How To Tell Someone You Don't Want To Be Friends Anymore

by Michelle Devani

Friendships need even as a lot of work as the other relationship. And, for a few reasons, it couldn't be that simple to just act straight to your friend once something’s bothering you. The one real friend breakup is loads additional painful than any romantic matter. There are, however, many good ways in which do not cause you to appear as if a complete flake.

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Here Are How To Tell Someone You Don't Want To Be Friends Anymore

No matter happens that you decide on to finish the friendship it is because that you're not doing all of your friend a favor by staying within the relationship out of guilt or pressure and doing anyone a favor if you do not wish to be there. Also, a friendship has to be reciprocal.

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However, if you are feeling uncomfortable to speak your thoughts about ending the friendship straightforwardly, you've got other choices. You can select an on the spot approach by reproof them honestly, respecting their feelings, and setting new boundaries. By doing this, you'll be able to minimize hurt their feelings and moreover avoid conflicts.

So to help you with this matter, here are how to tell someone you don't want to be friends anymore.

1. Tell Them In Person

The bond you've created with your friend might as well grow stronger with the longer you've been staying together. If there come a time you realized this is going toxic for your life, you should tell them in person about this problem. Avoid ghosting away without the detail or ending the friendship thru the phone and social media.

2. Say Thank You

say thank you

How to tell someone you don't want to be friends anymore? When you decide to discuss your issues with your friend, show appreciation first by saying thank you for the memories and stuff. Basically, just say some nice thing about them before you are going to direct the case to the core.

3. Choose The Perfect Time

Find a perfect time is important if you want to talk over this matter. You might not want to talk to them when they are in a bad mood.

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4. Avoid Blaming

This also one of how to tell someone you don't want to be friends anymore that is very important. Even though you think that the one that worsens the friendship is the other side, you shouldn't blame them for their changes. Wisely when you talk over it and never put the blame on them.

5. Try To Be Honest

The only thing to solve this is you need to try to be honest. Your friend might confuse as well as doesn't understand your reasoning to end the friendship if you don't be honest with yourself first.

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6. Remind Them How The Good Old Days

How to tell someone you don't want to be friends anymore? If you are afraid the situation would turn to be an awkward one, handle this with stories and memories you have with them in the good old days. It definitely gives you both warm-feeling.

7. Be True With Your Own Feelings

If you want to make them believe that this isn't their own problem the reason why you want to end up the friendship, make sure you are true with your own feelings too. Is this really what you want? Then show them sincerely.

8. Be Clear And To The Point

How to tell someone you don't want to be friends anymore? To make it easy to understand, you should make your point clear. Don't prolong the conversation and stick only to the point.

9. Give Them Space To Respond

give them space to respond

Now your part is done. Give them space also to respond to all of your thought that you've been speak of. By doing this, you should also be respectful with whatever reaction they've come up with.

10. Show Some Empathy

How to tell someone you don't want to be friends anymore? Even though you disagree with their view of this friendship, don't get angry easily and just walk out from the discussion. Show some empathy and come up with another reason. 

What You Need To Do After Ending Your Relationship With Your Friend

Like it's already mentioned above, that wasn't an easy decision to ending your relationship with your friend. However, you've got to face whatever step you take. So, here are what you need to do after ending your relationship with your friend to help you go through this.

1. Set Boundaries

It might be really hard for you after you decided to not let them into your life again. Maybe you can try to set the boundaries by avoiding them for a while, such as do no contact or hang out together anymore.

2. Avoid Drama

Less you can do is having a drama through this situation. However, try to avoid that if you don't want to make everything more messed up.

3. Let Yourself Grieve

It's okay to be sad since the one you lose is the important person for you for the past years. Let the tears out for a moment until you feel a bit better.

4. Learn From This Experience

You obviously don't want to have the same thing happen in the future. That being said, you should learn from this, ask yourself in the mirror and change your bad habit so you won't blame the other said for not fit your liking.

5. If It's End, Then That's It

That isn't something strange if a relationship has an end. When you meet the end of your friendship, then that's it, nothing you can do could make it works anymore 

More Tips After You End Your Friendship

Here are more tips after you end your friendship.

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1. Avoid Social Media

avoid social media

You might not want to open your social media for a moment. If your friend the type that post everything about their life on social media, they tend to create a drama by craving some attention and let everyone knows about your problem. So toxic, right, then don't go in.

2. Avoid Them

You can try to avoiding them in person to flick your feeling of despising them. You should stay positive!

3. Stay Busy

There is no effective way to distract your problem than keep yourself busy. Don't worry about it too much.

4. Be Friends With Everyone

You can find another worthy friend. Just be nice, be kind, and be friends with everyone.

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