get Close To Someone Else

She’ll show the (physical) and she won’t be afraid to use the (..). All because of her confidence.

  1. What She Likes Or Not Like

She doesn’t like or glorify things that make her feel bad anymore. Now she basks in positivity.

Beauty is a thing that girls struggle with probably since they are so small. That is why you need to do the what to say to a girl when she says she’s not beautiful to booste their spirit and acknowledge their beauty. You’ll soon find her confident and ready to be her best self.